7 Free Responsive Email Newsletter Templates Your Readers Will Love

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7 Free Responsive Email Newsletter Templates Your Readers Will Love

If you’re thinking about beginning an internet company, you’ll need an email newsletter. A newsletter is essential for ANY company that includes blogging, producing a mobile app, hosting a podcast, drawing a comics series, or simply taking images.

Why? Because an email newsletter is a certain method to reach out to your friends and followers. It provides the highest return for the least amount of work of any method for promoting and growing your internet company. And the good news is that there are several services available that make it simple to put up your own email newsletter.

What is the secret to a successful newsletter? Making certain that it looks decent. Fortunately, there are plenty free templates available on the Internet. Here are some of the best we’ve discovered, along with instructions on how to utilize them.

How to Use Email Newsletter Templates

Email newsletter templates are great because they do all of the design work for you, enabling you to concentrate entirely on the words you want to say and the material you want to include. However, as easy as they are, you will still need to put in some effort.

1. Get the template and unzip it. All of the templates mentioned in this article are in ZIP format. What exactly is that? Check read our article on how to extract files from ZIP archives for more information. When you extract the file, you should notice a file named index.htmlorbuild.html, which is the template.


Once opened, fill in the blanks with the information you wish to submit. Feel free to modify the template in any way, including the text, photos, and CSS design components.

3. Recreate the template. After you’ve made any necessary changes, open the HTML template file in your Web browser. Select Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy from the menu. This copies the contents of the template to your clipboard.

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4. Copy and paste the template. Now, open your email software (Gmail, Outlook, Postbox, Thunderbird, and so on) and copy everything into the body of a new email message. If it doesn’t seem good, change the message type of the email from Plain Text to HTML.

That’s all! You may now send the email to your newsletter list, and your recipients will get a nicely rendered email based on the template.

Antwort (German for answer or response) is a simple template designed to be a blank canvas for you to customize whatever you see fit. It is available in three different layouts: single column, double column, and triple column. As a result, Antwort is ideal for almost any kind of mailing.

All of them are responsive, which means they look fantastic on both desktop and mobile devices. When there isn’t enough space to show columns, they become clean rows.

Basicis, like Antwort, is a simple template that may be modified anyway you wish. This template may be used to send out new product announcements or just recap your most popular forum topics from the previous week.

Mysticali is ideal for community-oriented sites, such as blogs and forums, that wish to showcase their greatest material and distribute it to visitors in the form of a digest. It’s especially beneficial for large-volume publications.

The template is available in four different color schemes: blue, green, purple, and teal. However, if none of them appeal to you, you can simply alter all of the CSS fields and apply your own unique color scheme.

Unlike the majority of the other templates on this list, Click Me is intended for one-time emails with a single goal. It would be particularly useful for welcome emails, password recovery emails, exit emails when customers leave your service, and call-to-action emails for new goods.

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Change the picture in the logo to your own. Unfortunately, this template is only available in white for default colors, however you are free to change it anyway you see fit.

Real Estate, despite its name, may be beneficial for any kind of email that deals with listings in general, not simply real estate listings. For example, if your website provides a service that monitors new Craigslist or eBay listings, this may be the right design for showing them.

Everything is simple, and there is no unnecessary clutter. The design is simple and effective, so you should see an increase in click-through rate with this one.

Pizza, like the Real Estate template, is not a pizza-specific template. If your emails deal with fluctuating item pricing, flash sales, or limited-time offer coupons, this template is definitely ideal for you. In fact, you may be shocked at how successful it is.

Just like we do everytime a new year arrives, New Years is a template designed for looking back and reviewing all the highlights that occurred during a certain time period, whether that be the previous week, month, or year.

However, it may also be effective for non-celebration communications. Do you, for example, wish to send out a digest of intriguing nuggets or pearls of wisdom? The format of this template is surprisingly excellent for that. The only limit is your creativity. Just remember to change the color scheme!

Bonus:Zurb’s Email Templates

If none of the above meet your requirements, you may want to look at the 11 free email templates provided atZurb. Have you heard of Foundation, the front-end framework that underpins a wide range of Web themes and designs? If so, you already know Zurb is the genuine thing.

The wonderful thing about Zurb’s email templates is that you can tell they were created by designers. These themes are simple and effective, and there are several layout options available, including those with sidebars, ecommerce highlights, and other essential features.

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Of course, all of these designs are responsive. You can also use Litmus to test each template and check how the emails would appear in a variety of clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Android, iOS, and others.

Another source for high-quality email newsletter templates is Campaign Monitor. The first benefit is that Campaign Monitor is a firm that specializes in email marketing campaigns, so you can be certain that they have the knowledge to create templates that succeed.

Another selling point is that you don’t simply choose a template off the shelf and use it as is; after you’ve chosen one of the 24 featured templates, you may further personalize it using the included drag-and-drop editor. Change the colors, add new pieces, and rearrange everything to your pleasure.

When you’re finished, Campaign Monitor will want you to register an account, but you can avoid this step by choosing theDownload as HTML & CSSlink instead. However, you will still be required to provide your email address in order to access the files.

What’s Your Newsletter About?

Whatever you do, be sure your newsletter isn’t crammed with superfluous content. Also, avoid bombarding your subscribers with too many newsletters in a short period of time. Remember that unsubscribing is a simple way for them to clean their inbox!

Which of the following templates do you prefer? If you don’t like any of them, you may get even more free newsletter templates in our other post.

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