5 New Email Apps to Keep Your Messages Organized and Private

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5 New Email Apps to Keep Your Messages Organized and Private

In our everyday lives, we depend extensively on email for a variety of activities. Your email will quickly get crowded and unmanageable. These free email programs address typical email difficulties such as privacy, organization, and overload.

Email is almost as ancient as the internet. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the improvements you see in new email programs and services are minor tweaks and revisions rather than revolutionary new modes of communication. Nonetheless, these tiny modifications are significant. That is reason enough to want to safeguard your data. And if you want to avoid feeling overwhelmed, you need to set up better techniques to handle your email. These applications go above and beyond what Gmail and Outlook provide.

1. Skiff (Web, Android, iOS): Private, Encrypted Email With 10GB Storage

Today, privacy is likely the most important worry with email, yet we’ve sacrificed our anonymity for the free 15GB of storage space provided by services like Gmail and Outlook. You can use encrypted email services like ProtonMail or Tutanota, but there is only 1GB of free capacity. Skiff believes there will be no more concessions.

Skiff Mail provides 10GB of free storage space to all users. There are no exceptions or “send an invitation to someone” requirements. This is the entry-level bundle you get when you join up. This, in my view, makes it the first realistic free alternative to Gmail since the storage capacity has always been a barrier to switching. And, sure, it’s end-to-end encrypted, so no one can read your emails, not even Skiff.

The email app itself appears and acts like any other contemporary email software. You can search inside your emails, sync with mobile applications, configure filters and rules, and apply labels, among other things. Skiff also provides an encrypted Google Docs replacement called Skiff Pages, which mimics the same capabilities while safeguarding your privacy.

Download: Skiff for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Shortwave (Web, iOS): Inbox by Gmail Alternative by Ex-Googlers

For many of us, the inbox resembles a to-do list. You must answer to a few emails with responses, carry out the chores delegated to you, and keep track of items like invoices. Google had addressed this with the fantastic Inbox by Gmail, but then destroyed it in order to center on Gmail. If you miss Inbox by Gmail, a few ex-Googlers have created a new software that you should check out.

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Shortwave understands and focuses on the fact that you approach your email as a to-do list. By default, every email is categorized by sender or discussion. This eliminates the requirement for separate tabs for groups. Emails may be snoozed until later, pinned to the top of your inbox, and marked as “done” if you don’t want to deal with them. You may also drag and drop emails to reorganize them in a non-chronological sequence.

You may mark a select contacts as “Favorites” and see your most recent communication by clicking their name. This is a great way to get information from your employer or colleague without having to go through your email. All in all, this is the easiest approach to get started with work by triaging your email.

Shortwave also has “Workspaces” where you may speak with team members in an email chain. We didn’t like this feature since it seemed like a substandard version of Slack.

In the free version of the program, Shortwave collects the last three months of emails from Gmail. The premium version costs $9 per month if you want your whole archive. Shortwave also claims to be working on an Android version.

Download: Shortwave for iOS (Free)

3. Sleek (Web): Get to Inbox Zero in Gmail

You’ve undoubtedly heard of the phrase “Inbox Zero.” The productivity principle is employing labels and tactics to maintain your inbox at 0 unread or actionable emails on a regular basis. Sleek is an email software built on top of Gmail that helps you reach inbox zero in simple ways.

Sleek allows you to import emails from one or more Gmail accounts. Once they’re all in, Sleek organizes them by sender or sender domain. For example, the domain of your office will give you all emails from your employer, whilst our boss’s email address would offer you all emails from your boss. The objective is to utilize these categories to take action swiftly.

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In addition, Sleek provides a few shortcuts. Using groups, the “Move Emails” option allows you to do an action on hundreds of emails from a domain all at once, such as archiving all of your Amazon purchases and updates. You may also route specific sorts of emails to labels, allowing them to bypass the inbox and display exclusively in that label.

Even with Sleek’s assistance, getting to inbox zero will take some time if you have a large backlog of emails. However, it will be far quicker than attempting to do it manually in Gmail.

4. Vivaldi Mail (Windows, macOS, Linux): Vivaldi’s New Email Client Built Into Browser

We intended to write about browser-based email programs, and Vivaldi helped us define what that meant. Vivaldi Mail 1.0, a full-featured email client integrated inside the Vivaldi desktop browser, was released by the browser behemoth. Consider Mozilla introducing Firefox with Thunderbird built in.

Vivaldi Mail is a powerful email client that includes all of the functionality you’d expect. Messages from any email provider may be imported. It includes a powerful search capability that will search through complete emails while online and email headers when offline. If you’ve configured Vivaldi Mail to download emails for offline reading, you may also view and search message contents while offline. You may also store your searches as filters for later use.

Vivaldi Mail differs from all other email clients in one way. You now have “Unseen” messages in addition to “Unread” ones. New communications are effectively invisible, while ones you have seen but not acted on are marked unread. Other cool features include keyboard shortcuts and navigation, view filters, and cross-tagging folders. Vivaldi Mail also functions as a feed reader and calendar.

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To use Vivaldi Mail, you must first download and install the Vivaldi browser for your operating system. But, well, it’s just another incentive to go Vivaldi.

5. PlanMail (Web): Triage Your Gmail Inbox to Prioritize Your Messages

You have a large number of unread mails in your full inbox. What are you going to do? You begin by dealing with each one separately, beginning with the most recent. Wrong! This is the most typical error made by those who have too many emails. The first step is to triage or prioritize your email, and PlanMail includes a straightforward mechanism for doing so.

Connect PlanMail to your Gmail account, and it will begin displaying emails from the most recent. However, it only displays one email at a time and prompts you to choose one of three options: now, tomorrow, or someday. You will only determine when to act on this email while using PlanMail; the actual action will be performed in Gmail afterwards. PlanMail works just as well on mobile devices as it does offline, so you may use it on your way to work.

All of the taps will arrange your emails into the three Gmail labels: Today, Tomorrow, and Someday. So you may now respond to just the emails that need to be addressed today, and deal with the rest later.

Small Increments Are Still Improvement

Given how ancient email is, none of these new email applications are revolutionary, as stated at the beginning of the post. The tiny measures they take to enhance the current email experience, on the other hand, should not be underestimated. If it’s better for you in any manner, that’s all that should count.

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