6 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Smart Home Its Own Email Address

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6 Reasons Why You Should Give Your Smart Home Its Own Email Address

Every day, your home becomes smarter. You have smart lighting, a thermostat you can control with your phone, and maybe, in the future, a fridge that can give you warnings when you’re running short on milk. But your smart home is lacking one thing: its own email account.

Here are some reasons why you should provide an email address to your smart home:

1. Keep All Your Smart Home Subscriptions in One Place

With the growing number of smart home gadgets and services on the market, keeping track of all your subscriptions is getting more challenging. Having a separate email account for your smart home will allow you to keep everything in one place and organized.

There will be no need to go through your inbox looking for that one email from your smart home security system; everything will be exactly where you need it.

Although there are several modern email programs that help you manage your messages, nothing surpasses the simplicity of a good old-fashioned inbox.

2. All Your Bills in One Place

Do you have all of your insurance, energy, and water bills in one place? That is every bill payer’s fantasy.

Paying your bills is difficult enough, but it becomes much more difficult when you have to dig through your inbox for the correct email. All of your bills will be in one place with a dedicated smart home email address, making them easy to discover and pay.

To keep track of who owes what, you may use a bill splitting app for Android or iOS, or you can set up bill reminders in your email inbox.

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3. Keep Your Personal Information Private

When you set up a new smart home device, you’re normally required to provide your name, address, and email address. This might be risky, particularly if you’re unsure about the device’s or service’s security.

It is critical to practice good data privacy practices, and one method to do so is to utilize a separate email account for your smart home.

You may keep your personal information private and only share what you’re comfortable with by using a dedicated smart home email account.

While most smart home gadgets and services are safe, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. Using a dedicated email account reduces the possibility of your personal information being hacked.

Many individuals are concerned about data privacy, so it’s critical to take every precaution possible.

4. Keep Spam Out of Your Personal Email Inbox

We’ve all experienced the annoyance that is spam email. Unfortunately, if you use your personal email address for your smart home, you’ll likely notice an increase in the number of spam email you get.

Although spam filters have improved significantly over the years, they are not flawless. So, even if you have a robust spam filter in place, some spam emails may still make it through.

A dedicated smart home email account can assist you in keeping your inbox clean and spam-free. This way, you can concentrate on the relevant emails without having to sift through tons of garbage to locate what you’re searching for.

5. Easily Share Access With Your Partner or Roommate

If you live with someone, you understand how tough it may be at times to pay bills or handle household money. You may simply share access with your spouse or roommate if you have a smart home email account.

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As a result, both of you will have complete authority over the account and will be able to make adjustments as required. You no longer have to argue over who should pay the bills; you can both do it from the comfort of your own homes.

Sharing duties is usually a good idea, and a smart home email account makes it simple.

6. Selling Your Home? Transfer the Email Address

If you’re selling your house, you should provide the new owner your email address. They will have complete access to all of the smart home devices and services that you have configured.

Include the email address in the sale of your house so that the future owners can quickly take over the account and enjoy all of the features you’ve previously set up.

A New Smart Way to Manage Your Email

There’s no denying that having a specialized smart home email account offers advantages. You may keep your personal information private, prevent spam, and quickly share access with others by using a second email account for your smart home.

Give your smart home its own email account if you’re seeking for a fresh method to manage it. You will not be sorry.

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