6 Gmail Browser Tools for a Cleaner Inbox and More Productive Emails

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6 Gmail Browser Tools for a Cleaner Inbox and More Productive Emails

Having problems with Gmail? These free browser extensions and online applications compensate for Gmail’s flaws and help you manage your inbox.

The most prevalent problem with Gmail is an overflowing inbox, which these products address. However, there are a few interesting concepts, such as filtering lengthy threaded emails and a new method to make in-line answers. These extensions, as usual, operate best with Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave.

1.ZenMail (Chrome, Firefox): Screen and Sort New Senders for a Clean Inbox

People love the new email service Hey because it keeps their inbox organized. ZenMail adds one of Hey’s major features to Gmail: the Screener tool.

By default, all emails from new or unknown senders are sent to the Screener. There, you may select what to do with it by categorizing it into one of four categories, which will then apply to all future communications from that sender. Ignore/Skip auto-archives and deletes it, whereas Inbox delivers it to the inbox. Feed is used for newsletters, promotional mailings, and other similar purposes. PaperTrail is for tracking receipts, bank or e-wallet alerts, and other transactions.

ZenMail uses filters and labels to make it all work behind the hood. However, utilizing the Screener function even once a day can make your email appear lot neater and tidier.

When you wish to filter through all of your emails, the creator advises sending them all to the Screener tool at once. Use Gmail’s built-in Move To tool to do this. It may take some time, but the final peace of mind will be worth it.

Download: ZenMail for Chrome | Firefox (Free)

2.Unsub (Chrome): Unsubscribe to Newsletter Emails in Bulk, Privately


Is your inbox overflowing with newsletters? You gave away your email address when joining up someplace, and now you’re bombarded with daily or weekly emails. Gmail does not allow you to unsubscribe to them in bulk, but this useful plugin does.

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Unsub adds a “Unsubscribe” button to the top of the inbox. Select numerous messages as if you were about to delete them, then click the button. Unsub will erase all current and previous newsletters from that id in a matter of minutes.

Unsub, in truth, is not unsubscribing them, but rather installing a filter that labels and auto-archives emails from certain email addresses. This manner, the label allows you to look them up at any time or remove them all at once.

Several other unsubscribing programs have a mixed track record when it comes to privacy and security, with some even allegedly selling your data. Unsub operates purely inside your machine, with no data transferred to their server.

Download: Unsub for Chrome (Free)

We’ve all become used to scrolling through post after post on a vertical screen in applications like Twitter and Facebook’s social feeds. Flybox provides your Gmail a similar facelift, allowing you to navigate it similarly to social networks.

Each email is shown as a card. The topic appears in large, bold characters, the sender is emphasized underneath, and a sample of the body content is shown. Because it’s a bigger preview than Gmail’s default view, you’re more likely to understand what this message is about.

You may Star any message to make it an actionable item that you can verify later using the Starred view. You may also Snooze emails to make them vanish for the time being and then resurface in your inbox later. Tap any card to display the whole email, along with options to respond, forward, archive, or label it. A Compose window is also available for easily sending messages.

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4.Re:format (Chrome): Smarter and Easier ‘Quote Reply’ for Inline Responses

Re:format is a new approach to inline answers in Gmail that is both simpler and more visually appealing. You will no longer want to extend the previous email and write in it when responding to someone in a point-by-point way.

Simply highlight any text from the old email (in its usual “read” mode) and hit the Quote Reply button with this extension installed. The highlighted content is beautifully structured and has a backdrop in your response.

It appears more professional than standard inline answers and is simpler to use since you can highlight just the section you want to respond to rather than whole paragraphs.

Download: Re:format for Chrome (Free)

5.Thrdzz (Chrome): Make Gmail Threads Easier to Read and Filter

Gmail was the first to use threaded emails to monitor email discussions. Today, email chains and threads regarding major subjects often reach the double or triple digits as colleagues send emails back and forth. Thrdzz wants to assist you in sorting and filtering these disorganized discussions.

The addon includes a timeline from the first day to the present, allowing you to see messages from a certain day exclusively. It also generates a filter for each participant, so if you just want to view messages from the boss and not your coworkers, you can do it with a single click. This combination of date and participant may also be used to determine when someone was joined to the chat.

If you often struggle to uncover critical information in long email chains, or if your business communicates through email, Thrdzz is a must-have. You may also discover how to arrange your Gmail inbox by topic, sender, or label.

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Download: Thrdzz for Chrome (Free)

6.Say Less (Chrome): Write Shorter, Effective Emails by AI Suggestions

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Most emails can and should be reduced in length. As with any communication, if you can express your message while requiring as little time and energy from the listener as possible, it will be more successful. Say Less use artificial intelligence to assist you in shortening what you’re going to send.

Install the extension and create an email as you would normally. Click the black bar with the word count before submitting. Then choose the paragraphs you wish to shrink, and Say Less will go to work. It is a fork of the same AI technology used by Facebook to summarize articles.

The outcomes will display a before-and-after comparison. It often deletes whole phrases or paragraphs that are considered superfluous. Otherwise, it condenses long statements into shorter ones. Say Less isn’t always a winner, so instead of delivering it as-is, use its ideas as a foundation to expand on.

Download: Say Less for Chrome (Free)

Best Gmail Productivity Extensions

Your email will always be more of a business tool than a location to keep up with friends and family. As a result, the tools in this post are geared toward productivity. In that regard, getting productivity addons for Gmail that will help you get things done is a good idea.

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