5 Sites to Encrypt and Share Photos, IMs, Emails, and More

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5 Sites to Encrypt and Share Photos, IMs, Emails, and More

Privacy isn’t extinct; you simply have to be cautious about it. The proper tools may go a long way.

Although encryption is the safest approach to protect your data, sending an encrypted file to a friend and having them access it might be difficult. That is why a variety of applications and websites are attempting to make things simpler for you in order for you to keep your information private (without a degree in computer science).

Telegram, a secure messaging service, has recently made headlines for this reason, but it is not the only simple-to-use encrypted program available.

Today, Cool Websites and Apps presents you five apps for encrypting photographs, instant conversations, journals, emails, and even Google Docs. Let’s get this party started!

Glitchi [Broken URL Removed] (iOS): Encrypted Photo Sharing

It’s terrible, but data breaches may convert private photographs into public ones, resulting in disastrous intrusions (including revenge porn).

Glitchi allows you to encrypt and transmit photographs to anybody. Encryption ensures that no one – not even Glitchi – can see the photographs without your consent, and TouchID ensures that only the intended receiver may “unglitch” the photo.

Surprisingly, all of this is accompanied with a really good user interface. Give Glitchi a try if you want to transmit photographs in a safe manner.

Download: Glitchi for iOS (Free)

Cyph.im: Encrypted, Browser-Based Chat

We’ve explored at encrypted WhatsApp alternatives previously, but Cyph.im stands out for its simplicity. Simply launch the website, transmit the URL it provides to a buddy, and you’re ready to go.

Messages are encrypted, and each chat room is only available for 10 minutes. The chat room will then shut and all material will be destroyed, indicating that this isn’t a good tool for continuous talks. However, the video and audio capabilities imply that Cyph.im is worth knowing about if you need to have a brief, secret talk.

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Jumble (Chrome, iOS): Encrypt Your Gmail Messages

Email is not secure: your communications may be hacked or viewed in a variety of ways. We’ve taught you how to encrypt files before sending them over email, but what about the content inside the email itself?

Jumble is a Chrome plugin and iOS app for encrypting email communications.

Because encryption is a two-way street, your contacts will need to utilize Jumble to decode your emails. Instructions for doing so are included in the email and do not involve installing Jumble, which should make the procedure easier.

Download: Jumble for iOS (Free)

DocSecrets: Encrypt Parts of Google Drive Documents

The fact that you keep your papers on the cloud does not imply that they are unsecure. DocSecrets allows you to encrypt important information in your documents. Simply enter a passcode and the information you want to protect.

DocSecrets may be installed using Google Drive’s “Add-ons” option. It’s easy to use once you get the hang of it.

BitJournal: Encrypted, Online Journal For Your Private Thoughts

A daily notebook is an excellent tool to organize your ideas and develop yourself, but really private thoughts must be leak-proof. You may have trusted a cheap lock as a youngster, but encryption is a safer bet in 2015.

Which brings us to BitJournal.

This service, which is now in open beta, enables you to maintain an encrypted diary on the web. This means that although you may view your diary from anywhere, others, including those who manage BitJournal, cannot. The crypto key is only known to you, and your encrypted diary is encrypted again on the server.

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This is worth looking at if you wish to maintain a secret diary.

Cool Websites and App strives to concentrate on new tools that MakeUseOf has yet to cover, which means that certain topics we’ve previously covered, such as encrypted Dropbox alternatives, may not be included.

Still, I’d want to hear what your favorite tools are for encrypting and exchanging data. Please let us know. I look forward to hearing from you and maybe compiling your thoughts for the future edition.

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