6 Ways to Make Sure Your Chrome Extensions Are Safe

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6 Ways to Make Sure Your Chrome Extensions Are Safe

When installing Chrome extensions, you must check that they are safe to use. It’s easy to take your internet security for granted, but even browser extensions may pose new threats.

Extensions may improve your surfing experience, but if you’re not cautious, they can potentially steal your data, modify crucial browser settings, or divert your searches to malicious websites.

Here are the best methods to keep your Chrome extensions secure.

1. Use Chrome Web Store

The safest approach to install extensions for your Chrome browser is to utilize a reputable online shop. The Chrome Web Store is the safest location to get Chrome browser extensions. There are almost 190,000 extensions and web applications in the shop. You’re sure to discover something acceptable for you, whether you’re searching for a password manager or an extension to increase your creativity.

Although the Chrome Web Store is a safe place to buy extensions, there are a few sketchy Google Chrome extensions you should avoid installing. As a result, you should still check the extension’s legitimacy before installing it.

2. Research the Developer

Always conduct your homework before installing an extension to ensure the developer’s validity.

Check if the developer has a comprehensive website or a public profile to assist you distinguish between a professional developer and a fly-by-night security risk. If the website matches the extension’s software, the extension is probably safe to use.

3. Make Sure the Extension Is Updated Regularly

Check that the extensions have been recently updated before installing them. If an extension is out of date, it is probably less secure than newly updated extensions.

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It’s pointless to utilize an extension that has a slew of bugs and was last updated years ago. When an extension hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s better to hunt for a more dependable replacement.

4. Check Reviews

Your best buddy is the review! Checking reviews from other users of the extension can provide you insight into the service based on their experiences.

You may use reviews to determine the average user experience of the app. If the majority of the reviews are bad, try for a comparable extension with more good feedback. An extension’s reviews may be seen on the Chrome Web Store. While reviews are useful, you can’t trust every one you see, therefore it’s critical to understand how to recognize bogus and worthless reviews online.

5. Use Chrome Extension Source Viewer

This is for anybody who understands programming and can spot harmful code. The Chrome extension source viewer lets you see the source code of Chrome extensions without having to download them.

Because it’s difficult to tell which browsers are secure on the surface, the Chrome extension source viewer allows you to go a bit further.

6. Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus software acts as an excellent firewall to keep you secure. Reliable antivirus software assists you in monitoring everything that enters your browser. Antivirus software may detect harmful code on your behalf via extensions.

However, antivirus software can only protect you so much online. Install just the extensions you really need to prevent overburdening your browser.

Extensive Ways to Stay Safe Online

Chrome extensions are a tremendous convenience since they make web surfing so much simpler. But don’t get too enthusiastic; be sure that any Chrome extensions you install are safe to use.

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Now that you know how to protect yourself against malicious Chrome extensions, you can concentrate on other methods to improve your overall online security.

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