7 Online Riddle Games to Keep You Glued to Your Computer

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7 Online Riddle Games to Keep You Glued to Your Computer

Online riddles are a terrific way to train your mind if you’re in the mood for some mental activity. One popular kind of internet riddle game has numerous levels, with hints hidden in the source code, images, and pretty much everywhere you look.

The games described below are half mystery, part detective work, and will provide you with a great feeling of accomplishment as you complete each level.

NotPron is a difficult riddle game. It is, according to its inventor, the most difficult riddle game on the internet. However, it is not the only game on this list that makes that claim.

Each level contains some sort of hint to get you to the next level. You can advance to the next level by finding the right spot on the picture to click, by changing the text in the URL, or by discovering a username and password to get through.

Sometimes you have to turn to resources outside of the game, including Google or even using an image editor. The riddle gets progressively harder, which makes it all the more satisfying with each correct answer. The only way to save your progress is to bookmark the latest level. The creator also recommends keeping a note of the solution to each level.

OddPawn is a massive puzzle game with over 300 levels that will leave you perplexed. To play OddPawn, you must first create a free account. While the game allows you to select where to begin, we suggest beginning with Chapter 1 to ease yourself into the more difficult stages. (You’ll also need patience while waiting for the following levels to load.)

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Each level is accompanied with a picture and a question that must be answered in order to proceed. The difficulty levels vary, with problems pertaining to logic, algebra, and much more. The game is similar to a scavenger hunt. Look for hints in the source code, file names, URLs, and wherever else you may find them.

While OddPawn does keep track of your progress, take careful to bookmark the previous level you complete so you can return to it fast. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back through the stages you’ve previously accomplished without answering them.

OddPawn also tells you how many other users have completed each level and how many have not. As a result, you’ll know how you compare to other gamers. It’s also worth noting that if you want to use this game to procrastinate at work, some of the levels need audio.

If you like Dan Brown and The DaVinci Code, you’ll undoubtedly like the riddle game Random House created when the book was released.

Following the tips in each stage will turn you into a detective. A small problem is that interpreting the typeface increases the difficulty of the puzzle. For those of you who are familiar with the online riddle genre, The DaVinci Code is a short and simple game to pass the time.

A few tools are required to play Amnesya. A picture editor (GIMP is a nice free option) and an audio editor are among them (give Audacity a try).

To advance to the next level, you must update the URL, like with the previous puzzles on this page. Clues may be found in photographs, source code, and a variety of other locations. Fortunately, there is a simple tutorial that will lead you through all of the numerous areas you might seek for clues.

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Make a note of where you are in the game so you can return to it later.

Einstein’s Riddle is a unique kind of riddle game. There is just one level, but don’t be fooled: it’s a brainteaser. You are given a list of five facts about guys. You try to solve the riddle’s single question using logic and reasoning.

You can drag and drop tiles into the correct placements, but you may need to use paper and a pen to work out the answer.

If you dislike the drag-and-drop approach, you may use this version instead. You choose your options from a dropdown menu, and the site will notify you if there is a contradiction in your responses.

Zahada may be a suitable fit for you if you enjoy classic riddles. Many of the levels are conventional riddles, and if you get stuck, Google is your best friend. As you go through the stages, you’ll input the answer into the URL.

Zahada might be a difficult game to solve depending on your level of riddle knowledge. At addition to using Google, you may look for further information in the Zahada forums.

Many of these puzzles need time and patience to solve. If you’re searching for a fast game to play during a brief break or simply a tiny diversion, Braingle Puzzles provides conventional riddles similar to the ones you undoubtedly played as a kid.

Briangle does not have levels that you must go through. Instead, each riddle has its own mental challenge, and if you get stuck, simply click the Show the solution button and you’ll be relieved.

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When you’re through with the riddle, you may ask Braingle for a similar sort of riddle or a random brain teaser.

Hints, Help, and More

The majority of these games are not for the easily irritated. They are lengthy and challenging, and it might take a long time to crack a level. Fortunately, there are forums like Gamershood [Broken URL Removed] and Nordinho full of other gamers eager to help when you get stuck. If you’ve done all you can and still need the answer to a level, you may just search for the game title and the level you’re stuck on, and you’ll almost certainly find a fast solution.

The bulk of these games also need Adobe Flash, so if you don’t want to allow Flash in your browser, you won’t be able to play them.

If you’re seeking for additional games, visit the Riddles subreddit and try some Escape The Room games.

Did you able to solve any of these online puzzles? Which games would you include on this list? Tell us in the comments.

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