7 Chrome Extensions to Make Reading Online Articles Better

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7 Chrome Extensions to Make Reading Online Articles Better

Nowadays, most individuals read more on their web browser than anyplace else. The internet is full of great content, and these Chrome extensions improve your online reading experience.

As good as Google Chrome is, what distinguishes it is the active community of developers that create extensions to provide functionality not previously available in the browser. Better readability and Kindle-like layouts, as well as remembering where you browsed and methods to read quicker, are on the way.

1. Omoguru (Chrome): Customize Any Site for Better Reading and Focus

Omoguru is a reading innovations firm that creates a variety of solutions to make reading easy for everybody. Their Chrome extension is an excellent example of how they improve the online reading experience for persons who struggle with dyslexia, concentration, and attention. Of course, anybody may use the extension. Omoguru, in essence, will transform the appearance of text on any website to your specifications. You may choose from seven font styles in both sans and sans serif, scale the text on every page, establish a custom background color for all pages, and specify how much space to allow between lines.

Omoguru, like many other reading focus extensions, offers a Reader Mode for any pages that are articles, which you can also activate using the right-click context menu. Omoguru may be turned on and off with a simple toggle in the extension. Omoguru is designed for news websites, but it also works with online applications such as Gmail and Facebook.

Download: Omoguru for Chrome (Free)

2. Fika (Chrome): Reader Mode With Kindle-Like Table of Contents

Reader Mode is already incorporated into Safari, Edge, and Firefox, and you may activate it in Chrome as part of an experimental feature. But Fika goes beyond the basic characteristics of all of them, particularly removing clutter from an article and presenting information in a comprehensible format.

Fika constructs a Table of Contents (ToC) for the article based on sub-headers in the original text, in a move inspired by Amazon Kindle. You may rapidly cycle among them by clicking on them, and it also acts as a useful sidebar when reading longform works.

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Fika also allows you to choose a custom color backdrop or pick unique background photographs from a collection of 25 nature-themed wallpapers. The background and text color of the reader window may also be altered between four options.

While in Fika mode, you may choose from six different fonts, the text size (small, medium, or big), and normal or justified alignment. Fika may also be accessed through a keyboard shortcut (Alt + R), which is surprisingly quick.

Download: Fika for Chrome (Free)

3. Bionize (Chrome): Scan Articles Faster to Read Quickly

Bionize is a simple addon that makes it simpler to read articles online by using the notion of bionic reading. In a nutshell, bionic reading analyzes the content and highlights particular portions of it. According to the claim, this allows you to read the content quicker, particularly if you are scanning or skimming over it. Bionize’s creators based the extension on research indicating that our brain can read far quicker than our eyes allow and that we sometimes struggle to discover the beginning of a new word or phrase. They do point out that there is no actual proof that bionic reading is superior, but it’s worth a go.

To turn on and off Bionize, just click the icon in the extensions toolbar. Unlike some other extensions, such as those from Bionic-Reading, this one does not attempt to provide a minimalist reading mode or to modify the font or size. The original web page is shown, but with bionic reading highlights.

Download: Bionize for Chrome (Free)

4. Fready (Chrome): Word Pacer to Guide Your Eye While Reading

Fready attempts to mimic the feeling of moving from word to word on a real book with a finger. Instead of a finger, Fready guides your eye while reading an article online using a highlighter.

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The program also “reads” the material to provide a unique feature: it will slow down on difficult, lengthy, uncommon, and scientific terms so you can remain focused on what you’re reading. It’s also fully mouse-free, with the screen automatically scrolling down as you reach the bottom.

In Fready’s options, you may choose one of four highlighter colors, as well as its length and look (underline, full box, faded box).It’s set to read at a rate of 250 words per minute by default since that’s the worldwide average, but you may alter it to whatever works best for you.

Download: Fready for Chrome (Free)

5. Website Read Progress (Chrome): Colorful Progress Bar to Show How Much Is Left

When reading a lengthy essay, it’s difficult to tell how much longer the material is. Website Read Progress displays a colored progress bar to illustrate how much you’ve read and how much you still have to read.

You have the option of displaying it as a horizontal bar at the top of the web page or as a circular bar floating on top of the page. Both will be filled with a purple bar to indicate progress. You may also select whether to return to the homepage, the previous page, or close the tab when you click the bar.

Download: Website Read Progress for Chrome (Free)

6. Scrroll In (Chrome): Remember Last Scroll Point for Any Long Article

When reading a lengthy article online, you may need to pause and return to it later. If you close the tab, Scrroll In will remember where you left off and take you back to that spot the next time you access the link.

While Scrroll In will lead you to the mark, you may then opt to add a new mark or amend an existing one. It works flawlessly and can preserve up to 20 reading points for a single URL; however, total scroll points are infinite. All of your saved scroll points are preserved in your browser cache, and you can see them all on a simple dashboard.

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Unfortunately, Scrroll In lacks a keyboard shortcut, which would make it much more handy. Fortunately, you can configure custom keyboard shortcuts in Chrome extensions to preserve a scroll position or get the most recent scroll.

Download: Scrroll In for Chrome (Free)

7. SpeedReader (Chrome): Apply the Tim Ferriss Method of Speed Reading

If you want to learn how to read faster, we’ve previously covered some of the finest Chrome speed-reading extensions, but SpeedReader offers something different. It employs Tim Ferriss’ speed reading technique, in which you utilize your peripheral vision to get quicker understanding.

SpeedReader inserts two red lines as margins, removing the start and final few words of an item. The objective is to read from the left margin to the right margin before moving on to the next line. In the video above, Ferriss discusses how this helps, and you can test it out with this extension to see if it works for you.

Download: SpeedReader for Chrome (Free)

Remember to Protect Your Eyes

You’ll find yourself falling into rabbit holes and spending hours hooked to your laptop with so many amazing plugins that make online reading simpler. However, remember to protect your eyes from extended screen exposure. To maintain a healthy balance, you may install several Chrome extensions to avoid eye strain with the reading extensions.

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