8 Chrome Extensions to Track Your Web Time and Activity

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8 Chrome Extensions to Track Your Web Time and Activity

It is really difficult to avoid squandering time on social networking or entertainment sites when there are so many diversions accessible online. Though accessing these sites might be pleasant and enjoyable, it is concerning if it consumes your productive time.

Fortunately, Chrome addons can measure your browsing activity and show you how much time you spend on these distracting websites. The eight greatest Chrome extensions for tracking your browsing time are listed below.

1. Webtime Tracker

Webtime Tracker monitors your browser behavior by domain and displays the results to you. You may see your current time, average time, and all-time information.

This may really help you recognize how much time you’re wasting on sites you shouldn’t be visiting. The colorful pie chart makes it simple to see where your time goes.

The Stats tab displays a breakdown of the data. Webtime Tracker displays extensive statistics on the amount of time spent on each website. These information include the amount of time spent today, the overall amount of time spent, the average amount of time, the least and most active days, and so on.

The idle time is set to 30 seconds by default, but you may change it. It allows you to backup and export data as CSV files.

Download: Webtime Tracker for Google Chrome (Free)

2. Web Activity Time Tracker

Web Activity Time Tracker records daily site visits and time spent on them. It displays numerous statistics for various time periods, allowing you to better understand your online activities.

It uses a pie chart and a time chart to depict today’s online activities. You can also see all-time metrics and a bar chart for time spent by day. You may establish daily time limitations for the sites that are consuming your time after you’ve identified them.

You may also configure alerts to notify you when you’ve spent a certain amount of time on any site. You may not need to measure time spent on any website in certain instances. As a result, you may disable monitoring for each of these sites separately.

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The addon supports dark mode and allows you to configure the idle time.

Download: Web Activity Time Tracker for Google Chrome (Free)

3. TimeYourWeb Time Tracker

TimeYourWeb Time Tracker distinguishes itself by providing more comprehensive statistics in a variety of ways. It not only tracks time by website, but also the specific webpage.

Its UI is similar to a spreadsheet for time monitoring, so you’ll get accustomed to it fast. The addon displays your activities in three separate charts: summary, stacked, and flow.

The summary graphic displays the amount of time spent on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You may go to any date by clicking the calendar button.

TimeYourWeb time Tracker distinguishes between active and total time, but records both. This is useful if you spend a lot of time viewing YouTube videos.

Although it monitors time automatically, you may manually start and stop time monitoring. You may also block URLs from being monitored.

Download: TimeYourWeb Time Tracker for Google Chrome (Free)

4. MindHero

MindHero goes beyond basic online time monitoring to assist you in increasing your productivity. To reduce distractions, the plugin offers a personalized homepage with a Google search bar and shortcuts. This page’s look may be altered.

Start HeroMode to enhance your productivity by blocking distractions and allowing you to concentrate. When your working time is through, switch to Breathing Break and rest.

MindHero recognizes productive and distracting time. So it offers you a concentration score based on how much time you spend on productive sites vs distracting ones.

It generates a daily report that includes your productive and distracted time, time spent on each site, and an hour-by-hour activity chart.

However, keeping track of your time is simply the first step. You may use this browser extension to block distracting websites, which will help you save time.

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Furthermore, you can use the add-on to play background music to help you concentrate and make a to-do list.

Download: MindHero for Google Chrome (Free)

5. Screentime

Screentime is a simple yet effective plugin for reducing time spent on social media sites. Screentime, rather of monitoring all of the websites you visit, only records time spent on social networking and entertainment sites like YouTube.

It records time for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram by default. However, you may set timers for more sites as well.

You may set time limitations for distracting websites, similar to Web Activity Time Tracker.

Even better, you may restrict access to websites at certain hours and days. If you find yourself surfing through Facebook at work, this addon may help.

Download: Screentime for Google Chrome (Free)

6. WasteNoTime

WasteNoTime, as the name implies, prevents you from squandering time. To that purpose, in addition to monitoring your online usage, it provides a few useful functions. You may either measure time spent on all sites or sites that have been banned.

First, add websites to the block list and set a timer for them all. After you’ve spent the allotted time on these websites, they’ll all be blacklisted.

You may also create different timers for working and non-working hours. It contains an Allow list, much as a block list, for websites that should never be prohibited.

WasteNoTime presents a little hurdle, such as inputting a password or string of letters, to help you resist the impulse to increase time. If this isn’t enough to keep you from squandering time, WasteNoTime features an Instant Lockdown mode.

This option allows you to ban certain websites for a defined length of time. There is no way to reverse this option since the mode only terminates after the time period expires.

Download: WasteNoTime for Google Chrome (Free)

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7. Timebite

Timebite, a simple plugin, keeps track of your productive and wasteful time. Although it automatically monitors the time you spend, you may stop it at any moment.

Similarly, you must classify time spent on every website as productive or wasteful. Because you may add new categories, this is ideal for tracking time spent on various projects, tasks, or hobbies.

You can set the hours during which it tracks your activity.

Download: Timebite for Google Chrome (Free)

8. Web Dashboard

Web Dashboard is for you if you want a more complete picture of your web time via various charts and periods.

You may monitor the time spent, visits, and average time per visit for all sites using Web Dashboard. After selecting a period, you may display the data as a pie chart or a tree map. Check out the list view for more precise information.

A graph in Web Dashboard lets you see the trend of your activities. You may change the idle time and erase or download data from the settings menu.

Download: Web Dashboard for Google Chrome (Free)

Keep Track of Your Browsing Time

The first step in becoming more productive is becoming aware of how much time you squander on the internet. These extensions will tell you how much time you’ve wasted.

Some of the aforementioned extensions address this issue by allowing you to establish timers, block lists, and alerts.

Though these time-tracking extensions provide a straightforward snapshot of time spent, if you truly want to enhance your productivity and measure the hours spent across projects or activities, you should consider time tracking applications.

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