5 Apps to Manage Good Email Newsletters and Unsubscribe Junk

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5 Apps to Manage Good Email Newsletters and Unsubscribe Junk

Email newsletters are resurfacing. They may serve as a regular summary of news you wish to read, a convenient method to keep up with blogs you follow, or a source of coupons and discounts. They may, however, flood your inbox with spam. Here’s how to keep track of all those newsletters.

If you need to unsubscribe from email newsletters in mass, utilizing an app like Unroll.me or Unsubscriber is the easiest approach. However, such applications sell the user’s data to marketers, which may negate the purpose you intended for them.

1. Cleanfox (Android, iOS): Delete Newsletters for Carbon Offsets

If you’re reluctant to unsubscribe from a large number of emails because you’re afraid of losing out or believe they’re all vital, check with Cleanfox first. This software will offer you an honest assessment of your email inbox habits.

Cleanfox’s setup is a little time-consuming, but unlike other rivals, it walks you through each step of the process. After scanning and reading the content of your inbox, it will categorize newsletters by sender, displaying how many you have in your inbox and how many of those you have read. You’ll be shocked at how seldom you click on supposedly essential newsletters, offers, discounts, and other mailers.

Then just choose the senders to mass delete, archive, or unsubscribe from their communications. Stuff’s a lot quicker than going through it in your email.

Finally, Cleanfox displays how big of an environmental effect your email cleaning has. Each email is supposed to be saved on a server, and servers demand resources. So tidy out your inbox and you’ll notice how environmentally good your activities are.

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Download: Cleanfox for Android | iOS (Free)

2. Leave Me Alone (Web): Paid, Privacy-Friendly Alternative to Unroll.me

Following the Unroll.me announcement, several users want additional privacy-friendly choices. The fact is that free services typically sell such data, while paying services may prevent it. Leave Me Alone is a premium service that removes subscriptions and spam.

The program sorts all bulk emails when you provide it access to your mailbox. A useful set of filters allows you to choose what you want to see, such as subscribed/unsubscribed, whose email address or alias it is directed to, and if it is already in trash or spam. Depending on the sender’s conduct, Leave Me Alone assigns a rating (A is best, E is worst) to each message.

Each communication has a subscribe/unsubscribe button that you may use. A credit is deducted for each click. The trial includes five credits, and you may purchase more credits as needed. Prices range from $2.50 for 50 credits to $10.50 for 300 credits. It’s a more private method of performing what Unroll.me accomplished while ensuring your info is secure.

3. Inbox Kitten (Web): Disposable Email You Don’t Have to Remember

Some newsletters are imposed upon you as part of sign-ups, freebies, or other gimmicks. One of the most suggested and tried-and-true methods for avoiding such newsletter spam is to use a throwaway email provider.

We’ve previously discussed some of the top disposable and temporary email services, but they’re all missing one step. Either an extension is required, or you must go to that provider and get a new temporary email address, or you must go through some hoops. Inbox Kitten eliminates the bother by allowing you to create a new address on the fly. It’s as simple as typing two phrases separated by a hyphen followed by “@inboxkitten.com.”

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Emails are kept on the Inbox Kitten server for three days before being automatically erased. There is also no password system, so anybody who knows what used may access the temporary mailbox. The ease of use is unparalleled.

4. SubscriptionZero (Web): Turn Newsletters Into a Digest

Not every newsletter is horrible. In fact, you intentionally sign up for some of them, yet you don’t want these mailers, let alone the email notifications announcing the arrival of a new one, clogging up your inbox every day. Subscription Zero allows you to have your cake and eat it as well.

Sign up for the free service to get a personalized email address. Sign up for newsletters using this address. Your new emails will no longer be sent to your inbox at random. Instead, they’ll be sent to SubscriptionZero, where the app will aggregate all of your newsletters into a single daily summary. You may also pick when you want to get this digest.

It’s a good option for new newsletters, but it’s not ideal for mailers to which you’re already signed. If you want them included in the daily digest, you’ll need to sign up again with your new SubscriptionZero email address.

5. Stoop (Android, iOS): Dedicated Newsletter Reader App

Stoop is the newsletter reader you need if you want to keep up with your favorite websites via newsletters. It’s a modern spin on typical RSS readers, providing a news digest rather than continual drips. Consider it a newsletter-specific inbox.

Stoop generates a new email address for you, which you must use to sign up for all newsletters. You may search for newsletters using the Discover tab, or just enter the email address elsewhere on the internet. You may read and archive emails, store newsletters for later, and unsubscribe instantly.

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Stoop keeps 10 newsletters in the inbox and 60 in the archive for each source. It also makes it simple to handle newsletters by allowing you to archive or remove them in bulk. Plus, for those persistent pushy marketers who refuse to let you unsubscribe, there’s a handy Block option that ensures that even if they continue to send you emails via deception, you’ll never see them.

Download: Stoop for Android | iOS (Free)

Newsletters Worth Subscribing To

Some websites, particularly companies, see newsletters as nothing more than a means of increasing customer memory. But that’s an outdated perspective on newsletters. As some marketers and content professionals have learned, offering genuine value via newsletters may captivate the reader and turn them into a fan.

In the end, it’s all about your mindset. If you believe newsletters are a waste of time, you are losing out on some valuable information. Every day, you’re passing up an opportunity to learn something new. There are a few email newsletters worth subscribing to, whether managed by a private individual or a business.

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