6 Ways To Search For Emails In Outlook 2007

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6 Ways To Search For Emails In Outlook 2007

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Outlook 2007 is a major drain on my time. It is where a flood of emails arrives and Outlook accepts them without protest. However, with so many emails plunging into a bottomless hole, Outlook may occasionally resemble The Bermuda Triangle. What goes in doesn’t always come out easily, and I have to work hard to find it.

Although most of us have folders and rules in place to organize all incoming emails, and some of us are very rigorous about email organization, none of us can avoid using the search option for emails on occasion. In 10 Powerful Productivity Tips & Tricks For Outlook 2007, we briefly discussed Microsoft Outlook’s search features.

Understanding any search how-to has nearly become a need for survival in the digital jungle. So I suppose it wouldn’t hurt anybody if we looked more closely at how to locate a misplaced email in our inbox clutter.

Our search tool will be the Outlook 2007 Instant Search function. It should be noted that it may not be installed by default in your client.

It’s merely a 5.8MB free download from the Microsoft website in that scenario. It’s a feature of Windows Search.

Search for Emails With Instant Search

The console from which you can launch all of your searches is the Instant Search box. Enter your search criteria, and the results are shown and highlighted in the results window immediately. To remove the results, click the little cross next to the box.

Click on All Mail Items to broaden your email search. This covers all personal and archived folders in the search.

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Search Using Keywords

Keywords with precise syntaxes may be entered into the search field. The syntax, keyword: the value of your search criteria is commonly followed, where the keyword may be anything like to, from, topic, cc, bcc, and so on. A search for to: Saikat, for example, will return all emails sent to Saikat.

Similar to online search, searches may be filtered further by employing operators such as AND, OR, >, and so on. However, in this scenario, all of the operators must be capitalized.

The many keywords you may use for speedy searching are described in the official Outlook 2007 Help & How-to document.

Search With The Query Builder

If this all seems contrary to Windows’ well-known user-friendliness, don’t worry; here is where the helpful Query Builder comes in. Just next to the Instant Search box, click the Expand the Query Builder arrow. The four most prevalent methods to search through emails are presented by default. For example, you may use an expression called the Body field to search through the content of all emails.

A click on Add Criteria brings up more keyword alternatives. For example, selecting Attachments and then Yes from the selection makes it extremely simple to filter all emails containing attachments.

To narrow down your results, you may combine the Query Builder criterion fields in a search. The data and criteria entered into the Query Builder are also shown as search query syntax, precisely as you intended with a keyword search for emails.

Search Inside A Message

In the most apparent approach, searching inside a message works. Open an email and press F4 or choose Find from the Ribbon.

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For an intra-document search, the Find/Replace dialog box appears, as it does in other Microsoft Office documents.

Open the email for which you wish to find all of the messages. Click the Related dropdown and then choose Related Messages from the Ribbon. If you choose the Messages from Sender option, all emails from that specific sender are sorted.

You may also right-click on a message and pick an option from the context menu.

Search Using Advanced Find

The ubiquitous Find box may not be particularly striking, but the Advanced Find box with its multitude of search possibilities surely is. To locate a needle in a haystack, use Tools – Instant Search – Advanced Find (or CTRL+SHIFT+F). The Advanced Find dialog box appears contextually and provides the most relevant tab to you. The Advanced Box shows the Contacts tab if you are in Contacts.

There are three tabs in the Advanced Find box. The first tab, whose name depends on where you are in Outlook, provides the most often used search options. The second option is More Options, which you may utilize for more specialized searches.

The third tab is for advanced users and has a plethora of criteria that may be defined to discover even a pebble in the ocean.

The Advanced Find dialog box is a little excessive for a search procedure, and you won’t be going there in most circumstances.

If your personal folders are structured and unwanted emails are eliminated, using the more basic search tools should sufficient. However, if both the former and later are neglected, Outlook provides adequate capabilities to assist you in breaking your negative email habits.

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Do you regularly need to look for old emails? How do you evaluate Outlook’s search capabilities?

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