7 Essential Gmail Lab Features to Increase Your Email Efficiency

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7 Essential Gmail Lab Features to Increase Your Email Efficiency

Some crazy experimental stuff.

Gmail Labs is described in this manner by Gmail. It serves as a testing environment for new features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. Many famous Gmail features, such as Undo Send, began as Gmail Labs features. It’s an excellent way to keep on top of all the interesting new features coming to Gmail.

Email management consumes a significant portion of your day. As a result, you appreciate the importance of reducing email clutter and being extremely productive. Every second saved here and there might add up to a lot of time saved.

Fortunately, Gmail Labs is home to some extremely cool experimental features that may help you work more efficiently and minimize your email anxiety.

A Note on Gmail Labs Before We Begin

Gmail Labs is similar to a real-world laboratory, where things fail but also get developed. Because of this, it’s impossible to predict when a feature may cease operating, alter functionality, or even be killed out. Also, keep in mind that these functions are only available via the Gmail online interface. They are incompatible with other desktop email applications that support Gmail.

If a lab feature fails and you are unable to load your email, use the following alternative address:


Now that you’ve discovered the escape route, here’s how to get to Gmail Labs.

How to Access and Enable Gmail Labs Features

To use Gmail Labs, open Gmail in your preferred web browser. On the right side of your inbox, click the Gear symbol. Then, from the menu, choose Settings.

Go to the Labs section. You should be able to view all of the Gmail Lab features accessible here.

To activate a Gmail Lab feature, click the Enable button next to the Gmail Lab feature you want to test. Finally, press the Save Changes button.

The functionality should now be successfully activated. Similarly, you may deactivate the function by selecting the Disable option.

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Gmail Labs Features to Increase Email Productivity

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most useful Gmail Labs features you can activate right now and see how they may help you remain efficient with your email habits.

1. Multiple Inboxes

Multiple Inboxes allows you to categorize your emails based on particular criteria. It then puts these grouped emails into distinct windows, creating the “feel” of several inboxes. You can have numerous panes so that emails from colleagues are in one window while emails from friends are in another.

Click the Gear icon on the right side of your inbox after you’ve enabled Multiple Inboxes. Select Settings. Navigate to the new Multiple Inboxes tab. You may use a particular search term to filter your emails in each window.

You may, for example, use a “from:xyz” search query to filter messages from a certain contact. Visit Gmail’s support website to see all of the inquiries you may create. In addition, here are some sophisticated Gmail search operators you may use to boost your efficiency.

2. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has its own set of keyboard shortcuts to help you move around Gmail quickly. But what if the present key combination is incompatible with another keyboard mapping app? Fortunately, this Gmail Labs feature allows you to override the pre-defined keys and create your own unique keyboard shortcuts.

Click the Gear icon on the right side of your inbox after you’ve enabled Custom Keyboard Shortcuts. Select Settings. Navigate to the new Custom Keyboard Shortcuts tab.

You may assign individual keys to every Gmail function, such as creating a new email, archiving, deleting emails, and so on. It can significantly enhance your email process.

3. Auto-Advance

Gmail defaults to the whole email discussion list if you archive, mute, or delete an individual email. This behavior adds a few more clicks every time you need to take action on an individual email if you are spring cleaning your inbox.

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This Gmail Lab feature allows you to adjust this behavior so that the next fresher or older discussion is shown when you archive, mute, or delete an email. This might help you save some clicks and time if you handle a lot of emails.

Once Auto-Advance is enabled, click the Gear symbol on the right side of your inbox. Select Settings. Select the General tab. Locate Auto-advance and configure the desired behavior.

4. Canned Responses

Have you ever had to repeatedly enter the same content in an email? For example, if you get a lot of emails asking about your availability for a meeting, it might be exhausting to respond with your work schedule every time. To the rescue, canned responses!

It allows you to keep certain email templates that you use often. Instead than typing out the same email over and again, you may just enter these stored premade answers the next time.

You can send typical messages using a button adjacent to the compose form after activating it from the Labs menu. We have a detailed instruction on how to use canned answers in Gmail.

5. Smart Labels

Smart Labels might assist you in reducing email overload. It categorizes all incoming emails as purchasing, financial, social, travel, forums, and so on. You may then sort and examine all of the emails in the necessary category without having to do anything manually.

To conceal a specific Smart Label, click the Gear icon on the right side of your inbox. Select Settings. Navigate to the Labels tab. You may select whether to conceal or reveal a certain Smart Label here.

6. Google Calendar

Many people rely on Google Calendar to schedule meetings and even plan a whole year to remain organized. If you use Gmail to arrange meetings, you may agree that moving between Gmail and Google Calendar is inconvenient. You may get a Google Calendar widget directly into your Gmail inbox by using this Gmail Lab feature. You may see your future events, location, and information from this page. You may also rapidly add new events without leaving Gmail.

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After you’ve enabled it from the Labs menu, click on the three horizontal dots in the bottom-left corner of your inbox. Your Google Calendar should now appear in your Gmail inbox.

7. Preview Pane

You may read individual emails alongside your list of discussions using the preview window function. If your office has a widescreen display, you may use the additional space to see more of your emails at once. It also allows you to read your emails faster.

Look for the toggle split pane mode icon beside the Gear icon after enabling it from the Labs menu. You may select whether to divide the panes vertically or horizontally. To return to regular mode, choose No Split.

What’s Your Favorite Gmail Labs Feature?

Integrating these Gmail Lab capabilities into your routine will help you save a significant amount of time. However, the pursuit of email productivity does not stop there. We propose that you look at some more Gmail improvements you should include into your workflow, as well as these Chrome extensions to improve your Gmail experience.

Which Gmail Labs feature are you unable to live without? How does it assist you in remaining productive? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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