6 Quick Fixes for Predictive Emoji Not Working on an iPhone or iPad

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6 Quick Fixes for Predictive Emoji Not Working on an iPhone or iPad

Predictive emoji is a useful iPhone and iPad feature that utilizes machine learning to recommend emoji for you to use in your chats. It has made our lives so much simpler that when the service stops working for individuals, we truly feel the stress of having to manually search for emojis again.

Here are a few workarounds you may attempt if your iPhone or iPad has stopped anticipating emojis for you to use.

How to Make Predictive Emoji Work on Your iPhone

To understand where the issue is coming from, you must first understand how the functionality works. Predictive emoji learns from your speech style and typing patterns, as well as the websites you frequent on Safari.

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The keyboard also supports predictive text and offers the appropriate emoji depending on the words entered into the predictive input box. This functionality, however, isn’t flawless and isn’t present in every app.

1. Make Sure Predictive Emojis Are Turned On

First, make sure your smartphone has the emoji keyboard loaded. Navigate to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard > Emoji.

Then, check to see whether the Predictive feature is turned on. Toggle the switch next to Predictive in Settings > General > Keyboard.

2. Reset Your Keyboard Dictionary

If you have predictive emojis enabled but they aren’t functioning, you might try resetting your keyboard dictionary. To do so, go to Settings > General > Dictionary and deselect and reselect your dictionaries.

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3. Feed Your Device With Emojis

As previously stated, your iPhone or iPad uses the information you provide to generate recommendations based on your typing style and previous use. If you don’t use emojis in your communications, that might be why you’re not receiving any emoji ideas.

You must inform your keyboard that you like using emojis. When the functionality recognizes that you utilize emoticons in your daily interactions, it will activate. Furthermore, if you aren’t using emojis on specific applications, you won’t likely receive predictive emojis from them until you start using emojis on those apps.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the app that does not display predictive emojis.
  2. Start by entering a few characters. It doesn’t have to make any sense.
  3. Select a globe or an emoji. Choose between 15 and 20 emojis. This should be enough to notify your device that you’re utilizing emoticons in your app conversations.
  4. Delete the whole text field’s content.
  5. Type a word like “soccer,” “punch,” “candy,” or “haha” to see whether predictive emoji is functioning. Emoji recommendations should now appear above the keyboard.

This procedure may be repeated for each app where predictive emoji is not functioning.

4. Delete Your Emoji Keyboard

You may also reset your emoji keyboard by uninstalling it and reinstalling it. To do this:

  1. Go to Keyboard > Settings > General.
  2. Tap Keyboards, then Emoji, and then swipe to the left. Select Delete.
  3. Select Emoji from the Add New Keyboard menu.
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5. Restart Your iPhone or iPad

If all else fails, try rebooting your iPhone. A simple reboot may sometimes clear up difficulties and glitches, which may be sufficient to remedy the problem. To restart your iPhone, follow this tutorial.

6. Update Your Software

With each update, Apple strives to enhance the software on your iPhone and iPad. These updates provide fixes for frequent problems that irritate users. Go to Settings > General > Software Upgrade to update your software to the most recent version of iOS or iPadOS.

If your program is out of date, a Download and Install button will appear at the bottom of the screen. To finish the update, tap it and follow the steps.

A Digital Communication Necessity

Emojis have become an integral element of our communication in the digital era. Apple’s predictive emoji function is a useful tool that offers emoticons that you can easily include into your chats.

If your iPhone or iPad’s predictive emojis cease functioning at any point, try any of these solutions.

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