6 Search Engines Better Than Google at Finding Niche Content

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6 Search Engines Better Than Google at Finding Niche Content

Google is the most popular search engine on the internet, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it provides the best results for your queries. These specialized search engines outperform Google in terms of discovering precisely what you’re searching for.

Over time, the usage of search engine optimization (SEO) has resulted in biased Google rankings. Websites that use optimal SEO tactics often rank higher than those with superior content. As a consequence, you are almost always not obtaining the best search results. However, if you turn aside from Google, you will discover various alternative ways to search the web and uncover those high-quality materials.

1. Blog Surf (Web): Search the Best Written Blogs on the Internet

Personal blogs and single-writer newsletters provide some of the sharpest written stuff on the internet. However, given how SEO works, Google seldom displays them in the first few pages of a search. Blog Surf attempts to organize the blogosphere by selecting around 1000 of the greatest blogs authored by a single individual and allowing you to browse the directory.

The website employs the anti-SEO MarketRank algorithm to allocate points to all blog entries, resulting in the total score of the blog. When you search for a phrase, the results will display articles ranked by blog rank. You may narrow down your findings by era and article reading time (less than 5 minutes, 5-10 minutes, or over 10 minutes).

Blog Surf also features a directory of all of its blogs, which you can search by categories or tags. You may also look at Blog Rankings and the most popular blog entries to discover something to read without having to search.

Occamm is attempting to create a more helpful search engine than Google, based on the concept that individuals do not always know what they should be looking for. When you search for a term on Occamm, you’ll receive a list of results similar to what you’d find on Google, but you’ll also see a set of tags.

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These tags help you to narrow your search by indicating what you haven’t looked for but are still interested in discovering. Choose up to four tags, and Occamm will narrow your search results to deliver information you were looking for but didn’t know how to get. Every refinement creates a new set of tags, allowing you to search more effectively each time.

Occamm also makes it simple to determine whether or not the search results are relevant before clicking the link. Each result offers a brief sample of what the link will say, or an AI-generated page summary. Before clicking any link, you may also examine the links that are associated to it. It’s time-saving and useful, particularly if you’re unfamiliar with sophisticated Google Search suggestions, operators, and commands.

3. YouCode (Web): Best Search Engine for Code and Hackers

You is a new privacy-focused search engine with a slew of other intriguing features worth exploring on their own. However, its code-focused sub-product, YouCode, has lately captured the limelight. Hackers and developers appreciate how simple and quick it is to get code snippets online.

YouCode shows code results from major code sites such as StackOverflow, Github, Code Complete, and others. In search results, you’ll get samples of content from these sites, making it much simpler to locate what you’re looking for. You may also see the whole post without ever leaving YouCode by viewing it in a side window, which also allows you to copy code.

This alone would be reason enough to choose YouCode over Google for code searches, but there are several other cool features as well. The website includes an AI code aid, a JSON validator, and a hexadecimal color selector. YouCode is reviewed in depth by Hacker Noon, who explains why it should be the first option for hackers.

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4. Studybyte (Web): Easy Search for Educational Content

When students want to learn about a topic, they require accurate information from reputable educational sources. Studybyte is a nice alternative to Google Scholar in that it only finds connections from reputable instructors.

The site is absolutely free and does not track or collect information about you. It does, however, preserve prior searches on the same computer, which you may see on the History tab. On its results page, Studybyte employs a proprietary search algorithm that indexes solely educational information.

5. Memegine (Web): Search for Memes on Reddit Including Text in Images

Memes are popular on the internet. If you’re searching for new or trendy memes, you’ll most likely find them on Reddit’s various meme-based forums. While you can look up the post titles or captions for these memes on Reddit, you can’t look up the language used in the meme itself. That is generally what you remember, not the titles.

Memegine wants to correct this. The website is a collection of all memes posted on prominent subreddits, which you may search to discover the meme you’re looking for. Yes, it can read text in memes, so you’re looking for the substance of the meme rather than simply the post title. Memegine has one job that she performs really well.

6. Needl (Windows, macOS): Search Google, Notion, and Slack for Any File or Chat

It’s tough to recall which app or service you used to discuss a project or exchange a file in today’s work environment. Needl aims to be the global search engine for files and conversations across major productivity applications, beginning with Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Notion, and Slack.

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Needl will index your files and conversations for a full-text search when you link it to your accounts. However, it then provides lightning-fast search results for any phrase across all of these platforms. It’s amazingly smooth and efficient, with a nice UI, for a 100% free program with no hidden fees.

The team wants to extend to more productivity services and add more features in the near future.

Download: Needl for Windows | macOS M1 | macOS Intel (Free)

If You Still Want to Use Google, Consider This Charitable Google…

With so many specialty search engines outperforming Google in terms of locating stuff, you’ll definitely find yourself relying less and less on the search giant. But, let’s be honest, you’ll probably still want to use Google.

When you’re in that mood, do the planet a favor and utilize Ask.Moe instead of Google. Ask.Moe is a European non-profit that still uses Google search results, but only via devious negotiations behind the scenes. Your searches are converted into monthly contributions to organizations such as Doctors Without Borders and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. You’ll be doing nothing different than typical Google searches, except you’ll be going via a separate site that assists individuals in need.

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