7 Addictive Online Geography Games to Learn About the World and Travel Virtually

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7 Addictive Online Geography Games to Learn About the World and Travel Virtually

How well do you know our home planet? These geography games will test your knowledge of nations, locations, and territories in novel ways while also teaching you about the Earth.

Don’t worry, they aren’t dull exams or Q&A quizzes. Instead, you’ll see Google Street View photographs, walking video clips, and Google Maps that has been manipulated to eliminate part of the information you need to identify locations. Right or wrong responses are often accompanied with trivia and other information about the location. It’s a fun opportunity to put your knowledge to the test and even travel digitally while you’re confined indoors.

1. Geotastic (Web): Best Free GeoGuessr Alternative Online Game

GeoGuessr was one of the finest educational Google games that swept the internet, with everyone attempting to find out where a Google Street View photograph was shot. GeoGuessr is now a premium internet software, which is unfortunate since not many of us want to pay for a fast enjoyable game. But don’t worry, Geotastic is a free, crowd-funded internet game that provides the same experience.

To use Geotastic, you must first register, and all of your games are recorded to track points and rank. High Score Hunts (beating your personal high score), Challenges (playing challenges set by others), and Online Ranked are some of the game types available (seasonal matchmaking modes with points and ranking).You may also play with pals locally or online by starting or joining a lobby.

The Geotastic game operates in the same manner as GeoGuessr. Each round loads a Street View picture from anywhere on the planet. You must estimate your location and place a pin on the map by panning around. The more points you acquire, the closer the pin is to the real place.

So, why is Geotastic free while GeoGuessr is not? Geotastic, as you would expect, is ad-supported. You’ll have to watch a 15-second video commercial every time you log in, but that’s a little thing to pay, right?

2. Hide and Seek World (Web): Multiplayer Free GeoGuessr Game for Fastest Guess

Geotastic is clearly the greatest of the free GeoGuessr alternatives, although I must confess that I spent more time playing Hide and Seek World (HaSW). Its UI is more enjoyable, since you compete against other players online to get the closest to the Street View picture provided.

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You may either make your own game to play with your pals or join one of the public Find Wolly games. Wolly is the AI mascot of HaSW who develops public games and “hides” at a spot. Then, all players race to pin the place on a map, with points awarded based on who is closest and quickest, in that order.

The countdown clock, the live-view game room where you can see how near or far others are, and the pressure to do it perfect all combine to make for an enjoyable experience. However, with the free edition, you may only play two public games each day, while private games have no limits.

3. Geography Game (Web): Click the Right Country on a 3D Globe

How skilled are you at recognizing nations on a 3D globe rather than a political map of the world? Geography Game is a simple and appealing method to put your knowledge of the global atlas to the test. A nation or territory’s name will show on the screen, and you must click where it appears on the globe.

You may choose an area (continents, 50 states of the United States) or the whole planet. There are two game modes available. You will be asked to name all nations in the globe at least once in Traditional Mode. Territories are questioned at random for a predefined number of rounds in Random Mode. All right answers will be highlighted so that you don’t have to click them again.

By default, the correct answer will begin flashing on the map after three erroneous attempts. However, you may stop revealing the correct answer or increase the number of false attempts before it is presented under the advanced options. You may also choose whether or not you wish to be able to skip a response.

4. City Guesser (Web): Guess the City From a Walking Video

City Guesser is an alternative take on the GeoGuessr idea. It substitutes short walking films made by actual people for Street View photos. To score the most points, guess the city from the video’s visuals and noises in the lowest amount of time.

There is a fairly large collection of these films, which are organized into numerous categories. You get the whole planet, including continents, nations, prominent states, and renowned cities, as you would anticipate. There are, however, particular collections such as busy areas, fast food, nighttime places, seaside cities, stunning vistas, and so on. Those are much more fun and hard.

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In addition, City Guesser has a few game modes to increase the stakes. There’s a Streaks Challenge to see how many nations you can correctly predict in a row, or you may select a radius restriction to see how near you can go before giving up. There’s also a self-explanatory time restriction challenge, as well as an interesting “no movement challenge,” in which the movies are filmed from a fixed camera staring out at a metropolis in activity.

5. Terraclues (Web): Scavenger Hunt to Solve Clues and Guess the Places

Terraclues describes itself as a treasure hunt based on Google Maps. The goal is to solve a clue whose solution is a place and then locate it on a globe map.

This is how it works. Each search includes a set of clues. The hints are shown in a text box in the upper left corner. You may use the box to search for a place or to launch a Google search in a new tab to answer the mystery. Then return to the box and enter the location name.

For Terraclues to agree that you’ve answered the clue, you may need to zoom in or out to the appropriate magnification number. For certain answers, you may even need to switch from Map view to Satellite view. These variations just add to the pleasure of Terraclues.

There are currently several user-created scavenger hunts accessible to play for free on the website. You may also design your own hunts and share them with friends privately or publicly. To play, you do not need an account, but you must register to create your own hunts.

This is merely a scavenger hunt on the internet. There are amazing scavenger hunt applications that you may try if you want to physically engage in solving riddles and discovering stuff.

6. The City Map Quiz (Web): Guess the City From an Unlabelled Map View

Google Maps has conditioned us to expect top-down views of maps that include highways, railroad lines, canals, parks, and other features. Can you figure out which city it is if all of the labels are removed? Put your knowledge to the test with The City Map Quiz.

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Each level of the quiz offers a snapshot of a map of a certain city, with no points of interest, pins, or labels. You’ll have four choices with it. When you click the correct one, it becomes green, while the incorrect one turns red.

By default, it begins with a 34-level global city map quiz. However, you may pick categories, such as nations or continents, and even difficulty levels within those categories at times. Some of them need a $2.95 monthly membership, but the free collection of map quizzes is vast enough to put your abilities to the test.

7. Zoomtastic (Web): Guess the Place From a Satellite Map That Zooms to Reveal More

You’re a better person than many others on the internet if you can remain busy while without being hooked to Zoomtastic. This geography game is so simple, enjoyable, and addictive that you should only play it when you don’t have a lot of work to do.

This is how it works. First, you choose either the globe, cities (with choices for continents or global capitals), or world marvels. Depending on your selection, a random satellite map will show on the screen, followed by a countdown. The map zooms out or in every few seconds, giving new information about the place.

After 10 seconds, you’ll be presented with four viable responses from which to choose one. In the top-right corner, it shows which hemisphere it comes from. You may also include hints like an image or the country’s flag in the Wonders version.

Play Anywhere, PC or Touchscreen

All of the games in this post are playable in any online browser and function surprisingly well on touchscreen devices. Phone displays are tiny, particularly when you need to view both the location and the map at the same time, but the experience on iPads or tablets is superb. So go ahead and put your geographical abilities to the test.

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