5 Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Twitch Users

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5 Essential Google Chrome Extensions for Twitch Users

If you watch streamers play games, talk, or produce art on Twitch, you’re undoubtedly aware that the UI isn’t flawless. The Twitch web app has grown in functionality over time, but if you’re a strong user, you’ve certainly wanted for more.

Fortunately, by utilizing browser extensions, you can have access to a lot more functionality on Twitch. Let’s take a look at the finest Chrome addons for Twitch.

1. BetterTwitchTV

If you just install one Twitch Chrome extension, make it this one. BetterTwitchTV (BTTV), as the name suggests, includes a slew of features that enhance the Twitch experience.

There are many too many tools to mention here, but some of the more useful ones are as follows:

  • Claiming channel bonus points automatically, so you don’t have to click the treasure box all the time.
  • A more sophisticated emote menu, as well as access to many more Twitch emotes through BTTV.
  • Hide all kinds of conversation clutter, such as clip embeds and bits.
  • Adding a Host button underneath the chat so you may simply host anyone you’re watching without opening your own channel.
  • The ability to see deleted communications.
  • Display choices that make chat messages more legible, such as rotating message backgrounds and avoiding difficult-to-read name colors.
  • Adding highlight keywords that will play a sound whenever they are used.

It’s also simple to use. Simply install the extension in your browser and then go to a Twitch broadcast. Click the gear icon at the bottom of the page, next to the Chat button. Under BetterTTV, you’ll find various choices; select BetterTTV Settings to view all of its settings.

BTTV is worth the download whether you simply want to conceal some needless UI components or add handy shortcuts to Twitch.

Download: BetterTwitchTV (Free, subscription available)

2. Unwanted Twitch

If you don’t want to view particular channels, games, tags, or categories, Unwanted Twitch may assist. After installing it, an X symbol will appear in the top-right corner of panels on Twitch’s different sites. Click here to add that item to your blocklist, and you will no longer see it on Twitch.

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To check what you’ve hidden, go to the top-right corner of your browser and choose Manage Blacklist. You can view whatever you’ve concealed there and remove anything if you change your mind. By inputting their names, you may also add new prohibited objects here.

It’s a simple addon, but having the power to completely conceal things you’re not interested in will come in handy.

Download: Unwanted Twitch (Free)

3. Twitch Now

Twitch Now is useful if you want to keep an eye on Twitch while visiting other websites. To begin, open the extension and click the Login option to provide the app access to your Twitch account.

The number of channels you follow that are now online is shown on the extension’s icon in the top-right corner of Chrome. Twitch has tabs for your favorite games, genres, and top broadcasts. You may also use the plugin to search the website.

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When a channel you follow becomes live, Twitch Now will inform you. To change which channels transmit alerts, go to the top-right three-line menu and choose Manage notifications. Check out the Settings panel to adjust this and other app functionality, such as how streams are sorted, whether alerts play a sound, and how often the app refreshes.

Twitch Now is a useful tool for multitaskers. It prevents you from missing out when your favorite channels go live, even if you don’t have Twitch open at the time.

Download: Twitch Now (Free)

4. Twitch Favorites

It’s easy to overlook communications from pals in a crowded stream. Twitch Favorites is a simple method to highlight messages from the individuals you care about the most. Simply add your favorite Twitch users to the addon, and Twitch Favorites will highlight their messages automatically.

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To access the settings, you’ll need to click its icon from the top-right bar, like with the majority of the other extensions on our list. If you don’t see the Twitch Favorites symbol, click the puzzle piece icon to see all extensions. If you use any extensions often, click the Pin button to keep them permanently in the menu bar.

Enter a username to add it to the list, and it will be highlighted in any Twitch discussion. To access the settings page, click the Settings gear. You may modify the default color highlight choice as well as choose a particular color for every individual on your list from this screen.

Twitch Favorites works with other Twitch extensions that emphasize messages, such as the previously mentioned BTTV. For some circumstances, there is a distinct highlight color field.

If you have a lot of Twitch friends with the same-colored username, or if you simply don’t want to miss anything they say, this is a simple and helpful plugin to have.

Download: Twitch Favorites (Free)

5. FrankerFaceZ

We’ve looked at a few of Twitch addons that essentially serve one purpose. FrankerFaceZ, or FFZ, is similar to BetterTwitchTV in that it offers a variety of beneficial functions. It is without a doubt the most complete Twitch addon available.

To access it, click the button to the left of your profile symbol in the top-right corner of Twitch. This addon, like BTTV, has far too many options to cover fully. Some of these are also geared for streamers or moderators, so they won’t be of value to casual viewers.

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But you should find some of the below options interesting:

  • Hide the Unfollow button to avoid unintentionally unfollowing your favorite channels.
  • Access chat automatically when you open an offline channel page, which is beneficial if you often come early to broadcasts.
  • Change the chat’s look, such as the typeface.
  • Hide certain badges from the discussion.
  • Make a keyboard shortcut for accessing the emote menu.
  • Messages that mention you will be highlighted.
  • By scrolling your mouse wheel while hovering over a stream, you may change its volume.
  • To equalize the loudness, use an audio compressor.

FFZ lets you establish several profiles, so you can have different sets of settings for channels where you’re a mod, when you’re viewing broadcasts in a certain category, and so on. There are also add-ons for more functionality.

If you enjoy the functionality of both BTTV and FFZ, you may run both concurrently. Just be careful not to duplicate functionality between them!

Download: FrankerFaceZ (Free)

Improve Twitch With the Right Extensions

Twitch can be configured to perform exactly as you want it to with only a few installed add-ons. Give these Chrome extensions a try whether you only want to conceal a few categories or if you want to spend an hour configuring all the complex settings in the complete suites.

We really suggest BTTV or FFZ since they provide so much in one spot. If you’ve previously thought Twitch to be irritating, these applications may alter your perspective.

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