5 Reasons to Consider a Google Home Security System

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5 Reasons to Consider a Google Home Security System

Google is a pioneer in home security systems. Google Nest is a product range from the firm that wants to give you a “helpful home.” You may pick from numerous home security packages and items in the Google Nest range.

With so many options available on Google and in the wider home security market, selecting the correct security system for your home may seem to be a difficult endeavor.

To assist you with making this important choice, let’s look at why you should choose a Google home security system.

1. Guaranteed Privacy

Many individuals underestimate the value of privacy in the age of social media and oversharing. Your privacy, on the other hand, should never be jeopardized.

In 2018, the Canadian television station CBC News reported that hundreds of live home security cameras were broadcasting online, unbeknownst to the homeowners. This was due to the fact that several security cameras still utilized their default passwords, making them open to hackers who stole the system owners’ privacy.

Google’s home security system puts a high value on your privacy. Google claims that “a helpful house is a private home,” and they keep their guarantee of privacy. With video encryption, two-step authentication, and protected video history, Google’s security mechanism keeps your stream private.

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Google also offers a “home and away routine” option, which turns your cameras off while you’re at home and on when you’re out, giving you more control over your privacy.

Google goes much farther, explaining some of its privacy and security standards, including:

  • Making it clear what data they gather and why.
  • Never sell a user’s private information.
  • Making it simple for consumers to regulate their privacy by including on/off data controls in every Google account.
  • Giving people the ability to examine, transfer, or remove their data.

2. Google’s Smart Features

Google offers various security measures that are characterized as “security with smarts.” One of the most important smart features is the activity zone, which allows you to tailor the notifications you get when your security camera detects anything of interest, such as a recognizable face, packages, or automobiles.

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The option to leave preset notes for your guests is another clever aspect of Google’s security system.

The ability to see and speak directly with your guests via your doorbell is a not-so-unique (but still useful) smart feature.

The major disadvantage to accessing some of Google’s smart features is that it will cost you more money. To use features such as the activity zone, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for Nest Aware. Nest Aware gives you access to more video history, smart alerts, and other smart features.

3. Diversity of Nest Security System Options

Google gives you the option of having a battery-powered or wired Nest Doorbell (formerly known as Nest Hello) (formerly known as Nest Hello).Google’s family of cameras includes the battery-powered Nest Cam, the wired Nest Cam, and the wired Nest Cam with floodlights. It’s completely up to you, but it is always great to have choices.

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So how easy is it to install each of these options? Fortunately, they’re all very simple.

How to Install a Google Nest Doorbell Cam

The battery-powered Nest Doorbell has a built-in rechargeable battery. This doorbell comes with a baseplate, a release tool, wall anchors and screws, a charging cable, a 20-degree wedge, and a start guide.

To set up the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, you’ll need a Google Account, the Google Home app, a compatible mobile device, and access to a Wi-Fi network with broadband.

Installation begins in the Google Home app, where you’ll add the doorbell using the QR code located at the back of the device. The next step is to charge the battery-powered Nest Doorbell with the charging cable in the box. Now you can connect the doorbell to your Wi-Fi network, ensuring that the mobile device you intend to use is on the same network.

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The physical installation begins with the baseplate, which you’ll install by your front door using the wall screws. Then you’ll attach your battery-powered Nest Doorbell to the baseplate, ensuring that the camera is at the top and the button at the bottom.

The wired Nest Doorbell installation is a bit different. The kit includes a chime connection, a 15-degree wedge, a base, extension wires, a release tool, wall anchors and screws, a masonry drill bit, and a start guide.

A compatible mobile device, the free Nest app, and a Wi-Fi network with a broadband internet connection are required to set up the wired Nest Doorbell. Because the wired Nest Doorbell needs contact with electric lines, it is advised that you hire a professional installation using Google’s online pro-finder, who will inspect your wiring and setup.

There is a 22 percent pricing difference between the Nest Doorbell devices, which might be because the wired Nest Doorbells have a chime while the battery-powered ones do not. So you’ll have to purchase a chime separately for the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, which should bring the price down.

4. Nest Packages

Every household has unique security demands, which necessitates the use of a variety of security devices. Google lets you combine multiple Nest home security gadgets to have access to exclusive features. For example, if you want to view and converse with guests using the Nest Doorbell, just couple it with the Nest Hub display security system.

Google has also developed customized solutions to fulfill your security requirements. If you’re looking for a full solution, Google’s whole security package is a good option. A Nest Hub Max, a battery-powered Nest Doorbell, and two battery-powered Nest Cams are included.

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If you purchase each product in Google’s entire security package individually, you will spend $80 more than the bundle price.

5. All-Round Security

It should go without saying, but security is the most important feature that any home security device or system should have. And so does Google’s.

Google’s home security system produces high-quality video in every lighting condition, and they even offer a connected Nest Cam with floodlights for any location that becomes a bit too dark at night. Google’s Nest Aware subscription provides you with 10 days of continuous video history. So, if anything horrible does occur, you can go back and watch it.

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If you combine your Google home security system with a Nest Aware subscription, you’ll have access to a sound detecting function that will warn you when your smoke alarm goes off, whether you’re at home or away.

You may also phone 911 from your Google Home app with this subscription, and the app will contact the call center nearest to your home location.

However, this solution has a few drawbacks: it is not accessible in all locations and might be unstable due to the reliance on inconsistent internet connection.

Google Home Security System Requires Good Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is a must for the installation of any Google home security system. Without internet connectivity, it is impossible to install Google’s Nest Doorbell or any Nest Cam.

A reliable internet connection is also required to upload your security cam video stream, however a weak internet connection does not interrupt all security equipment.

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