7 Free Must-Have Apps for PC Gamers

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7 Free Must-Have Apps for PC Gamers

Nowadays, gaming is about more than just fagging people and boasting about it. Rather, the activity has evolved to include social, competitive, commercial, and recreational components, implying that players may utilize apps to improve their experience.

Apps for gamers are more important than ever, with everything from entertaining conversation networks to essential necessities. Here are some of the most important programs for PC gamers. The best part is that they’re all completely free.

1. Discord

It used to be difficult to find a user-friendly, dependable, and free voice chat tool for online gaming. Most systems needed accounts, subscriptions, or technical skills.

However, the introduction of Discord altered everything. The free app is accessible through browsers, as a separate desktop app, and as a mobile app.

Many gamers choose Discord because of its ability to invite individuals to a channel through an invite link, user-friendly design, and free channel hosting. If you don’t want to register your own account, you may utilize a guest account on Discord.

The software evolves with time, bringing new features that make players’ lives simpler. Discord has even developed an online gaming shop to compete with Steam’s market domination. It also provides a variety of servers where you may indulge your interests in gaming, music, movies, and so on. Here’s how to pick the best Discord servers based on your preferences.

Download:Discord (Free)

2. Steam

Although Steam is the most popular digital gaming library application, it extends well beyond online gaming and cloud libraries. The client also functions as a social center, allowing you to connect with your friends, exchange accomplishments, and play together.

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Another method the site is really handy for gamers is via in-home streaming. You may use this function to stream games from your primary PC to another device on your home network, such as a laptop.

Other ways the platform’s software has changed over time include the suggestions queue, follow reviewer capabilities, and new and enhanced Steam chat.

Download: Steam (Free)

3. Parsec

Parsec is a free game-streaming program that allows you to play online local co-op games with pals. Users may also simply host games on their laptops using the cloud gaming platform. This feature may be used for in-home streaming or online multiplayer with friends and other Parsec users.

Parsec may also be used to play multiplayer games that not everyone in the group owns. These multiplayer sessions are not dependent on everyone having the game loaded on their PC. Any buddy using Parsec may join the session as long as the host PC has the game and the game supports local multiplayer.

Download: Parsec (Free)

4. OBS Studio

It’s simple to understand why OBS Studio is the go-to game-recording program for many gamers who wish to share their gameplay. Not only is the program free, but it also works well and is reasonably simple for novices to understand.

When you’re playing a game, the application may record your screen, audio input, and audio output. This allows you to record not just what’s going on in the game, but also any commentary you choose to add via a microphone or headset.

OBS Studio may also be used to record your screen for other forms of material, such as instructional.

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Despite its unassuming look, it is a potent instrument. You may use it to broadcast, record gaming for YouTube, or just capture snippets to share with your friends.

Download: OBS Studio (Free)

5. Twitch

When you hear the word “Twitch,” you immediately think of live streaming. However, even if you don’t watch streams, the Twitch desktop software offers several useful features.

One of its most helpful features is its game add-ons and overlay management through CurseForge integration. Twitch serves as a central point for managing modifications for games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft.

Twitch’s desktop software also includes social features including community hosting, buddy lists, and video chat. Like the other programs on our list, it seems like the creators are always looking for new ways to enhance the software and add new features.

Download: Twitch Desktop App (Free)

6. Razer Cortex

While many gamers improve their hardware to get the most out of their games over time, economic limits mean that the bulk of gamers never have the most up-to-date components. That is why game-enhancing software may be so beneficial. When it comes to gaming, the correct software may help push the gear you have farther.

Razer Cortex does this in a number of ways. Its game booster function helps free up system resources and RAM, allowing you to allocate more memory to your game. Meanwhile, its system booster defrags your system to aid in the optimization of applications and operations.

When you start a game, these features will be activated immediately. When you quit the game, your PC settings restore to normal. This automation is what makes the application so simple and user-friendly.

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Download: Razer Cortex (Free)

7. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner is a must-have tool for gamers who want greater control over how to increase their computer’s performance. For individuals who wish to conveniently access their GPU settings, the free program is the go-to graphics card overclocking tool. The only disadvantage is that consumers may only overclock their graphics cards from particular manufacturers.

MSI Afterburner also contains scanning tools that might make your system perform better. The extensive overview and flexibility to alter system settings, however, are the program’s main selling points. Additionally, the program provides hardware temperature monitoring, configurable fan settings, and an overlay that enables you to monitor your system while playing a game.

Download: MSI Afterburner (Free)

More Reasons to Love PC Gaming

These applications aren’t the only reason why so many gamers choose to play on a PC. In reality, a number of incentives continue to urge consumers to keep with their PC rather than converting to a console.

There are several reasons why PC gaming is superior than console gaming, ranging from the absence of concern about backwards compatibility to the visual possibilities. Yes, we did say it.

Are you looking for keyboards, mice, or controllers? Check out these fantastic gaming gadgets for everyone.

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