5 Reasons for Using Anonymous Email Services to Get Your Message Across

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5 Reasons for Using Anonymous Email Services to Get Your Message Across

That we are concealed on the internet is certainly the greatest illusion of the digital era. There is no such thing as a failsafe iron curtain. Even yet, there are several methods to keep relative anonymity. Anonymizers come in several forms, all with the goal of preventing the discovery and tracking of user activity on the internet.

One kind of anonymous service involves the usage of emails. Anonymous emails enable you to send emails without disclosing your identity or any traceable fingerprints, such as your IP address. A layperson cannot simply begin to adopt the anonymous digital way; he must rely on hosted services such as temporary email IDs and anonymous remailing tools to stay a John Doe (or Jane Doe).

Sending an email without informing the recipient may be used for a number of non-malicious purposes, making them quite valuable. Here are five ideas for you to consider.

Hide your real email ID and fight spam

Few people are aware that email addresses are intentionally gathered. Email harvesting is a “recognized” activity in the sense that there exist internet and software tools that can extract publicly accessible email addresses from websites, mailing lists, and discussion forums. However, email harvesting is employed by spammers and is used for mass spamming. It is illegal in many areas of the globe, however your email will tell you differently.

You may utilize services like Notsharingmy.info to keep your mailbox spam-free (following suspicious online signups). A recent piece looks in depth at how you can – When you use NotSharingMy.Info for web signups, you may hide your real email address.

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Tell the bitter truth

Anonymous emails are wonderful for receiving feedback, typically bad comments. It might be anything as simple as telling a buddy that he smells to telling your boss something he doesn’t want to hear. If the receiver has a history of reacting negatively to bad news, hiding your name behind the anonymity of an untraceable email may be prudent.

We investigated 5 Websites For Self Improvement With Anonymous Feedback From Friends. AnonEmail is a simple text-based anonymous email service. Other email-based services, such as Send-Email and Voxopolis, enable you to send anonymous and secure communications.

Voxopolis, for example, is a solution for safe anonymous interactive chatting. You may send an anonymous email in 60 seconds with its QuickVox service. You may also use the free account to add photos and videos to your comment, inquiry, or survey. Voxopolis seems tempting since it has a TRUSTe certificate. The minor issue is that in order to read an anonymous message, you must first register for a (free) account. On the other side, this aids in monitoring and following up on the dialogue with the anonymous sender.

Be a whistleblower

Whistleblowers who use anonymous email services might avoid prosecution and harassment. It’s the same as a phone tip. Of course, in order for your complaint to be considered seriously, you must also provide reliable evidence. An anonymous email may be a potent change agent when accompanied by evidence. You may prevent a crime from occurring, denounce corruption, protest about poor municipal services, inform the media, thwart child abuse…the list goes on.

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Express your love

Saying “I love you” is one of the most difficult things to do. Using an anonymous communication service like Had To Say, you can break through the tongue-tied status quo. Hadtosay.com is a basic online tool (not an email service) that allows you to print cards with a message ID and a PIN. The card may be surreptitiously produced and delivered. The message ID on the card enables the recipient to connect onto the site and see the unique message you’ve written there. The recipient has the option of responding to your message below.

Play a prank

Though the notion of utilizing bogus emails to conduct pranks sounds old to me, it may certainly generate a few chuckles if the target is gullible enough. I suppose the pace at which people click on emails from Nigeria and Bill Gates demonstrates that there are still a few out there who can be lead into a blind alley…but only for laughs. Try it out with Anonymailer before April. You may “impersonate” whomever you choose by using the anonymous email service.

The only flaw I could see was the ad line that is added into the email body. Just almost cuts the enjoyment in half. I couldn’t discover another comparable service; if you know of one, please share it in the comments.

Check out the apps tagged as anonymous in our directory.

Anonymity has its advantages. However, if utilized incorrectly, it has the potential to be double-sided. Misuse of anonymous email services may result in legal ramifications. According to research, anonymous emails may also be monitored. However, there are certain legitimate applications for anonymous messaging. What are some of yours? Tell us how important anonymity is to you.

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