5 Must-Have Email Web Apps for Reminders, Quick Mails, Burners, and More

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5 Must-Have Email Web Apps for Reminders, Quick Mails, Burners, and More

Email is one of the most fundamental aspects of utilizing the internet. These online applications transform email into a far more powerful tool, from signing up for websites and services to functioning as a repository for tasks, reminders, and notes.

It makes no difference if you use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, or any of the other popular email service providers for the majority of these applications. A handful of them are built on Gmail, which we believe is the greatest email program. Regardless, as long as you select one of the popular ones, email service should not be a problem.

Dear Ele (Web): Schedule Email Reminders to Yourself or Others

Dear Ele allows you to send delayed emails to anybody without having to install anything. The goal is to send a reminder through email rather than via an app.

This is how it works. You access your inbox, make a new message, and send an email to Dear Ele with a certain time range. As an example:

  • 4hours@dearele.com
  • 3days@dearele.com
  • tomorrow2pm@dearele.com
  • wednesday@dearele.com
  • nextweek@dearele.com
  • nextmonth@dearele.com

As you can see, each of the email addresses specifies when the email will be sent. You can even include a CC or BCC so that the reminder is sent to numerous individuals without them all having to use the same reminder or to-do app. You may also use the Dear Ele email address in the CC or BCC field.

Dear Ele is a free, easy, and effective solution to a common issue. The free version allows for 100 reminders each month, with additional reminders costing money. However, if you use it regularly, you should check at specialist programs. In reality, Google Calendar’s new Reminders feature is fantastic.

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QuickSend [Broken URL Removed](Web): Send an Email Without Logging Into Your Inbox

Make a mental note of this name. QuickSend is the finest option we’ve seen in a long time if you’re using someone else’s computer or phone and need to send an email quickly.

You add the recipient’s email address, the sender’s email address, the topic, and write the message to send a message. Send it when you’re finished. It truly is that easy, making it one of the greatest no-signup services for daily usage.

QuickSend is not as fast as conventional email. The email arrived in the recipient’s inbox roughly 10-15 minutes after it was sent, according to our testing. While this is not a terrible thing, it lacks the speed of email. But, hey, you’re protected and may securely use a public computer for email.

Concerning privacy, don’t worry; QuickSend encrypts all data, ensuring that no one other than the intended receiver may intercept or read the email.

BurnerMail (Chrome, Firefox): Easiest App for Disposable Emails

When signing up for any online service, it’s best to use a throwaway email address rather than your personal email account for security and privacy reasons. BurnerMail is the most user-friendly program for this.

To begin, install the BurnerMail plugin for Chrome or Firefox. Create an account with your main email address that BurnerMail will secure. BurnerMail will offer to establish a temporary email account whenever you visit a website that requires an email address to join up. Sign up for that, and the emails will be sent to your main mailbox.

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When you’re through using that service, or if you don’t want the emails clogging up your inbox, just click the extension and deactivate the throwaway email. It’s actually that easy. So, even if the service exposes your email address, you won’t be inundated with spam.

Download: BurnerMail for Chrome | Firefox (Free)

AhhLife (Web): Regular Reminders to Write a Journal Entry

Most productivity and lifestyle gurus advocate keeping a notebook on a regular basis as a way to focus yourself and reflect. AhhLife places the diary in your inbox and forces you to create an email that doubles as a journal entry.

It’s a quick and easy option that’s also absolutely free. You may choose the frequency of the reminders, such as whether you want to write a diary every day, every few days, every week, or every other day. You may also choose whether the reminder email should be sent in the morning or evening. Simply respond to the reminder once you get it.

All of your entries are saved on a dashboard that you can view through the AhhLife web app. It’s a nice and clear design for going back over what you’ve documented. It only accepts text submissions, so you can’t upload photographs or videos.

The main drawback of AhhLife is that it only works with Google accounts, so you can’t use other email providers. Instead, utilize Journal Jerk, one of the finest journaling and diary applications that integrates with different email services.

EmailThis.Me (Web): Save and Read Articles In Inbox

Avoid applications that allow you to read it later. After a year of using EmailThis.Me, we can confidently suggest it as one of the finest alternatives to Pocket for bookmarking items for later.

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EmailThis.Me examines any online content, removes superfluous and clogging features, and offers a clear read in your mailbox. There is no need for an app to read what you want, and it works flawlessly on both desktop and mobile.

EmailThis.Me has worked to enhance compatibility for numerous sites that aim to resist similar programs that remove components for a clear read since its inception. While extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are available, you may choose to utilize the basic bookmarklet instead. It works flawlessly and puts no additional strain on your browser’s resources.

Download: EmailThis.Me for Chrome | Firefox | Opera (Free)

This is by no means a complete collection of email programs and tools. Better extensions and add-ons for certain browsers and services, such as the finest Chrome extensions to supercharge Gmail, are more likely to be discovered.

However, there are always exceptions. Indeed, we’ve previously discussed a few universal email tools that can be used with any provider or browser, so check out these more universal email apps to make your life simpler.

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