5 Ways to Stream Video Games From PC to TV

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5 Ways to Stream Video Games From PC to TV

Do you want to see your favorite PC games on the big screen? With such a large game catalog, employing a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer as a virtual gaming console makes sense. Especially because your favorite gaming console’s controllers are compatible with desktop operating systems.

However, there is often a problem: your PC is in one room and your TV is in another. It is impractical to run a lengthy HDMI connection between the rooms. The solution is to broadcast games from your computer to your television over your home network.

Use these methods to stream PC games to TV.

Stream from PC to a TV in Any Room

There are presently five solutions for streaming video games from a desktop or laptop computer to a television:

  1. A Miracast and wireless HDMI
  2. Chromecast allows you to stream games to your television.
  3. Nvidia GameStream allows you to stream games to your television.
  4. Make your own Raspberry Pi Steam Link box to broadcast games from your PC to your TV.
  5. Play your PC game on a Smart TV or set-top box.

These are presented in descending order of efficacy. While a Miracast dongle will allow you to broadcast a PC game to your TV, it will not be as responsive as Nvidia GameStream or Steam remote play.

1. Stream Games to TV With Miracast and Wireless HDMI

There are various wireless HDMI solutions available that work with desktop operating systems. Wireless HDMI allows audio and video signals to be sent between two devices, making other technologies on this list viable.

Miracast has surpassed early wireless HDMI devices (such as those employing Intel’s WiDi and AMD Wireless Display). Miracast is the wireless connectivity standard. With Windows support, you may use a suitable dongle to stream games from your PC or laptop to your TV.

Miracast functionality is also included by certain smart TV makers. As a result, you may be able to broadcast games to your TV without purchasing a Miracast adapter. If you need a dongle, they are often available for less than $100.

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2. Cast a PC Game to TV via Chromecast

Google Chromecast can be used to stream games to TV
Y2Kcrazyjoker4/Wikimedia Commons

You can cast your desktop to your TV if your PC and Google Chromecast are both connected to the same network. Whatever is on your computer, including games, may be cast to the television.

You must be running the Google Chrome browser on the machine in question for this to function. This should be logged in with the same account as the Chromecast device. To do this:

  1. Switch on your TV
  2. Choose the HDMI input. Chromecast is attached to
  3. Load the Chrome browser on your PC and ensure you’re logged in.
  4. Now, close the browser window.
  5. Start the game you want to cast to TV.
  6. Return to the Chrome browser and open the menu.
  7. Select Cast
  8. In the pop-up window, pick Desktop from the Sources menu.
  9. To begin casting, click the Chromecast device name.
  10. Finally, on the browser, click the Cast button to disconnect.

The advantage of this strategy is that it works on any PC that has Google Chrome installed. It is not without drawbacks, though.

As simple as this solution is for streaming games from your PC to your TV, the latency is horrendous. Even casting a mouse-driven strategy game from a 5GHz wireless network to an Ethernet-connected Chromecast Ultra resulted in noticeable latency.

In summary, Chromecast works well for spectators but not so well for players.

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3. How to Stream PC Games to TV With Nvidia GameStream

Consider the Nvidia Shield TV for a more playable method to broadcast games from your PC to your TV.

This is effective while using Nvidia GameStream, however it is dependent on your PC having a sufficient Nvidia GTX series GPU. However, if your Nvidia Shield TV is connected to the same network as your PC, game streaming may begin.

This solution allows you to play games from Steam on TV using the Nvidia Shield TV, as well as those installed separately on your PC.

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4. Use Steam Link to Stream PC Games to a TV

Steam Link, a function of the gaming distribution service Steam, allows you to stream games to a connected device.

Using Steam Link, you may stream any game from the Steam catalog, creating your own virtual gaming console.

  1. Begin by launching Steam on your PC.
  2. Open Steam > Settings
  3. Check the box next to Remote Play. Turn on Remote Play.

You’ll be ready to link a Steam Link-compatible device at this point, but which one will you use? Some Smart TVs and set-top boxes support Steam’s remote play function (see below), but if you don’t have one, you may use an inexpensive Raspberry Pi computer instead. For less than $50, you can get a PC that can be linked to your television as a specialized Steam Link box.

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A Steam Link box is an option. However, being defunct gadgets, they are very uncommon and costly.

Whatever method you choose, after it’s set up and ready, you’ll need to connect the Steam Link device to your PC. To do this:

  1. Pair Steam Link may be found in Steam > Settings > Remote Play.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Computer on the remote device.
  3. Select your gaming PC here (rescan if it does not show).
  4. Return to the Steam Link screen and press the Start Playing button.
  5. When asked, input the PIN shown by the remote device into Steam on your PC.
  6. After that, the connection will be created, and you will be able to play Steam games on your TV.

Check that your Steam Link is linked to a gaming controller. Make sure your Steam Link box is linked to your network router via Ethernet wire for the best results.

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5. Use Steam Remote Play on Your TV

Do you want to know how to play Steam games on a TV without any special equipment?

You may cast PC games from a PC running Steam to a Smart TV or any device that supports Apple TV or Android TV.

Steam Link is one of the applications available from well-known Smart TV makers such as Sony and Samsung. If yours does not, you may substitute Apple TV or Android TV boxes.

Start by following the instructions above to setup Steam for streaming, whatever method you choose. After that, install Steam Link on your Smart TV, Apple TV, or Android TV box.

Download: Steam Link for AppleTV (tvOS) | Android TV (Free)

You now understand how to cast Steam games and play them on a television. It’s time to have some fun with a Bluetooth-connected gaming controller to your PC.

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What Is the Best Way to Stream PC Games to TV?

Steam is the most useful of the several alternatives for streaming or casting PC games to your TV. If you’re on a tight budget and have a Smart TV, Apple TV, or Android TV box, this technique seems to be the best option.

Meanwhile, if you desire total control over your hardware, creating a Steam Link box using Raspberry Pi is a better option.

While Miracast and Chromecast dongles are useful for watching games, they are not suitable for real gameplay. For example, you can’t properly transmit Steam games to TV. In the meanwhile, if you already own an Nvidia Shield TV, you have a ready-made option.

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