6 Efficient Chrome Tab Managers to Organize and Declutter Open Tabs

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6 Efficient Chrome Tab Managers to Organize and Declutter Open Tabs

Chrome browser users have been plagued by the issue of having too many tabs open since its inception. Developers have repeatedly created various tab manager extensions to address this problem. Here are a couple of the most recent and useful Chrome addons for dealing with tab overload.

1. TabBrew (Chrome): Powerful Way to Declutter and Filter Open Tabs

TabBrew is a powerful tool for filtering and searching through your open tabs, as well as performing mass operations to clean them. After installing the extension, click the TabBrew extension icon to access the dashboard, where you may choose multiple methods to organize tabs.

TabBrew’s main feature is filtering. You may add keywords to existing filters and build new ones (each with its own color). A “Docs” filter, for example, may include terms such as “Google Docs,” “Google Sheets,” “Notion,” and “Office.” Any tabs with those terms in their header will now appear in this filter. All of these may be opened in a new window, closed, or navigated quickly.

You may see all open tabs in a simple list style at any time. TabBrew also has a Focus filter, which allows you to quickly add keywords and discover tabs with which you need to engage right now. When you’re through, delete those keywords and replace them with new ones for your next session.

TabBrew also offers a subscription edition ($2 per month) that allows you to do more with a filtered set of tabs. You may, for example, alphabetize tabs, dismiss duplicate tabs, and combine all windows.

Download: TabBrew for Chrome (Free)

2. Group Tabs by Domain (Chrome): Automatically Group Tabs by Website

Users of Google Chrome may now create groups to add and arrange their tabs. However, it is a manual procedure rather than an automated one. A few tab management addons strive to make things simpler by automatically combining tabs so you don’t have to.

As the name implies, Group Tabs by Domain will automatically generate groups of tabs from the same domain. It also offers a convenient keyboard shortcut to enable and disable this function (Ctrl+Shift+Left).

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New tabs from existing websites will not be automatically added to groups after you’ve established them. You’ll need to use the shortcut to do this.

Download: Group Tabs for Chrome (Free)

3. Smart Tabs Organizer (Chrome): AI Creates Automatic Groups From Open Tabs

When you have too many tabs open from various websites discussing the same issue, grouping them by domain does not always assist. This is particularly true while studying or researching since you have several sources on the same subject. However, grouping tabs in Chrome is helpful for managing tab overload.

Smart Tabs Organizer creates intelligent tab categories from your open tabs using machine learning. The technology behind it is unknown, but the results of a few tests were positive. The labels for the groupings are chosen by the extension, but they are simple to grasp.

When you run the extension, you may choose the number of groups you wish (or keep that automatic too).Six groups were discovered to be the sweet spot, where the extension’s algorithm is neither too aggressive nor too scattered.

Download: Smart Tabs Organizer for Chrome (Free)

4. Prune (Chrome): Automatically Stop Tab Overload and Declutter Old Tabs

Anyone who often encounters the difficulty of having a large number of tabs open is aware of the many concerns. Prune is attempting to solve some of the most frequent issues in novel ways. Here’s how it’s done:

  • When you’re going to start a duplicate tab, Prune displays the current open tabs first, so you don’t add to the clutter.
  • You may configure a rule to place useless tabs in a group named Old Tabs, where they will be automatically transferred after a certain number of days.
  • You may define a rule to automatically dismiss old tabs after a certain number of days.
  • Such closed tabs may be bookmarked and saved to the Pruned bookmark folder.
  • When you reach a particular number of tabs, you may specify a rule to group the least recently used ones (Prune recommends 30).
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Prune is a set-and-forget addon. You don’t need it cluttering up your icon bar, and you may change these settings just once to allow Prune to operate in the background. You may wish to alter these settings depending on your surfing activity every now and then.

Download: Prune for Chrome (Free)

5. Onetab.Group (Chrome): Advanced Version of OneTab to Make Tab Lists

We at MakeUseOf love OneTab for managing many tabs. The plugin converts open tabs into a list of tabs, freeing up RAM rapidly while preserving your sessions. Other aficionados of the extension, on the other hand, sought to improve on it. If you like OneTab, it’s time to move on to One Tab Group.

Right away, you’ll notice that it appears nicer than OneTab. The left sidebar lists all of your stored sessions, while the main pane displays the tabs active in that session. All tabs in the current or new window may be restored, bulk deleted, or interacted with individually. When you hover over a link in One Tab Group, it displays a visualization bookmark, so you don’t have to open it to remember what it was.

You may drag and drop connections between sessions as well as whole sessions. Links from the same website are grouped together to make it simpler to locate them. To locate what you’re looking for, you may also use the Quick Search command (Ctrl + K) to navigate between tabs, search opened tabs, or crawl through tab groups.

The nicest thing is that Onetab.Group gives a straightforward method for importing current OneTab sessions into the new extension. Copy the list from your OneTab extension’s Export URLs (top-right menu). There is a “Import from OneTab” option in the One Tab Group settings. Simply copy and paste the list to begin utilizing One Tab Group instead of OneTab.

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Download: One Tab Group for Chrome (Free)

6. Tab Manager (Chrome): Visually Organize Tabs Like Desktop Icons

Lists and groups are not suitable for everyone. The Tab Manager extension provides a one-of-a-kind visual approach to arrange your open tabs. After installing the extension, open a new tab to view the dashboard, which displays all of your active tabs as desktop icons.

Tabs, like desktop icons, may be dragged and dropped to any location on the “desktop.” This allows you to build clusters and groups to organize and discover tabs in a manner that works for you.

The latest 10 tabs used, in order of most recently opened, are shown at the bottom of the desktop. Each has a number next to it, which you may press to go directly to that tab. When you click the Tab Manager button in the extensions bar, you can also access this 10-tab shortcut.

If you wish to do a Google search, the “desktop” also has a search bar (since many people are accustomed to that when they launch a new tab).

Download: Tab Manager for Chrome (Free)

Tab Management on Phones is Harder, But Try Groups

With so many useful Chrome extensions for managing tab overload, you’ll finally be able to clean those open tabs. It’s up to you whether you want automated or manual choices, but it’s worth trying both to find your flow.

Unfortunately, none of these tab management extensions are compatible with Chrome Mobile, thus they cannot be used on phones or tablets. Creating and maintaining tab groups in Chrome Mobile is your best bet.

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