6 Free File Transfer Websites to Share Data Without Email or Software

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6 Free File Transfer Websites to Share Data Without Email or Software

Sending emails with huge attachments can jam your inbox. Instead, use one of these free and fast file transfer services to exchange huge files without having to install anything.

Why are there so many distinct programs for quick file transfers on the internet? Consider the services Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, and Jumpshare. The answer is that file sharing is one of the most popular activities we engage in, and everyone has various criteria for doing so. Some people prioritize speed and encryption, while others desire a secure location for their business papers, and a few others need to communicate large files. Don’t be concerned; there is a solution for everyone.

1. Wormhole (Web): Fastest File Transfers, End-to-End Encrypted

Wormhole is the quickest file transfer tool on the internet right now if you need to share huge files swiftly. In addition, unlike cloud services such as Dropbox, the app prioritizes data protection with end-to-end encryption. Wormhole cannot access your data at any time and only keeps files for up to 24 hours before destroying them from its servers.

However, the major emphasis is on speed. When you submit a file, you will get an immediate link, even before the whole file has completed uploading. When you share this link, receivers may begin downloading the content before it completely uploads, thanks to browser-based peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing protocols. It’s quick and saves time as compared to other applications that need you to wait for the file to complete downloading before you can share a link.

Wormhole allows you to upload files up to 5GB in size, share the URL, and shut the tab. Keep the tab open for files greater than 5GB since Wormhole utilizes P2P file sharing to move data between you and the receiver.

2. Drop.lol (Web): Share Files Between Devices on the Same Network

Drop. Haha may be a useful tool for sending data while transferring a file between your phone and PC or when colleagues are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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This is how it works. The first user must open Drop.lol in order to instantly establish a room, and then share a link with others in order for them to join that room. Those with smartphones may connect instantly by scanning a helpful QR code.

Once everyone has entered the room, each participant is given a ’tile.’ Add files to your tile for others to download, view what others are sharing, or drag-and-drop to begin transfer. There’s also a small chat area where you may post messages if necessary. Because the whole operation is based on peer-to-peer file sharing, you’ll need to keep the tab open.

3. Dropall (Web): P2P File Sharing Over Browsers, No Size Limits

Dropall is one of the most user-friendly P2P file-sharing programs for browsers. There is no need to install anything or create an account; all you need is a contemporary web browser. Because it is peer-to-peer, there is no file size restriction or limit to the number of files that may be sent at the same time.

Create a room first, with an optional username and password. Then, provide the URL to this room to the recipients. The room displays all of the files you’ve uploaded, as well as a preview for popular file types. Text files, for example, are opened to reveal their notes, while picture files are displayed as thumbnails rather than icons. If feasible, you may select to download a file or open it inside the app.

When a receiver decides to download a huge file, the uploader must remain online and in the room until the transfer is finished. The data transit is fully serverless, ensuring the security and privacy of your activities.

4. SendBig (Web): Transfer Large Files (Upto 30GB) for Free, and Resume Uploads

With a few exceptions, most file transfer services restrict file sizes to 2GB or 5GB. You generally have to pay for bigger files. PixelDrain, with its 10GB restriction, was among the finest we had seen so far, making it one of the quickest free file-sharing applications available. SendBig with its 30GB file size restriction outperforms most rivals.

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To unlock the 30GB file size restriction, you must create a free account, but there are no further requirements. Furthermore, SendBig eliminates the most common issue with huge file uploads: unsuccessful uploads. If you are offline or are unable to complete your upload for whatever reason, SendBig will restart it when you return to the service (as long as you still have the original file).It’s a critical feature for large file transfers.

Aside from that, SendBig has all of the functionality you’d expect from a service like this. You may password-protect the file, limit the number of times it can be downloaded, and specify when it will be removed. You may also utilize the SendBig Snap service to download once and then erase self-destructing files.

5. TransferKit (Web): Decentralized File Transfer Made Easy for Common Users

TransferKit aims to make the benefits of decentralized storage networks accessible to the general public, without the need for Blockstack accounts or other technical knowledge.

The method of exchanging files is as straightforward as any other file transfer service since it is built on the Filecoin network. Upload your files (up to 32GB total) and then share the download link with everyone.

The advantage of decentralized storage networks is that they safeguard you from hardware failures and threats. However, due to the nature of the decentralized storage network, a file submitted to it cannot be removed, therefore your data will be available indefinitely.

6. SendFileOnline (Web): Share Files Only With a 6-Digit Code

SendFileOnline (SFO) provides a smart option for further security while transferring files online. When you upload files to the site, you are assigned a 6-digit number. Share that code instead of the whole URL with your pals, and anybody who chances to read your message will have no idea what it’s about.

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Of course, you and your buddy must agree ahead of time that you will trade data using SFO. However, once that is done, it is as easy as communicating those six numbers, similar to a PIN code, rather than entire connections that may be monitored afterwards. You may also specify whether the files should be removed after 24 hours or after one week.

Stop Using Email for File Transfers

Consider the enormous number of programs that allow you to share files, many of which need no registration. So, why do we still use email to transfer little files to one another? This is how your email fills up and you run out of Google Drive capacity.

Of course, file sharing over email is a habit that is difficult to stop. Start by selecting one free, no-registration file transfer program if you wish to go from email to a file-sharing service. Then, persuade your colleague or acquaintance with whom you exchange files to use this instead of email. It’s difficult to keep to it on your alone, but it’s lot simpler if you and your sharers make a concerted effort to avoid email together.

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