7 Internet Safety Games to Help Kids Become Cyber Smart

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7 Internet Safety Games to Help Kids Become Cyber Smart

Children nowadays are growing up in a digital world, which exposes them to all of the joys and risks that the internet delivers. It is critical to teach youngsters about internet safety, including material, frauds, and the people that inhabit it. What better method to do this than via games?

Many youngsters like video games, and parents should be aware of this. We’ll go through several free games that teach youngsters about the current risks of being online while still allowing them to have fun.

Google is known for going above and above when it comes to creating amazing online experiences. Interland is a component of Google’s Be Online Awesome Program, which includes a wealth of tools for parents and teachers to use in teaching children about internet safety.

Children may play as a small robotic Internaut in this game, learning about cyberbullying, phishing, data security, and other topics. This is taught through a series of mini-games dispersed over floating islands.

This game’s instructional material is excellent, but kids will adore it for its outstanding production qualities and truly enjoyable games. They may not even be aware that they are learning while having fun.

The goal of Cyber Defense Quiz, which has a fun superhero theme, is to answer as many questions as possible in order to unleash the colorful ensemble of superheroes and villains.

The exam educates youngsters on a variety of safety subjects, including email attachments, password strength, cyber crime, and much more.

While the questions are excellent, it is recommended to do this with your children. That’s because it doesn’t explain why an answer is incorrect, therefore having an adult on hand to assist explain is beneficial.

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When you’ve finished this quiz, check out The Carnegie Cyber Academy for additional games with similar characters.

Who knew cybercriminals were shopping at Spymart? The amusing premise of this game involves youngsters completing quiz questions in order to catch a cyber criminal. For each right response, players may take a harmful item from the criminal’s bag.

This multiple-choice quiz’s major focus is preventing internet theft. This includes habits like as having strong passwords, identifying who you’re communicating with, and keeping software such as antivirus scanners up to date. There’s a basic dexterity test in between the questions: click the criminal’s face as it goes between the displays to answer the following question.

This one has some enjoyable music and a simplistic cartoon aesthetic. Children will love the espionage themes and will laugh at the goofy James Bond-style devices in the luggage. At the same time, it’s excellent for educating about personal information security.

Aside from internet safety, Band Runner is a great game in its own way. Children may play as Ellie or Sam, and they must time their leaps perfectly to avoid hazards. They may even use their guitars to assist smash the obstructions; after all, Ellie and Sam are on their way to a show!

Ellie or Sam will trip and fall if a barrier is not removed. Before they may proceed, children must answer a 50/50 question, such as whether it is appropriate to share movies or disclose someone their age.

The game accelerates after each level, providing an exciting challenge that is likely to entice youngsters who want to reach the conclusion. They are learning about online safety as they play.

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Everyone understands how to play Hangman! This version of the famous game attempts to educate youngsters how to communicate with people online and what information they should not reveal online.

You may do it quite fast with just 10 questions. This exam not only teaches recommended practices like avoiding disclosing someone your age, but it also clarifies terminology like “link” and “chatting.”

Children may continue until they achieve 100% or the hangman is completed due to wrong guesses. It’s a basic game, but it’s worth a short try as a reminder on some crucial online safety rules.

It is critical for youngsters to understand how to secure their personal information online, and Privacy Pirates is an excellent game to educate them. The goal is to piece together a map that will lead to some pirate riches.

This game utilizes quiz questions to help youngsters understand the importance of their privacy and how context may influence what information should be shared. It is brought to life with amusing cartoon images and voice-overs.

If a player gets confused, a guide is always around to steer them in the correct direction—-and even if they get a question wrong, the game is more concerned with teaching than punishing.

Cyber-Five is a bright and colorful cartoon about two friends, Hippo and Hedgehog, who are learning the golden standards of online safety.

Following the viewing, students may take a quiz or a test—-the questions are the same, but the former allows for several tries to get the answer correct. The questions concentrate around what to do in certain scenarios, such as when someone asks for your password or sends a threatening message.

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If you’re short on time, this animation and game are an easy and fun approach to teach the fundamentals of online safety.

Learn How to Stay Safe Online

Hopefully, your children will enjoy playing the games we’ve recommended while also learning about internet safety. If you need assistance, you may limit the material your kid can see. Also, check out these instructive mobile apps to make your kids’ smartphone time more productive.

If you need more help, see our list of parenting websites for raising adolescents and tools to monitor your child’s internet behavior.

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