6 Non-Email Apps to Read, Discover, and Manage Newsletters

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6 Non-Email Apps to Read, Discover, and Manage Newsletters

Newsletters are more popular than ever, with some of the greatest information being sent directly to your inbox. These applications assist you in managing your newsletter subscriptions and discovering new ones.

Substack, Ghost, Stratechery, and other similar tools have made it simple for authors to publish amazing newsletters. Blogging is out of date, and many high-quality content writers prefer newsletters since they can profit from subscribers. Of course, there are still a lot of free newsletters available.

Don’t allow newsletter subscriptions load up your inbox. To keep your email clean, utilize programs like Newslettrs or Supscrib. While you’re at it, check out this collection of outstanding newsletters from curators and aggregators.

Supscrib is a free browser app to subscribe to various newsletters and read them outside of your inbox

Supscrib is a free online tool that allows you to establish an inbox just for newsletters. It’s similar to an RSS reader in that it collects all the sources you’re interested in and presents them in a reading-friendly interface.

Create a free account on Supscrib and begin adding existing newsletters such as BBC News, TechCrunch, and others. You may also add your own sources by using the newly assigned Supscrib email address. Change your existing newsletter email address to the new one.

Subscribe allows you to organize your subscriptions by creating folders. The reading experience is a three-pane system with a preview of the newsletter in the center and the complete item in the right pane. It’s similar to an Outlook email inbox, except it’s tailored to newsletters.

2. Newslettrs.app (Web): Dedicated Inbox for Newsletters

Newslettrs.app is a minimalist app designed for reading newsletters

Newslettrs is a clean, contemporary app for reading the greatest newsletters. The sleek design and font make it great for reading text-heavy missives from anywhere.

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The program suggests many newsletters that you should read. You’ll find the previous several entries for each book in a nice list, which you can click to open and read. Naturally, all of them are free newsletters, such as Morning Brew or Robinhood Snacks. It’s a distraction-free atmosphere with no adverts to ruin your reading experience. Yes, it looks fantastic on mobile devices as well.

You must subscribe to premium newsletters using your own personalized Newslettrs email address. It is simple to set up and comes at no extra cost. Use that email for any existing paid memberships or prospective subscriptions.

3. Slick Inbox (Android, iOS): Beautiful App to Manage and Read Newsletters

Slick Inbox is a beautiful program that purges your standard email inbox of newsletters. Instead, since newsletters are now a reading experience, you’ll be able to read them all on the app, which now features a Dark Mode for reading at night.

After signing up, you may establish your own Slick Inbox email and use it to subscribe to numerous emails, much like the other applications. They do not, however, download to your device for offline reading. You can manage all of your subscriptions in one place and unsubscribe from mailings with a single swipe using the app.

Slick Inbox also has a Discover area where you may discover newsletters to subscribe to that have been handpicked by the app development team. All read newsletters may be auto-archived, allowing you to have inbox zero for your newsletters as well. You may also favorite certain items and return to them through the History tab in preferences.

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Download: Slick Inbox for Android | iOS (Free)

Slick Inbox is presently in beta, so iPhone users will need to get the app via TestFlight. Android users may get the app straight from the Play Store.

4. Stoop (Android, iOS): Powerful App for Newsletter Subscriptions

Stoop, like Slick Inbox, is an option to consider. It has gone through many revisions since we initially mentioned it as one of the finest email newsletter management software. But behind it all is an inbox for your newsletters, designed to make them simpler to read.

Stoop offers both premium and free accounts, however the free version should enough for the majority of users. In that folder, you may see the last 10 newsletters from any source, and the history folder has another 60.

Download: Stoop for Android | iOS (Free)

Kill the Newsletter turns any newsletter into an RSS atom feed

If you have a favorite RSS news feed reader, you may use it to read newsletters as well. Kill the Newsletter is a free online service that converts any newsletter into an RSS feed. It’s a little time-consuming, but it does the job.

To convert any newsletter into an RSS feed, click to Kill the Newsletter first. Fill in the name of the service you wish to update in the text box. The software will then produce a one-of-a-kind email address for signing up for the newsletter, as well as a one-of-a-kind RSS atom feed for it.

After you join up, add the RSS feed to your favorite reader. Your RSS reader will begin to display the newsletter. Don’t give out the email or feed address to anybody else. You are free to build an unlimited number of these streams.

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6. InboxReads (Web): Comprehensive Directory of Newsletters

Discover newsletters worth reading at InboxReads

InboxReads, which launched in 2017, is a simple yet comprehensive mailing directory. The founder’s goal is to enable readers find newsletters on a variety of subjects and even read user evaluations about them.

Categories include technology, travel, marketing, productivity, music, sports, and news, among others, and each has its own newsletter. Open any newsletter to see its periodicity, a short summary, and, if available, user reviews. The “Random” button will send you to a random newsletter suggestion, which may lead to the kind of unexpected discoveries that make the internet so fantastic.

People who acquire their news primarily via social media might consider switching to newsletters. Not only is social media unhealthy for you, but it is also often untrustworthy and promotes rumors as truth.

Journalists and skilled content writers are increasingly resorting to newsletters to give a more full and researched version of the news in bite-sized chunks. It’s preferable than doom-scrolling across Twitter.

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