5 Free Email Tools to Clean Your Inbox and Make Gmail Better

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5 Free Email Tools to Clean Your Inbox and Make Gmail Better

These capabilities will make Gmail and other email services better than ever, from exchanging messages without forwarding to safeguarding privacy with email aliases.

There are hundreds of social networks, dozens of chat applications, and millions of ways to communicate with people on the internet, but email isn’t going away. Your email inbox still governs your personal and professional life, therefore it’s in your best advantage to understand all the email tips and techniques. The good news is that you just need a few free applications and browser extensions to get started.

1. Moogle (Web): Convert Email Into Shareable Web Page or Bookmarks

This is certainly useful and unique. The conventional wisdom is that when you get an email that you want to share with others, you forward it. But suppose you want to share it with individuals you don’t know on social media or with people whose email addresses you don’t have. Moogle will accomplish it by converting an email into a web page.

If you send an email to bookmarks@moogle.cc, you will get a response with a personalized URL. Click it to see the original email as a web page. You can now share that URL with everyone in the globe or bookmark it for future use. That’s true, Moogle can be used to bookmark emails and store them for later. Neat!

The web page also has a comments area where anybody who has the link may offer their opinions on the email. It’s a clever method to gather a team’s perspective on a message without filling everyone’s inboxes. Furthermore, anybody who has access to the URL may download the email as a PDF without the comments. Moogle covers all bases and is one of the greatest no-signup internet tools you’ll find.

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2. Polycred (Chrome, Firefox, Edge): Create Aliases to Protect Your Inbox While Signing Up

For a long time, IT experts have recommended a simple technique to safeguard your mailbox when signing up. An alias is created by adding a plus sign after your username and a word after that. It used to be a great strategy for keeping your email safe, but fraudsters caught on and it’s no longer as effective. Instead, utilize Polycred to get a similar result.

This is how it works. You must first join up for Polycred using a legitimate email address. Then, whenever you visit a new website that requires you to sign up, use the Polycred browser extension to generate a new alias. The program supports an infinite number of aliases, allowing you to create novel combinations using usernames and domains. Sign up with this email address. The activation link and all subsequent emails will still be sent to your genuine inbox, but the site will never know your email address.

If you start getting spam from other sites that have discovered your email address, you may easily turn it off in the future. Simply deactivate the alias in Polycred, and all mails to that email address will be suspended indefinitely. It’s a very simple tool to use, particularly considering how much it secures your email and inbox.

Download: Polycred for Chrome | Firefox | Edge

3. AutoSnoozer (Gmail): Snooze Emails Automatically From Chosen Addresses

Have you received an email that you intend to read but will forget to do so? In Gmail, you may snooze messages so that they appear in your inbox as if they were new. At the present, this is a manual feature, however AutoSnoozer makes it simpler for certain senders.

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Allow AutoSnoozer access to your inbox, and it will sift through emails that you don’t check right away or don’t read at all. You’ll receive a list of suggestions for which email addresses to automatically snooze so your inbox doesn’t appear cluttered or overwhelming.

You may see all snoozed messages in the AutoSnoozed label at any time. It also includes a few useful features, such as ignoring threaded discussions, which signal activity with another person in that email chain.

The Flesch-Kincaid readability test is a standardized method for determining the ease with which any piece of text may be read. Summarly’s creators believed it would be a good idea to apply this to your inbox, so that when you open any email, you immediately know how long it will take and how tough or easy it is to read.

Each email will be assigned a score ranging from 0 to 100. The bigger the number, the simpler it is to comprehend. In general, any score over 60 is readily comprehended by 13-year-olds and upwards, making it simple to read for the majority of individuals. Once you’ve determined which emails will take too long, you may prioritize your inbox appropriately.

Surprisingly, the plugin does not display this information while you are writing an email. After all, hitting that metric while sending messages would be beneficial.

Download: Gmail Inbox Readability Score for Chrome (Free)

There are a zillion email monitoring extensions and applications available, but none of them are genuinely free; there is always a catch. Snovio deviates from the norm with its Unlimited Email Tracker, which eliminates any constraints that are often seen in such programs.

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There is no limit to the number of messages that may be tracked with the Snovio Unlimited Email Tracker. It also does not need you to include a signature or a logo in the email, which makes it seem less professional. It just works.

Snovio labels each email: white for unread, purple for opened several times, and green if the receiver clicked on a link inside the email. You can set up alerts for each of these monitoring parameters and even swap between Gmail accounts for real-time tracking. It’s a terrific, straightforward tool.

Download: Snovio Unlimited Email Tracker for Chrome (Free)

Don’t Be Lax About Email Security

The appeal of applications like the ones described above is that they simplify email. And when we spend so much time in our email, we want to take advantage of every shortcut that would make our lives simpler. However, the same thing might lead to complacency, particularly in terms of security and privacy.

Email is used in more frauds and phishing attempts than any other method on the internet. From securing your email account with aliases to double-checking security standards, you must be aware of and follow all best practices for email security. After all, there is much too much sensitive information in our inboxes.

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