5 Sites to Download Free Video Game Music

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5 Sites to Download Free Video Game Music

Video game music is incredibly iconic. For older games, it invokes nostalgia of childhood and a simpler time. Newer games often have world-famous musicians collaborating on the soundtracks. And there is a whole lot of content in-between that appeals to both casual fans and hardcore gamers.

But where can you get your hands on video game music? If you want to relive video game soundtracks without the stress of playing the game itself, check out these top sites.

A Game Music Index includes hundreds of game soundtracks from three platforms: Commodore 64, NES, and SNES.

Some classic titles available on the site include Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda 3, Super Mario World, Outrun, Final Fantasy, Zoids, and Kirby’s Adventure.

Before you download anything, check sure your computer has the necessary players and plugins to read and play the music. Depending on whether you download C64 soundtracks, NES soundtracks, or SNES soundtracks, the precise plugins differ.

If you want to listen to C64 music, you’ll need the Sidamp Winamp plugin. The NotSo Fatso Winamp plugin is required for most NES music. In addition, the SNESAmp Winamp plugin is required for SNES songs.

There are several other plugins and players available. For further information, see the A Game Music Index’s entry for each game system.

OverClocked ReMix has been online since 1999 and continues to thrive. During that time, it has amassed a massive collection of video game music for a variety of consoles and platforms. The Game Boy, N64, SNES, Wii, Dreamcast, Game Gear, Mega Drive, Xbox, PlayStation, and even Amiga and Atari are among them.

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Each track includes all of the usual song information, such as composer, duration, and numerous biographies.

The fan arrangements, on the other hand, are where the site truly shines. OverClocked ReMix features a large user base that draws inspiration from the original tunes to create their own version. That may be upgrading music from an old 1990s game, adapting a famous video game tune into a new genre, or something completely different.

Remix.Kwed.Org is a website devoted only to remixed versions of C64 soundtracks. They are all generated by either ardent fans or experienced music producers.

The neighborhood is really lively. More than 15 new remixes were uploaded in August 2021 (the last full month preceding the publishing of this article).

Subscribe to the site’s RSS feed if you wish to download all of the music published on the site. You may use it to download video game soundtrack to your computer or mobile device without having to visit the website.

The Khinsider website focuses on official PC game soundtracks. Moreover, unlike many other sites that allow you to download video game music and soundtracks, all of the files on Khinsider are in MP3 format.

That means you won’t have to fiddle with plugins or obscure specialised players. Simply upload the music to your preferred MP3 player/app and you’ll be listening in seconds.

Despite the fact that PC games are the primary emphasis, Khinsider also has a large selection of official music from other platforms and consoles. Among them are the NES, SNES, PlayStation PSP, Sega Saturn, Game Boy Advance, and several more.

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Assassin’s Creed, Sonic, Wipeout, Zelda, Need for Speed, Half-Life, Gran Turismo, and Call of Duty are among the most popular games on the site.

For the majority of titles, you may download the music individually or in bulk.

Zophar’s Music Domain is an ideal video game soundtrack repository for any vintage gaming system. The Xbox 360 is the most current machine on the list, but the site truly shines with platforms like the NES, SNES, Nintendo 3DS, Sega Dreamcast, and other consoles from that period.

The site also offers one of the most extensive collections of game soundtracks from classic systems including the Amiga, Atari ST, MS-DOS, Sharp X1, ZX Spectrum, and others.

The variety of music formats available in Zophar’s Music Domain is fantastic. You have the option of downloading video game soundtrack in MP3 format or in its original format. If you want to utilize the original format, you’ll need to use an emulator or a plugin. Plugins for more obscure earlier systems may be difficult to find.

SNESmusic, as the name indicates, solely provides music from the renowned Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which was introduced in 1990.

While the restricted concentration may not appeal to those seeking variety, it does mean that SNESmusic has amassed one of the most comprehensive archives of SNES soundtracks available elsewhere on the internet.

There are over 2630 games covered at the time of writing. Given that the SNES system only had 3127 known games ever produced, many of which were minor titles with very little sales, the figure is rather astounding.

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To listen to the music from SNESmusic, you must first install an SPC player and/or plugin. The most common is SNESAmp, which is a Winamp plugin. It supports SPC, ZST, and RSN files, as well as 8-, 16-, 24-, and 32-bit samples with a sampling rate of 8-192kHz.

Project2612 is the last site on our list for downloading video game audio. It allows you to download music for classic games like Street Fighter, Populous, Joe Montana II, and Sonic.

Unfortunately, the game collection isn’t as comprehensive as some of the other sites we’ve reviewed, with just 705 titles accessible. However, Project2612 does contain a number of lesser-known titles that you would find difficult to get elsewhere (Bible Adventures, anyone?! ), and as such, it is worth knowing about.

Download the Music, But Don’t Sell It

Downloading this music for personal use is often permissible, and it might be enjoyable to recollect. However, do not sell or use it in a business context. This might get you in big trouble.

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