5 Mobile Games You Control in Crazy Ways

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5 Mobile Games You Control in Crazy Ways

The introduction of technology such as virtual reality (VR) and motion detection has permanently altered the way we play video games. However, cellphones offer more powers than most of us think.

Our handsets include more input and sensor types than the typical desktop PC or console, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, microphones, numerous touch sensors, and more. Fortunately for us, some game creators have recognized this and have integrated this technology into their games in novel ways.

We’re not talking about a racing game where you can steer by tilting your phone. These games actually welcome other forms of input in their gameplay.

Here are five games that make creative and sometimes mind-boggling use of your phone.

1. Fast Like a Fox

With so many capabilities built into our phones’ hardware, it’s a shame we don’t utilize more of them for gaming.

Fast Like a Fox, on the other hand, goes beyond just utilizing the touchscreen. It detects tapping on the back of your phone using internal sensors. This enables your character to move and is required for the runner title.

The makers characterize the game as “simple to play, difficult to master.” Attempting to tap the back of your phone while using your touchscreen for other gestures is similar to attempting to stroke your stomach while patting your head. It’s a great cognitive and physical challenge, but you’ll need some practice before you can do it smoothly.

This game also boasts captivating artwork and the attraction of a one-of-a-kind infinite runner. It provides a complete product when combined with its unique mechanics.

Fast Like A Fox is available on Android and iOS (Free)[No longer accessible]

2. Scream Go Hero: Eighth Note

This is a mobile game that demonstrates that touch or gyroscopic input is not the only method to play. In Scream Go Hero, you control your character with your voice. Not only will you be screaming out noises with intense concentration, but the odd idea will almost certainly have you giggling at yourself.

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The volume and duration of your noises influence how your character moves. They will leap if you yell. Small noises will propel the character ahead. Meanwhile, if you want to take a big leap, prepare to extend your voice chords.

While voice input has not yet become a common gaming element, it is popular enough that many games are built on the notion. Scream Go Hero, created by Ketchapp, is one of the most popular versions (a studio owned by Ubisoft).

Given that it’s free, it’s a great game to try out if you want to laugh and try something new.

Scream Go Hero [No Longer Available] for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Eon Altar

While the majority of games that make use of your smartphone are mobile releases, there is the rare PC game that deviates from the standard keyboard and mouse interface. One of them is the Eon Altar.

The game is based on the premise of pen-and-paper RPGs, but it incorporates mobile devices into the gameplay. Your phone serves as your “character” in the serial game, obtaining hidden information, upgrades, skill management, and strategy. All of this is accomplished via the use of a free app.

Eon Altar is guaranteed to appeal to Dungeons & Dragons lovers, and you may play it without having to go through the normal setup. Using your smartphone, you may move and attack your character.

The usage of cellphones enables for local co-op with up to four players, which is the game’s strongest feature. The first season of Eon Altar is now available, however a second season is not guaranteed. To gather funds for more content, the creators have turned to crowdsourcing initiatives.

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It does, however, provide three brief episodes with an intriguing idea. Whether you want to try it out but aren’t sure if you want to spend money on it, you may download the demo first.

Phones for local co-op are becoming more popular, even on consoles. Sony revealed at E3 2017 that PlayStation 4 customers would be able to play console games on their phones through PlayStation Link.

Download: Eon Altar on Steam ($15 for Season 1)

Download: Eon Altar Controller for Android | iOS (Free)

4. FitFlap

You don’t need a Kinect or a PlayStation Camera to play movement-tracking games. Your smartphone contains the power, but in a smaller form.

FitFlap, a motion fitness game geared at getting people moving, is one of the finest ways to check it out. Because of the Wii Fit series, you’re certainly acquainted with home fitness games. And in a colorful, cartoonish fashion, this smartphone game accomplishes a similar impact.

You must guide your character as far as possible while avoiding obstacles. However, you must flap your arms in order to do so. The game tracks your motions by using your smartphone’s front-facing camera. It’s simple to cast to your smart TV or Chromecast, but it also works with a solo mobile device.

Try FitFlap for a few minutes and you’ll see that its motion tracking is pretty precise. The game even caught us off guard when we became sloppy with our flapping motions. Its primary issue is some unnecessary in-app purchases, but other than that, it’s extremely entertaining and unique.

Download: FitFlap for Android (Free) [No longer available]

5. Motion Tennis Cast

Games that employ your whole phone as a motion sensor, similar to a Wii Remote or PlayStation Move controller, are also taking the spotlight away from console motion trackers. Of course, smartphone games aren’t as sophisticated as console games. They are, nonetheless, entertaining for those who wish to dabble rather than delve into motion controller games.

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Motion Tennis Cast does a good job doing this. It works in conjunction with your Chromecast, smart TV, or other casting devices. It isn’t visually sophisticated; after all, it must work on Android 4.2 and above. However, playing a few tennis rallies on your phone is a lot of fun.

Using your phone as a gaming controller isn’t a new concept, but it’s fantastic to see that mobile apps are taking use of the Chromecast and this technology.

The major danger is dropping your phone while playing. After all, Wii Remotes resulted in an increase in TV screen repairs as eager users lost their grasp. It could be a good idea to grab a strap to prevent your phone from flying across the room.

Motion Tennis Cast for Android (No Longer Available) | iOS (No Longer Available) ($4.99)

What Unique Input Methods Do You Know Of?

While this list includes five games that incorporate your smartphone in innovative ways, there are many more hidden treasures out there. You could even use emulators to play Game Boy Advance games that monitor motion using your phone’s gyroscope. Both WarioWare: Twisted! and Yoshi Topsy-Turvy use motion controls.

Meanwhile, as smartwatches become more popular, game makers are focusing on incorporating the technology into their titles. It’s an exciting time for new games!

Do you know of any games that make good use of your phone or mobile device? Please let us know in the comments!

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