6 Reasons Why You May Not Want to Use SD Cards With Android Phones

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6 Reasons Why You May Not Want to Use SD Cards With Android Phones

If you need to utilize an outdated phone as a temporary solution, your main issue is typically storage. But it shouldn’t be an issue, right? Simply insert an SD card into the expandable storage slot, and you’re good to go.

But that may not be the case. Using an SD card as your primary storage might result in a slew of unanticipated problems.

The following are some of the drawbacks of utilizing an SD card with Android.

1. Speed Suffers

There is a wide range of SD cards available, each with a dramatically varied performance level. If you choose a low-quality card, the delays will rapidly become frustrating.

This is particularly true if you transfer a large number of applications to the SD card. Loading times, refresh rates, and sync speeds may all be drastically reduced. Unfortunately, the majority of individuals are likely to be affected by this. They utilize whatever old SD card they have laying around, regardless of whether it is the ideal tool for the task.

If all you want to do with your SD card is store photographs and data, any of the two quickest card types—UHS-I or Class 10—will suffice.

However, if you want to put full programs on your card, you need also be aware of the card’s app performance class. There are two alternatives available: A1 and A2, with A2 being the fastest.

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2. Vanishing Shortcuts and Forgotten Passwords

I just encountered an unusual problem when using an SD card in my Android phone. Any shortcuts for applications I had transferred onto the SD card disappeared off my phone’s home screen whenever the phone’s battery died (which was often due to the device’s age).

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It was quite inconvenient for me since I prefer to arrange my home screen into folders.

Worse, several of the impacted applications, such as Twitter, MyFitnessPal, and Reddit, lost all stored passwords, settings, and other user data.

I’m not going to claim to know why this occurred, and I’m not going to guarantee that it won’t happen to you. It is, however, an example of the kinds of unanticipated problems that might occur when using an SD card with Android.

3. Finding Files Is a Nightmare

Although you may format your SD card such that it is recognized as internal storage, your phone will not recognize both drives as a single entity. As a result, depending on your use habits, it may become difficult to discover the files you want at any given moment.

For example, you may wind up with various sorts of data spread over many drives. You may have images and local music on your SD card, but your offline Google Docs and downloaded Chrome items are likely to be on the internal memory. The more programs you utilize, the more difficult this fragmentation becomes.

Are you certain you can remember which programs keep their data on which storage unit months after the original configuration?

Everything might be impeding your productivity. It may result in duplicates eating up unneeded space and a failure of your file management systems.

4. SD Card Failure

The number of read/write cycles on SD cards is restricted. The remaining lifetime reduces with each access to data on it. Naturally, the longevity varies with the quality of the SD card. A SanDisk product will outlast a cheap no-name card purchased on eBay.

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To make matters worse, you may not know how old a backup card is. If you utilize an old SD card that has been collecting dust for years, you probably have no clue how much usage it has had in the past. As a result, you won’t know how long it will continue to slog along.

Remember that, unlike conventional hard drives, an SD card may not fail with any warning indicators. If you don’t have backups, you might lose a lot of important work in a matter of seconds.

Check out our list of microSD card faults to avoid to lessen the likelihood of future problems.

5. Migrating to a New Phone Is Frustrating

Contrary to popular belief, an SD card on Android is not always similar to an SD card (or USB flash drive) on a PC. On a desktop or laptop computer, you may easily transfer your card or flash drive between machines and view your files—they are portable.

If you try to transfer the SD card from your Android phone to another phone or view its data on a computer, you will most likely be unsuccessful. Why? Because when you utilize an SD card as local Android storage, it is encrypted to the host device.

As a result, if you purchase a new phone, you cannot just transfer your card and continue. You must format the card’s data (destroying everything) and begin afresh.

6. Reduced Gaming Performance

Games are among the most important storage eaters on Android phones. This does not include basic titles like as crossword puzzles, but rather ones with advanced visuals and extended gameplay. The app’s files and your saved games may total several gigabytes in size.

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While it may be tempting to save such games on your SD card, this is a poor idea. Even the greatest A1 Class 10 SD cards will be insufficient for recent Android games.

You’ll experience errors in gameplay, missing images, and frequent crashes. These are the sorts of downsides that are overlooked while weighing the benefits of utilizing an SD card with Android.

Are You Still Planning to Use an SD Card?

If you’ve read and comprehended our arguments, but you still want to utilize an SD card in your Android smartphone, go ahead. Everything could come out OK. However, you should be aware that problems might arise, and when they do, you will most likely be ripping your hair out in irritation.

To spare yourself the trouble, accept that you’ll have performance and storage difficulties while using the temporary phone, and simply hope for the Amazon delivery driver to arrive soon!

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