7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Desktop Email Clients

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7 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Desktop Email Clients

When you’re at your computer, how do you read your emails? Do you use a web-based email client or a desktop email program to keep up with your messages?

Of course, the online email vs. desktop email software strategy has advantages and disadvantages. However, we believe that, in general, a web-based email client is always superior than a desktop alternative.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should cease using a desktop email client right now.

1. Portability

If you use a web-based email client, you’ll get the same experience every time you log in to your account, regardless of the computer or location.

If you use a desktop client and need to view your emails while away from your computer (for example, on a public computer), you may need to switch to the online email app for a few days.

It might be difficult to rapidly adjust to the new layout. Options will not be in the same locations, the app’s feature set may vary, and email formatting tools may change.

It all adds up to greater irritation, missed time, and decreased production.

2. Security

If your primary laptop is often left on the dining table or kitchen counter, other members of your family or home may take it up and begin using it.

It wouldn’t be difficult for a nosy pair of eyes to open your email app and view what’s within, particularly if you left the program running in the background at all times.

Of course, some desktop email programs provide password protection and other security features. In reality, though, we would wonder how often such functionalities are used.

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3. Multiple Computers = Multiple Setups

If you have many computers, it is more difficult than it seems to set up your favourite desktop email client in the same manner on each system.

A desktop email client is often the sort of tool that you may customize to your heart’s content. It takes a long time to perfect custom categories, filters, behaviors, identities, signatures, and settings.

If you have two computers (or purchase a new computer), recreating everything from scratch will take a long time. Of course, there are no assurances that you will not neglect a minor aspect in the setting. It may have unanticipated repercussions during normal use.

4. Different Operating Systems

Similarly, if you use many operating systems, it may be difficult to locate a desktop email client that meets your needs while also being accessible on all of the operating systems you depend on.

Mailbird, for example, is deservedly recognized as one of the best email applications on Windows 11, but there is no Mac equivalent yet. On the other hand, Spark, which has long been regarded as one of the greatest email programs for Mac, is not available for Windows.

The situation is exacerbated if you’re looking for a Linux version of a desktop email client. We haven’t even discussed Chromebooks, which don’t even enable you to install desktop applications. You have no option but to utilize a web app on Chrome OS.

Confusing? Yup.

5. Spam

Many of the greatest desktop email applications are incapable of dealing with spam properly. Sure, you can label a message as spam in your client, but there’s a good possibility the sender’s email address will not be synchronized with your email provider’s spam list. If the individual sends you another message, it will most likely wind up back in your inbox.

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The criterion is broken when the email provider and the email app developer are the same company. For example, if you designate a message as spam in Windows 10’s Mail app, it will sync to your Outlook/Hotmail/Live block list.

Read our Mail vs. Outlook in Windows 10 comparison to see whether Mail is the correct software for you.

6. Longevity

Again, we don’t want to paint all desktop email clients with the same brush, but there’s a lengthy list of once-popular email software that’s now long gone.

On macOS, who can forget Sparrow? In February 2011, it launched a premium email app. It quickly became the most popular paid and grossing app on the Apple App Store.

Google had finalized the acquisition by July 2012. It swiftly announced that work will be halted, with all personnel being incorporated into the Gmail team. Many think Sparrow gave birth to Google Inbox in 2014, however that service was discontinued in 2019.

Netscape Mail, Eureka Email, Outlook Express, and Mozilla Mail are just a handful of the desktop email programs that have suffered a similar fate.

Web-based email clients don’t have these concerns, and Google isn’t planning to stop its Gmail web app without notice.

7. Cost

If you want a big list of features and infinite bells and whistles on your desktop email client, you may have to pay for the opportunity.

Developers of desktop email programs often provide both a free and a premium tier. The free level will have limitations such as a limit on the number of email addresses you may add or the inability to utilize the service offline.

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There are no paywalls in web-based email applications. Most even permit the addition of several email addresses to a single account.

If you want to learn more, check out our post on the best free desktop email programs.

Learn More About Email Clients

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our findings. Do you still believe desktop email clients are useful, or do you think we’re wrong? Would you agree with us that your friends and relatives should cease using desktop email applications right now?

Let us know in the comments, and if you want more information, check out our post on how to utilize the Gmail web app as a desktop client and our list of reasons why you should replace your web app with a desktop program.

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