6 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar

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6 Tools to Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar

Things might occasionally slide between the cracks when you maintain two calendars. What is the greatest method for achieving the ideal Outlook-Google Calendar sync?

We have a few choices that you may look into for yourself. Continue reading to learn about our preferred methods to sync Google Calendar with Outlook.

Why Sync Microsoft Outlook With Google Calendar?

Keeping two calendars is often a logistical challenge. However, in certain cases, it is vital to do so:

  • You have two jobs that utilize one of the calendars.
  • The two calendars may serve distinct functions—for example, one may be a personal calendar and the other a work calendar.
  • You travel often and prefer Microsoft Outlook Calendar on your desktop to Google Calendar on your desktop (although Google Calendar can work offline, too).
  • You’re using Google Calendar for task collaboration and want to access the same information in Microsoft Outlook.

Consider how important it is in your busy life to be able to view both of your calendars and keep them in sync. If you miss the defunct Google plug-in, you may sync Outlook to Google Calendar with these alternatives.

Top picks must not only sync Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar, but also maintain Microsoft Outlook and Calendar organized. We want something that increases our productivity on both Outlook and Google, bringing the two worlds closer together.

Calendar Sync 4.1 can assist you in configuring one-way sync with Microsoft Outlook or Google as the master. The free version only allows you to sync appointments and events from the last thirty days, but it’s still worth a go.

The Pro edition allows you to sync Google Calendar with Outlook in both directions, and you can even utilize custom date ranges. Another advantage of subscribing for the service is the ability to utilize numerous calendars and additional profiles. Portable versions of both the free and Pro versions are available.

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Key Features:

  • Choose one calendar to sync.
  • Sync Outlook Colors/Categories to Google Calendar.
  • Duplicate event elimination is included in the one-way Outlook to Google Calendar sync.
  • Auto-sync, scheduling sync, and sync with configurable date ranges are all options.
  • Sync Outlook Reminder to a pop-up reminder in Google.
  • Set the background sync to every five minutes or any specified time.
  • When enabled, Google two-step authentication is supported.
  • Sync the events and set them to Private.

Outlook Google Calendar Sync 2.9.1 is absolutely free and offers two-way sync from Outlook to Google; you can get it as an installation or as a portable software. The sync utility is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including 2003, 2016, and Microsoft 365.

All event characteristics may be transferred from one calendar to another. Existing events may be integrated into a single calendar. Also, before the program deletes a duplicate event, you should be prompted.

This calendar sync application is the greatest solution for those who value their privacy. If you have security concerns, you may mark events as private, and even the text in a topic line can be concealed. Just in case, you can also make it operate behind a web proxy.

Key Features:

  • To sync event characteristics, choose them.
  • Set the frequency of synchronizing calendar updates.
  • Configure your own date ranges to include all previous and future occurrences.
  • Sync the default calendar or choose one of the non-default Outlook calendars.
  • Calendar CSV exports are fully supported.
  • Recurring elements are appropriately synced as a sequence.

G Suite is an excellent cloud productivity solution if you are part of a bigger collaborative team. The package includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, as well as compatibility with Microsoft Outlook and extra security features like as two-step authentication and SSO.

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G Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook, formerly known as Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook, is the link between the two programs. The G Suite support website has a full comparison of both calendars.

Key Features:

  • Multiple calendars may be synced between Outlook and Google Calendar.
  • With your Google-Outlook Calendar sync, include events, reminders, descriptions, attendees, and locations.
  • Sync Google Calendar with other users’ Outlook accounts.
  • The state of free or busy is maintained throughout both calendars.

Microsoft Power Automate was created to help you construct automated processes that link two or more internet services.

There are already over 300 connections available, one of which is a bridge that enables you to sync Outlook with Google Calendar. Other specific connections for Outlook 365 and Outlook.com are also available.

We like how Microsoft Power Automate’s cloud connection keeps both calendars synchronised across all platforms at all times.

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Smartphone Apps to Sync Outlook With Google Calendar

You can also sync Outlook and Google Calendar using each company’s official app; this is the easiest approach while you’re on the go. We have a few of suggestions.

1. Use Both Calendar Mobile Apps

Both Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar offer Android and iOS applications. Installing both applications is a simple and fast solution, and you can arrange both calendars for particular occasions using timely alerts and smart scheduling.

Things became much simpler once Microsoft included shared calendar capabilities to their Outlook client. Your connections may now access particular Microsoft Outlook calendars as well.

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Download: Microsoft Outlook for iOS | Android (Free).

Download: Google Calendar for iOS | Android (Free).

2. Use the Default iPhone Calendar

The iPhone and iPad Calendar apps may show an Outlook and Google Calendar sync. We’ve already discussed how to sync an Outlook calendar with your iPhone, but here’s a short refresher:

Navigate to Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Account Creation > Select the Outlook.com logo.

Follow the same steps to add Google Calendar; for more information, check our guide on adding Google Calendar to iOS.

Log in to both and let the sync run its course. Any events you add to any calendar will be shown in your Calendar app.

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Why Sync Outlook With Google Calendar?

There are several advantages for this; for example, it may assist you maintain all of your calendars up to date without giving you fifteen locations to check every morning.

It is usually preferable to utilize a single environment. Why not take advantage of the finest that both have to offer? If you need to automatically sync Outlook with Google Calendar, the options listed below will all suffice. You now have a lot more time for other, more essential things.

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