7 Android Apps That Create Fun Movies From Your Pictures

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7 Android Apps That Create Fun Movies From Your Pictures

In the era of social network video snippets that vanish in 24 hours, professional video editing systems may seem excessive. However, you also want your video postings to stand out and include elegant animations.

Fortunately, a plethora of smartphone applications provide a simple answer to this problem. They allow you to create all types of current effects while just taking a few minutes to utilize. Here are seven such video making applications for Android.

1. Google Photos

In addition to all of Google Photos’ excellent picture management features, the app can also be used as a video editor. For those who don’t want to perform any editing by hand, Google Photos makes amusing video automatically. However, you may manually stitch together images and movies, as well as add extra layers such as text, transitions, background soundtrack, and more.

To do so, you must first sync your material to Google Photos. After that, launch the app and look for the option to make a new movie under the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner. Tap that and then choose the kind of movie you want to create.

You may choose one of the clever templates for a specific event, such as Mother’s Day, or you can start from scratch by using the New Film button. Select the files and other components, such as music, and then hit Save.

Download: Google Photos (Free)

2. GoPro Quik

While Google Photos is simple and quick to use, it may seem barebones and limiting at times. Try GoPro Quik if you want additional choices and effects to experiment with.

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GoPro’s full-fledged video-editing program is almost as simple to use as Google Photos. However, it has many additional features that appeal to both novices and pros. You may either let the program create tales from your media or customize the effects, transitions, and other elements yourself.

Furthermore, unlike Google Photos, GoPro Quik includes comprehensive video editing features such as frame layout management, subtitles for each occasion, color grading, and more. Even if you only want to quickly create an edited film, GoPro Quik’s huge choice of themes will not disappoint.

Download: GoPro Quik (Free)

3. Storyo

If you want to make a short film about your recent trip, Storyo could be your best choice. This video-editing program is based on geography and time, making it ideal for stitching together photos and movies captured in various locations. You just need to import the files. Storyo will then create a video diary based on geotags and timestamps.

Furthermore, the software has special frames for emphasizing the location. However, you may update them to change the order if Storyo doesn’t get it properly.

Download: Storyo (Free)

4. Magisto

Magisto is an advanced video platform and editor. Many machine learning frameworks are used by the app to automatically build video memories from your material. Where Magisto really excels is in its ability to detect and underline the most essential moments in the output.

However, the software is not free and comes with a few restrictions. Because it’s also a social network, Magisto charges a fee if you want to download the finished clip or use any of the professional editing features. Furthermore, it uploads your films to its servers. Free users may only share the post’s link, not the video itself.

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Download: Magisto (Free, subscription available)

5. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo attempts to emulate the desktop video-editing experience. It has a landscape layout with a preview window in the middle and choices around it. It’s particularly intended for people who love fine-tuning the look of their films using a variety of tools.

However, if you simply want a quick film to share on social media sites like Instagram, FilmoraGo has lots of themes for that as well. These allow you to create a video in a matter of minutes. The program also includes a variety of sophisticated tools to experiment with, such as adding voiceovers, overlays, subtitles, and more.

Download: FilmoraGo (Free, in-app purchases available)

6. Adobe Premiere Clip

Premier Clip is Adobe’s smartphone app for making entertaining, quick video clips. It, like the others on this list, allows you to effortlessly create a movie using your current collection. You may choose between Automatic and Freeform production.

The former directs the film for you, but the latter puts you in charge. It has a plethora of editing options like as color grading, cutting, and more. Because it is an Adobe product, you must first sign in with your Adobe account. Fortunately, you may modify and download your work without paying a monthly fee.

Download: Adobe Premiere Clip (Free) [No Longer Available]

7. VivaVideo

The bulk of the capabilities found in these applications are available in VivaVideo. However, it seeks to differentiate itself by including a few more contemporary capabilities geared towards millennials. These include a beauty camera for improving photos and selfies, as well as the option to add emojis and stickers.

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VivaVideo also provides a plethora of vibrant, youthful themes to choose from and allows you to export altered films in a flash.

Download: VivaVideo (Free, subscription available)

Take It to the Next Level on a Bigger Screen

There is obviously no lack of smartphone applications that allow you to quickly build entertaining video collages. If you need more screen space to edit fine details, look into video editing services designed exclusively for social media postings. There are desktop choices as well as numerous mobile applications.

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