5 Free Webcomic Apps to Discover and Read Comic Strips Online

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5 Free Webcomic Apps to Discover and Read Comic Strips Online

You can never grow out of comic books, can you? The traditional newspaper comic strip has evolved into a plethora of free webcomics available online, and these tools will assist you in discovering and reading them.

These are not the same as DC or Marvel comics. If you desire those, we recently discussed how to read comics online for free. Webcomics are similar to daily newspaper comic strips, generally in the same paneled style and with daily or multiple times per week updates.

1. Piperka (Web): Giant Directory and the Best Webcomic Reader

Piperka is one of the finest places to not only find but also read webcomics. The main site provides a vast database of comics, marking whether they’re finished, abandoned, or what days of the week they’re presently updated.

You may explore the Most Popular comics section to find new webcomics to read, or you can search the directory by categories and genres. When you open a comic that you like, you’ll see similar comics that other readers enjoy. With a free Piperka registration, you may save comics to your list as well as the last point you read.

When you’re ready to read a comic, open it in the Piperka Reader. It’s a more user-friendly interface than many webcomics provide on their official website. When you open a comic in it, you’ll see a toolbar at the top with links to the next and previous strip, as well as an archive. The archive is a game-changer, with a pop-out panel that allows you to rapidly go to any strip in the comic’s history.

You may also adjust the page height in the reader. You know how you have to scroll down to view the comic occasionally due to adverts and other menu options? Adjust the height in Piperka Reader, and it will automatically open at that location on the webpage. Neat!

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2. Random Webcomic (Web): StumbleUpon Alternative to Discover Webcomics

You want to read a webcomic but aren’t sure which one to choose. Or maybe you’ve exhausted your existing favorites and want to try something new. As the name implies, Random Webcomic directs you to a randomly picked comic with each click.

It’s similar to StumbleUpon for webcomics. You’ll be immediately transported if you click the large blue button on the main page. You may also read the comments, where individuals are encouraged to submit their own webcomic for inclusion. It’s really a fun method to find new comics.

One annoyance with Random Webcomic is that the randomly generated recommendation does not open in a new tab. If you don’t like what you see, you must either hit Back or view the site in another tab. Given that you’ll presumably read a few pages of any webcomic it recommends, pressing the Back button a lot makes more logical, therefore opening it again makes more sense. It’s a little problem, but it becomes bothersome.

While StumbleUpon is no longer active, there are still ways to pass the time. Random Webcomic is another amazing StumbleUpon option for finding fascinating stuff to do online.

3. Inbox Comics (Email): Daily Comics Newsletter, No Ads, No Subscription

Comic strips found a home in the daily newspaper, but now that the newspaper is on its way out, how do you receive your daily dose? Inbox Comics is a free (and ad-free) service that delivers popular comics to your email inbox every day.

Inbox Comics now provides 440 distinct comics. Classic and popular comics such as Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Peanuts, Zits, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, and Ziggy are included. You may choose as many comics as you like when you join up. The directory may be sorted alphabetically or by popularity, and you can also search for your favorites.

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Every day, at a predetermined time (which you cannot change), you will get an email with the most recent set of strips, which will all open in the inbox itself. Yes, there is no need to open a fresh URL for each comic. It’s astonishing that this service is both free and ad-free.

4. Webcomic Awards (Web): List of Awards to Discover the Best Comics Online

Webcomics have their own major prizes, similar to how movies have Oscars and music have Grammys. The following link takes you to a useful Wikipedia page that lists webcomic prizes, both large and little, as well as its winners throughout the years.

The Eisner Awards’ Best Digital Comic / Webcomic category is the most prestigious. Every winner since 2005 is included on the Wikipedia list, and each one is well worth reading. The Harvey Awards, Ignatz Awards, Joe Shuster Awards, and National Cartoonists Society Awards are all worth looking into.

The winner of each of them is certainly worth reading, but these awards are extensive enough that you should also look at the other nominees. The 2020 Eisner Awards, for example, have six candidates for Best Webcomic, and they’re all amazing. Take the Wikipedia list as a starting point and expand from there.

5. Tapas and WebComics (Android, iOS): Daily Teen Comics and Graphic Novellas

The digital format allows artists to explore more freely than the restrictions of a newspaper comic strip. If manga and anime are more your thing, check out applications like Tapas or WebComics. Both applications are quite comparable and the most popular in this category, however there are other alternatives available online.

Tapas and WebComics both specialize on adolescent and romantic comics, as well as comic novels. You may read all of the comics available if you subscribe. You may also purchase individual comics (which are significantly cheaper than DC or Marvel comics) or just browse the Free To Read area.

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With criteria like Free To Read, genres, popularity, and other tags, it’s simple to find something you’ll like. Because they are mobile-first applications and comics, the reading experience on touchscreens is natural. And, like a comic strip, many of them follow a weekly or daily schedule, releasing one new page every week or so to advance the tale forward.

Both applications provide adult material via their subscription services.

Download: Tapas for Android | iOS (Free)

Download: WebComics for Android | iOS (Free)

With more people using smartphones than computers, it was only logical for online artists to adapt to this medium. If you have a favorite webcomic, consider looking for it on your preferred social network, particularly Instagram. Most often, the author uploads the daily strip to it, making it a lot simpler method to keep up with your favorite comics.

What About DC, Marvel, and Such Comic Books?

Spider-Man was as successful as a newspaper comic strip as he was as a comic book. If you want to know what comic books to read or where to get them online, visit CBR, or Comic Book Resources. It’s a whole website devoted to the world of comic books, and you’ll find all of your answers there.

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