7 Handy Tasks QuickTime Player Performs for Free

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7 Handy Tasks QuickTime Player Performs for Free

QuickTime Player is sometimes ignored among the many programs and tools available on a Mac. It isn’t as helpful as VLC and is generally accessed by accident when you click on a.MOV file. You’ve probably modified the file association to prevent QuickTime from being utilized, therefore you’ve probably missed out on its wealth of valuable features.

QuickTime is more capable than you believe, and it can accomplish many functions that you’d expect from commercial software for free. You may reconsider this bundled freebie after seeing what it can achieve!


When QuickTime is open and on the dock, just right-click on the icon and you will see the following at the bottom:

You may also utilize the File menu, which is located at the top of your screen. This is great if you suddenly feel the want to record a video of yourself and upload it to YouTube, since it leverages your Mac’s built-in camera as a direct recording source. When you click “New Movie Recording,” the following box will appear:

When you’re ready, press the red button and you’re off. When you’re completed, you may save the file in.MOV format.

Want Some Alternatives?

In the OS X staple iMovie, you may produce a video and have it integrated into a movie you’re working on. This might be useful if you’re working on a bigger project.

Audio Recording

Right-click the QuickTime logo and choose “New Audio Recording,” or launch QuickTime Player and locate the same option under the File menu. This option is excellent if you want to send a small personal note to a friend or family or record a short podcast. Here’s my feeble attempt, created on a MacBook Air. QuickTime’s default recording location is the built-in microphone, but you may alter this under System Preferences > Sound > Input.

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Want Some Alternatives?

Tim has compiled a list of the top free and low-cost audio editors for Mac OS X. When it comes to audio recording on a budget, Audacity reigns supreme.



Screencasting has grown increasingly practicable in recent years as storage, Internet speed, and bandwidth constraints have waned. Bloggers like me need it, and you’ve undoubtedly used an educational video to fix a computer issue before.

QuickTime Player’s screencasting capability is accessible through the File > New Screen Recording menu or by right-clicking the dock icon. You’ll see the classic red recording button; click it and you’re done.

Want Some Alternatives?

Camtasia is the dominant contender in this space, despite its high price tag. If the price tag makes your eyes swim, the same firm offers a free version called Jing.

Trim Video & Audio

QuickTime Player can let you trim off a specific segment of a video or audio file and discard the rest. Open the file in QT, then choose Edit, then Trim. At the bottom of the screen, a yellow bar will emerge. Adjust the capture range using the edges and shift the selection if desired; hitTrimand QT bins the rest.

When you edit a video clip, thumbnails of the complete video are shown at the bottom. It might be tough to discern where to reduce the thumbnails when they all appear the same. Enabling the audio track may make it more noticeable.

Select Editthen Trim to modify the thumbnails for the audio track. Then, go to Viewthen Show Audio Track.

Want Some Alternatives?

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iMovie provides this as well, but if you want to go beyond of Apple’s fortress, we’ve highlighted the finest free video programs for Mac, including VLC and Blender. Don’t forget to check out our roundup of OS X audio editors.

Combine Two Or More Videos

You may find yourself in a position where you need to blend two videos—how do you do that?

First, open one clip in Quicktime. Then, in Finder, locate Part 2 and drag it into the Quicktime screen. Dump it anywhere you like using the mouse or trackpad (at the end presumably).Click Done, and QuickTime will do its thing.

Want Some Alternatives?

If you’re seeking for more powerful editors, check out our previously stated video tools round-up for Mac OS X. The only other reliable one I’ve found is iSkysoft Video Converter for Mac. Do you have any suggestions?

Upload to YouTube and Vimeo

This may not seem like a huge deal to you, but being able to transmit the movie directly to YouTube or Vimeo from the player is quite beneficial. It saves you from having to open your browser, get to YouTube, and fiddle with uploading settings.

The Share button, which appears like a small curved arrow coming out of a box, is located next to the play/pause button. When you do it, you’ll notice that you have numerous options for sending your video clip. Sign in using your credentials to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, or Flickr, or go to System Preferences > Internet Accounts.

Want Some Alternatives?

Your best bet is probably a browser at this point!

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Rotate Clips

We’ve all found ourselves in the circumstance when, while capturing video on our iPhone or iPad, we realize we’ve been recording in Portrait Mode rather than Landscape Mode. This is known as vertical video syndrome, and it destroys your films – or does it?

Nope. Simply save them to your Mac and open them using QuickTime Player. Go to Edit in the menubar to find the Rotate Left and Rotate Right buttons, as well as tools for rotating the video.

Want Some Alternatives?

Again, iMovie can accomplish this with its digital eyes closed and is free for all Mac users – but it’s not as fast as QT player. Do you have any suggestions?

Anything Else?

So you can see that your omission of QuickTime was a mistake, and you should welcome it back into the OS X fold right now.

Is there anything more Quicktime can accomplish that we haven’t mentioned?

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