5 Tools to Write Better Emails That People Will Read and Reply To

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5 Tools to Write Better Emails That People Will Read and Reply To

Email is the most vital and widely utilized form of communication today, whether it is personal or professional. And, since it will endure forever, you should make an effort to construct them carefully.

However, writing is not for everyone. However, you do not have to be a great writer to send a terrific email. To guarantee excellent communications, you just need a few sites and plugins.

1. DraftMap (Chrome, Web): Real-Time Improvement Suggestions

You may improve your writing skills by using browser-based programs such as Hemingway or Grammarly. DraftMap is similar in that it evaluates your style and word repetition. Furthermore, the Chrome plugin provides a delightful and straightforward experience with real-time recommendations.

DraftMap highlights several style options with different colors. It will highlight repetitious words, passive voice, adverbs, and clich├ęs, as well as provide feedback on the email’s readability and style. The concepts are the same as Ernest Hemingway’s writing standards. And the addon does it all from inside your Gmail compose window.

Don’t worry, DraftMap will not alter your text. If you still have highlighted colors and send the email, the recipient will not see them. It’s only for you.

Download — DraftMap for Chrome (Free)

Gmail supports Markdown, which is a clever approach to produce more visually appealing messages. The disadvantage of this is that when you copy and paste from websites, it preserves all of the formatting from the original page. If you’ve ever received an email with unusual fonts and sizes, you know how annoying it can be.

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All of these fonts, colors, and sizes are removed by Email Text Formatter. Everything you pasted will be converted to Gmail text, but the capitalizations and links will be preserved. It’s a more straightforward approach to compose your communications.

This Chrome extension, as usual, works with other Chromium-based browsers such as Opera. This tutorial will show you how to install Chrome extensions in Opera.

Download — Email Text Formatter for Chrome (Free)

3. Email Oops Blocker (Chrome): Avoid a Common Faux Pas

Everyone should be familiar with the “BCC” function. It allows senders to keep recipients informed without soliciting their specific involvement. If you don’t understand it, you’ll need an etiquette instruction in addition to this extension.

If you are BCC-ed, it usually implies you do not need to take any action. But, believe me, it’s a difficult habit to break. Email Oops Blocker will kick off the next time you get BCC-ed on an email and attempt to “Reply All” or “Forward” it.

It will remind you that doing either of those acts on such an email is terrible form, and it will make you reconsider if you really need to do it. Sometimes a little push is all that is required to prevent a faux pas.

Download — Email Oops Blocker for Chrome (Free)

4. Brief (Chrome): Word Counter to Force You to Be Brief

Sending messages that are much too lengthy for any recipient is one of the cardinal sins of emailing. Nobody has time or interest in reading essays in their inbox, much alone on their phone (which is where most people check emails).

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Brief for Gmail is a Chrome addon that challenges you to pick your words carefully. Brief has a 125-word limit, similar to how Twitter limits you to 140 characters. If you exceed 125 words, the email will not be sent. A ticker at the bottom indicates how many words you’ve written or spoken.

And, sure, we are all aware that an email may need more than 125 words. Brief isn’t too concerned about the rule. By triple-clicking the “Send” button, you can get around the limitation.

Download — Brief for Chrome (Free)

5. Minimize.Email [Broken URL Removed] (Web): Anonymously Ask Others to Reduce Messages

We’ve all had a coworker or a buddy who sends far too many emails. Telling them to stop would be disrespectful and rude. However, if you do it anonymously, you may partially save their emotions.

Minimize. Email does the grunt work for you. Go to the website and enter the email addresses of everyone whose messages you want reduced. It will automatically send an email to the offender informing them of their infractions, but in a nice way.

Yes, this isn’t about sending better emails, but a decrease in your inbox is still a pleasant adjustment. Plus, you won’t blow out in your colleague’s face about their constant texts in the future.

Do You Not Use Gmail?

The majority of the tools in this post are aimed towards Gmail since practically everyone we know uses it for email. But we’re always interested in hearing from the outliers.

Do you use Gmail or have you abandoned it in favor of anything else? Which email service are you currently using?

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