5 Strange Ways to Use Emojis

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5 Strange Ways to Use Emojis

Today, Egyptians would be proud of us. The world has gone full circle on hieroglyphics, since we now communicate ourselves through little drawings on a daily basis. Emojis are a quick and easy method to communicate. They may, however, be a bit weird.

This isn’t about knowing the precise emoji meanings. It’s about the amazing things that certain individuals can achieve with this graphical language. Emojis have a delightfully strange side that you should explore, from shortening links to producing art.

1. Emojify: An Emoji-Based URL Shortener [No Longer Available]

URL shorteners are a great technique to convert large web page addresses into clickable (and memorable) links. Emojify is the shortest link-maker of them all since it employs an emoji.

Copy and paste any web URL into the site’s box, then click Shorten. You’ll be given a selection of emoji to share with others. If you know the meanings of emoticons, it’s a wonderful way to give a shortened URL while still letting the receiver know what to anticipate. For example, a link with movie clapper emoji shows you it’s something linked to films.

Of course, you could make your own URL shortener, but you’ll need an emoji-based domain name for that. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well.

2. Domainoji: Make an Emoji Domain

Did you know you can register an emoji-based domain name? It’s odd, but it’s true. It’s also shockingly simple. The caveat is that you won’t be able to acquire a “.com” extension; instead, you’ll have to settle for a “.ws” extension.

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Look, the switch from.com is good since top-level domains (TLDs) with the “com” suffix are no longer that essential. However, registering an emoji-based domain is a bit more complex and sophisticated. Domainoji simplifies the process in the sense that “what you see is what you get.”

Make the domain name using emojis (and alphanumerics if you wish) and then register it. Search engines will also index it. Just be careful to choose a global emoji rather than a platform-specific one.

3. Emoji Brush: Create an Emoji Masterpiece

If GIFs can be considered art, why can’t emojis? Emoji Brush allows you to create your own emoji masterpiece. While it may seem strange, it is possible to produce great works such as this.

Choose a color for your brush from the palette at the top. To draw, click and drag the mouse. Emoji Brush, on the other hand, will fill your strokes with emojis of the hue you choose, rather than a solid color. It’s quite nice and looks better than you may expect.

The bigger the emojis appear, the quicker you move your brush. You may undo any brush stroke by using “Ctrl + Z.” And your finished work may be saved to disk and shared with others. Isn’t it lovely?

4. Emoji Party: A Trippy Experiment

It’s difficult to put Emoji Party into words, but I’ll try. It’s a customized audio-visual canvas of emojis that float, move, and zoom at the same time. It could be best described as “trippy.”

While the main screen is doing its thing, there is a little window of emojis on the right. Add any to your screen by clicking it. Backspace will delete an emoji. Add as many or as few as you choose, and let the party begin.

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I’m not sure since I’m tone-deaf, but each emoji seems to have its unique sound profile. To activate the sound, click the emoji on the screen, which will add layers to your backdrop. You nearly sound like a DJ. A strange, strange, strange DJ…

5. EmojiCode: A Programming Language in Emojis

What exactly do you mean by “easy programming languages for beginners”? Emojis are used by real* developers.

Because Theo Weidmann felt that programming was not difficult or general enough, he created a new language. It’s called EmojiCode, and as the name suggests, it makes use of emojis. And no, this isn’t a hoax or a joke; it’s a functional language.

Other people are naturally split on how valuable something is, but that isn’t the objective. Something like this should be done for the most geeky of reasons: “Because we can.”

*Because reality is subjective, the concept of real is as well.

What Weird Uses Can You Think Of?

Emojis have gone a long way in a short time, from being used to create art to being used to sue people over emojis. But this is just the beginning of what we may expect from this new visual language.

What are some unusual ways you could utilize emojis today or in the future? How may this language be used in novel and unusual ways?

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