5 Best Email Template Packs for Office Professionals and Businesses

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5 Best Email Template Packs for Office Professionals and Businesses

Email is a vital communication tool in today’s business. Using email templates ensures that you maintain the unspoken standards and forms of business communications while communicating professionally and respectfully.

Varied workplaces have different expectations for how emails should look: some are professional, while others are informal. If you come from one sort of work culture and send an email to someone from another, your message may be perceived as impolite or unprofessional. Some individuals have collected the greatest email etiquette recommendations throughout the years and converted them into templates or prepared answers. These websites and applications allow you to use these themes in Gmail or any other email client of your choosing for free.

1. Art of Emails (Web): 80+ Free Business Templates for Various Office Tasks and Needs

Art of Emails is a website devoted only to gathering tested email templates for many sorts of office duties and demands. They’re all free and may be gathered according on your needs. The current list, for example, contains email templates for jobs such as:

  • How to Send a Cold Email to Prospects and Clients
  • How to follow up on and resurrect dormant leads
  • How to Apologize for Poor Customer Service
  • How to Follow Up to Advance the Sale
  • How to pitch investors for your next round of funding
  • How to pitch the media and get coverage

Each objective has numerous distinct templates that handle additional details. For example, in apologizing for poor customer service, you’ll learn how to respond tactfully to an online complaint and distinguish between a terrible encounter and a general problem.

Any template may be instantly copied, pasted into your email client, and essential data replaced. You can also download all of the templates as a PDF package.

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2. Starter Story (Web): Email Templates to Learn How to Say No Politely But Firmly

As a professional, you must learn to say no nicely but forcefully. Otherwise, you risk getting walked over and seen as a pushover. It’s easier said than done, particularly if you’re a people-pleaser or are afraid of being liked. So, the next time you’re grappling with this, utilize Starter Story’s amazing collection of email templates to say no.

Its 31 templates are taken from professionals in the field, including The Muse, Steve Jobs, Tim Ferris, James Clear, Office Ninjas, and others. Phone calls, pushy individuals, investors, social events, recruiters, work, customers, meetings, interviews, salesmen, and even dating may be rapidly filtered out of your inbox.

You may instantly begin utilizing any email by copying and pasting it into Gmail. If you use Pigeon for Gmail, a useful Gmail add-on, you may import all templates into the add-premade on’s answers.

One of our favorite tools for resumes and job seeking, Resume Worded, has put up a series of email templates to help you find a job. These are divided into five groups, each with its own sub-category:

  1. Reconnecting with an old contact, following up after a job application, and even following up after not receiving a response are all examples of follow-up emails.
  2. Informational interviews: How to request an informational interview with an expert in the subject you’re applying to.
  3. Thank you notes: Thank you notes sent after interviews, informational interviews, or to recruiters
  4. LinkedIn Messages: Using LinkedIn to get introductions, apply for jobs, or get recommendations.
  5. Others include soliciting comments, requesting introductions, introducing oneself, and much more.
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You may browse many templates in each sub-category and simply copy-paste them into your email. Every template includes a few recommendations in the sidebar that explain why it’s written the way it is and how you might modify or adapt it for yourself. Resume Worded also includes further information, such as the best subject lines to utilize based on response rate.

4. Dover Templates (Web): Best Emails to Reject or Recruit Candidates

Dover is a work tool that helps businesses find applicants and decide who they want to recruit. Naturally, the company has worked with a number of top organizations and has access to the emails sent by elite recruiting managers. Dover examined them to provide you with a few free templates.

You may now find samples of the best rejection emails (36 in total) and the finest recruitment emails (20 total).Emails from Google, IKEA, Apple, Facebook, NASA, NPR, Y Combinator, and other companies are also included. These are available in PDF format and will be delivered to you after you provide Dover with your email address.

These letters provide some great insights on how a skilled hiring manager may guarantee a prospective applicant feels appreciated or how to ease the shock of rejection so that they feel they can apply again in the future. These are some of the most effective tools for becoming a better manager.

5. Hunter Templates (Web): Templates to Send Cold Emails That Get a Response

The cold email is the most difficult sort of business email to write. Why should the receiver give you the time of day if they don’t know who you are? How are you going to pique their interest in the little time they have for you? Hunter, a professional email program, can assist with a variety of free tried-and-tested cold email templates that have gotten a response.

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Hunter provides 266 cold email templates divided into six categories: sales, follow-up, SEO, recruiting, networking, and marketing. By clicking the tags beneath each email, you may arrange the templates by relevance or recency and further sub-categorize them. Simply copy-paste an email into your Compose box to utilize it.

Whereas most other templates merely provide a reference like “[[Introduce yourself]],” Hunter allows you to see example data. It’s a little but useful tool that allows you to view what a successful email looks like and then edit it with your own information.

AI is the Future of Email Templates

These five websites will provide you with email templates for every professional or office occasion. It’s also a good idea to store these templates as premade answers in your email software so you may use them again in the future.

However, in the future, you may not need to depend on these templates for long. AI email solutions are increasingly educating users on how to draft good messages. While they are all premium tools that make more sense for businesses right now, the day will come when Gmail and Outlook include similar functionalities.

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