5 Ways to Find the Best Games Steam Has to Offer

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5 Ways to Find the Best Games Steam Has to Offer

Steam is a fantastic tool for organizing, storing, and buying new games. But did you know it might also assist you decide what game to play next?

Maybe you just finished your most recent game and don’t know what to play next, or maybe you’re bored with your current games and want to try something new.

Whatever your motivation, Steam provides a wealth of options that you may use to locate new games to play. Here are the top five.

1. Steam’s Discovery Queue

The first option is Steam’s Discovery Queue. The Discovery Queue is a terrific resource that performs a lot of the hard work for you when it comes to finding new games that connect to your personal likes.

There are many methods to get to the Discovery Queue. The simplest are probably from Steam’s storefront page, where it appears just below the screenshot and description panels, or from any game’s website, where it displays just below the screenshot and description panels.

The Discovery Queue is a collection of 12 games that varies on a daily basis. It is based on the games you play, utilize, and buy on Steam, as well as new or top-selling titles that may be of interest to you.

You may add the titles to your wishlist, follow the games if they pique your interest, or instruct Steam to disregard the product completely. You may always build a new Discovery Queue if you go through the whole list of 12.

The beauty of this is that Steam handles all of the work for you. Because the games in your Discovery Queue are dependent on your purchases and how you react to the queue, you’ll often discover new games that you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise.

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If the Discovery Queue isn’t doing it for you, you can always change it. You may instruct Steam to include and exclude certain games or software based on tags or early access, for example.

If you’ve used Steam at all, you’re probably aware that it offers a quite comprehensive search function. That being said, you may be surprised at how far you can go into Steam’s search engine and the capabilities it offers.

At its most basic, Steam enables you to search for games by typing their names into the search bar. This, however, will not suffice if you are unsure of what you are searching for.

Instead, you may search the Steam marketplace in a number of ways. If you’re searching for a good price, you may glance through all of the Current Specials. If you’re searching for a certain genre or hardware compatibility, you may also search under that area. Perfect if you’ve just learned how to set up SteamVR on your VR headset and want to play some games with it.

What’s nice about these tools is how deep you can go with them. If you’re searching for a good bargain, you may filter your search by Current Specials and then by price to view just games under $10.

You may also sort by criteria like lowest price or user reviews. You may mix all of these elements if you wish, which is ideal for choosing a game that completely suits your requirements.

3. Steam Curators

If you’re the sort of person who likes to ask others for suggestions rather than searching for them yourself, Steam offers the option for you.

Steam Curators are individuals, groups, and organizations that provide evaluations and recommendations for almost every game available on Steam. Curators vary from serious review sites like IGN and PC Gamer to joke Curators like Critiquing Doge and Commander Shepard.

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You may follow as many as you like, and Steam will even propose more Curators depending on those you follow.

When you follow a Curator, you’ll see their reviews on the main page of your Steam store, which usually means a list of games they suggest and why, while some Curators emphasize on titles to avoid.

The nice thing about Steam Curators is that you can pick a few that precisely fit your preferences. If you’re a strong lover of a certain genre or just want some good suggestions with some meme structure, you can find it here.

4. Steam’s Play Next Feature

If you’ve played every single game in your Steam Library, this feature is unlikely to be useful to you. If you’re anything like the rest of us, though, Steam’s Play Next function could just help you discover the next game to play.

This item differs from the others on this list in that it does not assist you in finding new titles to buy on Steam. Instead, this tool is intended to assist you in determining what to play when you have no clue.

There is a Play Next shelf at the top of your Steam Library by default. This shelf contains a list of games in your library that you have yet to play. The order is determined by Steam depending on what you’ve recently played.

The method is far from ideal, but if you’re the sort of person who recently discovered how to add non-Steam games to your Steam Library and now have hundreds or maybe thousands of games in your Steam library that you haven’t touched, then this is a terrific way to get started with one.

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5. Steam Labs

Finally, you may always visit Steam Labs. If you’re not familiar, Steam Labs are a collection of experimental features that you may test out. Some are permanently incorporated into Steam, while others are never seen again.

Obviously, the utility of Steam Labs in terms of discovering new games will vary depending on the studies that are presently underway. Experiment 13, for example, has a comprehensive suggestions carousel that may assist in this endeavor.

Other tests, on the other hand, may not be as valuable. It’s a bit of a gamble as to what Steam is presently testing and whether or not it will assist you directly, but if you’ve done everything else and are still stumped, it’s a good place to start. Who knows what you could discover?

Find the Perfect Game With Steam

As you can see, Steam is not only a wonderful platform for hosting your games, but it can also help you locate the right game to play next. There are several choices for you to build on here, and even more if you know where to search.

So why not try out some of the tools on this list? They’re fast and simple to test, and you may just discover what you’re searching for.

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