8+ Best Free and Discounted Apps for Students With .edu Emails

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8+ Best Free and Discounted Apps for Students With .edu Emails

University living may be difficult on a student’s budget, so take advantage of any opportunities to save money. Many of your favorite tech businesses are eager to assist, giving students hefty discounts on their applications and services.

Most universities will give you a gleaming new “.edu” email address, such as john.doe@stanford.edu or john.doe@nyu.edu. This email is your key to a world of reduced and free applications that you would otherwise have to pay a lot of money for. Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to.

Free! Amazon Prime for 6 Months

  • Regular price: $99 per year
  • Discounted price: Free
  • Amazon Prime for Students is where you can obtain it.
  • You will need any.edu email address.

That’s right, you can receive six months of Amazon Prime, the online retailer’s next-day delivery membership program, for free. Amazon Prime also includes access to Amazon’s unlimited music and movie streaming services, unlimited picture storage, and Kindle ebook rentals. Furthermore, if you live with a few roommates, you may share the account with them.

Amazon sometimes lowers prices on specific student items. Previously, students could purchase a Kindle Fire tablet for $50. So keep an eye out for such bargains.

60% Discount! Adobe Creative Cloud

  • The regular cost is $50 per month for a year.
  • Price reduction: $20 per month for a year
  • Adobe Creative Cloud for Students is where you can download it.
  • You will need any.edu email address, as well as confirmation of eligibility from a university, college, school, or homeschool.

You can obtain several great Adobe products for free right now, but if you want to try out the newest Creative Cloud suite, you’ll have to pay. It normally costs a fortune, but students may obtain it for $20 each month. Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Acrobat Reader, Acrobat Pro, and more applications are included in the offers. Here’s a simple guide to determining which Adobe package is best for you.

Remember that the Photography bundle is just $10 per month if you simply want Adobe’s popular image-editing tools, Photoshop and Lightroom.

Free! Microsoft Office 365, 1TB OneDrive, 60 Mins Skype

  • Regular price: $9.99/month or $99.99/year
  • Price reduction: free or $79.99 for four years
  • Microsoft Office for Students is where you can obtain it.
  • What you’ll need: An eligible.edu email address or evidence of enrollment.
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Microsoft stated a few years ago that students could acquire Office 365 for free. This provides an offline installer for the most recent Office suite, in this instance Microsoft Office 2016. Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, OneNote, Outlook, and more helpful tools are included in the package. As long as your institution has collaborated with Microsoft for this plan, this offer is accessible globally. Check the Office for Students website to see whether you can acquire Microsoft Office for free by entering your valid school email address.

If you are unable to get a free download of Office 365, you may still take advantage of a substantial discount on the program. Online, students may purchase Office 365 for $79.99. You do not need a valid.edu email address, but Microsoft may contact you to verify that you are a student. Here’s how to find out whether you qualify.

Both of these deals include 1TB of OneDrive storage, but keep in mind that Microsoft has a history of reducing this. With this option, you may additionally get 60 minutes of free Skype calling every month. You may also acquire Microsoft Word for free if you aren’t a student.

Free! LastPass Premium for 6 Months

  • Regular price: $12 per year
  • Price reduction: six months free
  • LastPass Edu Promotion is where you can acquire it.
  • You will need any.edu email address.

Lastpass is one of our favorite password management tools among the many options available. In fact, with features like smartphone sync, shared family folders, and more, we believe LastPass Premium is well worth the money. As a student, you are not required to pay anything. LastPass Premium is available for free for six months.

If your.edu email address isn’t recognized by LastPass in the Edu Promo, you may contact the team to get your institution included (after a quick verification).

50% Discount! Spotify and Apple Music

You don’t have to let pricing be the determining factor in the Apple Music vs. Spotify music streaming contest. Both programs give a 50% discount to students, bringing the monthly cost down to $5.

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If you choose Spotify, the premium version is worth the upgrade from the free version. It’s ad-free, allows you to download music offline to save data, and provides higher-quality audio. All you need is a.edu email address.

Apple Music offers a three-month free trial rather than a free account. Use the correct methods to get the most out of Apple Music, and you’ll be astonished at how excellent it is. To take advantage of this, your school must be supported by UNiDAYS, and the procedure for creating a student account is quite complicated. Apple’s FAQs will help you figure things out.

Free! AutoCAD, Maya, and Any AutodeskApp

Since the dawn of the computer revolution, Autodesk has been at the forefront of graphical imaging. It aims to help students be the greatest designers they can be, therefore it provides its suite of premium tools to students for free.

AutoDesk for Students offers free downloads of the whole AutoCAD suite, Maya, 3DS Max, Infraworks, and other well-known 2D and 3D modeling applications.

Yes, there are free alternatives, such as LibreCAD, but who wants that when you can have the industry standard for free?

50% Discount! Parallels for Mac 11

  • Regular price: $79.99
  • Discounted price: $39.99
  • Where to get it: OnTheHub
  • A student ID or report card is required.

You adore your Mac, but you sometimes need access to Windows. Parallels Desktop is the best method to install Windows on a Mac. If you have a valid Windows license, it’s the simplest program to get Windows up and running on a MacBook. And, yes, it is compatible with the new Windows 10 operating system.

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to running Windows 10 natively on a Mac, but how else are you going to enjoy your favorite games or take use of all that free Autodesk software?

Check out OnTheHub’s Help > Your Account > Before you proceed, how can I register by presenting my evidence of eligibility? They will provide you detailed advice on how to scan and submit your student ID or report card.

Free! GitHub Student Pack

  • Regular price: $3,000+
  • Discounted price: Free
  • GitHub Student Developer Pack is where you can obtain it.
  • You’ll need a.edu email, a student ID, or a report card.
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If you want to learn how to code, you will need to get acquainted with various applications and the Github repository. Gits and version controls are developer must-haves, and Github reigns supreme today.

The website has collaborated with a number of prominent developer resources to provide a free bundle for students that includes DigitalOcean cloud hosting, Microsoft Azure services, Udacity classes, the Unreal engine for gaming, and other tools. Check out the whole list.

Remember that GitHub may be used for artistic work as well as coding.

More Cool Offers!

Aside from all of these app perks, students may earn discounts and freebies at a variety of other sites that are unrelated to technology. A few websites do an excellent job of scooping together such deals so you don’t have to. Take a look at these:

  • OnTheHub: A collection of tech downloads and deals, including a free Windows 10 Education version for schools.
  • ThinkEdu: In addition to software, ThinkEdu collects hardware discounts and deals from major merchants such as Microsoft, Apple, Lenovo, HP, Motorola, and others. You’ll be shocked at how cheap some quality laptops and back-to-school cellphones for kids are!
  • UNiDAYS: While it covers technology well, UNiDAYS goes much beyond by displaying discounts for clothes shops, vacation alternatives, restaurants, gyms, and much more. It is the finest collection of student discounts.

Psst, Share a Discount?

While this post has various discounts and freebies for you to take advantage of, there are likely some more amazing deals that we haven’t included. Let us pass it over to you, our ever-vigilant readership, in the spirit of saving everyone some money.

Do you know of a spectacular, can’t-miss deal for students? Have you taken advantage of any of the aforementioned deals? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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