5 Email-Cleaning Ways to Organize and Manage Your Inbox

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5 Email-Cleaning Ways to Organize and Manage Your Inbox

Is email consuming more time than it should? There are better methods to organize and manage your email, giving you more energy and room for other things.

Gmail is the world’s largest email provider nowadays, hence the majority of the techniques and tools in this article are geared toward Gmail users. The ideas presented, however, may be simply used in other email programs, and most utilities include a how-to for that on their website.

1. You vs. Your Inbox (Web): 4 Strategies for Inbox Management

Everyone has a unique method for gaining control of their email. To showcase some of the greatest techniques, Forge magazine launched an informative series called You vs. Your Inbox. There are now four articles providing various approaches to dealing with inbox overflow. Read them all since they provide varied viewpoints on email management.

According to one publication, the key is to send better emails. There will be less uncertainty and unclear messages going back and forth if you draft emails that make it obvious what the answer should be. Another discusses how you should check email throughout sessions and designate a purpose to each session.

The third email management strategy involves labeling your inbox to make it simpler to sort and filter messages. Finally, one technique discusses how inbox zero isn’t necessary, with one of the greatest bits of advice: “It’s crucial to realize that email itself isn’t work.”

2. Instaclean (Android, iOS): Find Senders and Subscriptions You Don’t Open

Instaclean is one of the greatest free inbox management tools. It allows you to remove and block unsolicited newsletters. It also tells you senders who are filling up your inbox even if you haven’t read their messages.

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Bulk Delete organizes emails by sender, displaying how many of their messages are in your inbox and how many of them you’ve ever opened. If someone sends you a lot of emails and you only check 1% of them, you should block that sender and delete all of their messages that are still in your inbox. Emails may be classified according to sender or size.

The software also discovers all of the subscribers from which you are receiving emails that are not being routed to spam. You may block all such emails that you no longer wish to receive with a few touches. It does not erase all subscriptions, and you will have to repeat the process. In some ways, this is a good thing since you don’t want to mistakenly delete anything you appreciate.

Every action (remove or block) earns you money. Once you’ve accumulated 1000 coins, you may put them to good use by requesting that Instaclean plant a tree on your behalf. You may also earn coins by introducing friends to the program.

Download: Instaclean for Android | iOS (Free)

3. Paced Email (Web): Get Frequent Emails as Batches and Summaries

Not every newsletter is unwelcome, but it may be arriving too often. Similarly, you cannot ignore a coworker who is prone to sending mass emails on the office chain. Paced Email allows you to group regular messages so they arrive in your inbox when you wish.

Register on the website to obtain your own email alias, such as john.doe@daily.paced.email. Then, go to the newsletter, chain, or service that is sending you too many emails and change your email address to this alias. Paced would then bundle all of the emails and deliver them as a daily summary. If you need an email right away, check on to the website and request a quick digest.

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You may also choose how often you wish to receive emails from that provider. The email alias suggests daily by default, but you may alter it to “weekly” or “monthly.” Paced will then deliver batches based on your settings.

4. Slimbox (Web): Batch All Newsletters in Gmail

Email newsletters, more than anything else, are probably filling up your inbox. Slimbox allows you to easily combine them into a single batch message without having to unsubscribe or remove them.

Slimbox is superior to other batching apps for a number of reasons. First, it’s Google-verified, so you can sign in to your Gmail or Google Apps inbox with confidence that your data is secure. Second, unlike Paced, Slimbox does not need you to modify your email address in other services.

After you log in, the app will scan all of your messages and compile a list of frequently updated newsletters. You may continue to get them in your email or add them to the daily Slimbox blitz. Slimbox will send the email once a day (you may choose your timezone), and it will host all of the other emails you missed. It has no effect on your current Gmail filters.

Signing onto the site allows you to check your Slimbox at any time, modify which senders go to the inbox or Slimbox, and so on. The service is free for the first month so you may try it out before paying $1 per month.

Try gfeed and you’ll wonder why Gmail doesn’t already have this feature. Like any social network, the software transforms your email into a constant scrolling stream of messages. Images appear in preview, with the first few words of the message underneath them.

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Tap the picture, topic, or “more” link to expand a message. You may then respond to (or reply all) and forward that message using gfeed. This is useful for simple text answers, but you’re usually better off using the actual Gmail client to respond.

When you scroll past a message, gfeed will either mark it as read or archive it, depending on your preferences. You may also star or label a message to apply a filter. When you access Gmail, those messages will be visible under that filter.

If you spend too much time scrolling through your inbox, gfeed is one of the greatest tools to help you arrange your email faster.

Download: gfeed for Android | iOS (Free)

Archive Old Emails for Inbox Zero

That crowded mass of emails should ultimately become much more manageable using one of these programs or a mix of various techniques. Whether you want inbox zero or a better organized inbox, don’t forget to look into the solutions that are currently accessible.

The “Archive” option in email programs, for example, is the most ignored function. It’s a great technique to clear up your inbox while still leaving emails accessible for further search. Here’s how to archive old emails and get to inbox zero.

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