4 Ways to Use Custom Email Addresses

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4 Ways to Use Custom Email Addresses

Email addresses are required when enrolling for services, filing taxes, or creating a bank account.

Because you’ll be using your email for a long time, it’s a smart idea to make the most of it. So, why not consider personalizing your address?

Why Would You Want a Custom Email Address?

The majority of email addresses in use today are given by a few giant technology corporations, like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and even AOL. Google’s Gmail service has been accessible since 2004, while Hotmail accounts have been available since 1996. This implies that many of the excellent usernames are no longer available.

It’s even harder to register your whole name as a username. Few individuals have really unique names, and it’s highly probable that the handle you desire has already been used, leaving you with just alternatives.

A personalized email address enables you to proudly hand over your email and show your digital personality in the manner you choose. Consider your email address to be part of your personal brand.

Another reason you may desire a personalized email address is because it is unique to you. Google owns your Gmail account. Google has the ability to examine your communication and, if necessary, terminate your account.

How to Create a Custom Email Address

The first thing you’ll need is a custom domain, which is the portion of the email address that comes after the @ symbol. These may be obtained for as little as $1 per year, and with over 400 TLDs (the component of the domain name after the last dot) available, you should be able to find a variant that fits you. Take some time to choose the domain name to use.

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We acquired improbable.guru for the sake of this post. It’s a domain name that fits our personality as well as our vocation. We shall happily provide strangers the email address david@improbable.guru.

Your domain may be used to receive and send emails in the following ways.

1. Forward an Email to an Existing Email Address

If you just want to use your custom email address to receive mail, the simplest approach is to utilize your registrar’s Catch-All option to send it to an existing email account to which you already have access.

Find the Redirect Mail option and then click Add Catch-All. Fill in the Forward to section with the email address to which you want messages sent. Then backup everything.

All communications submitted to the improbable.guru domain will be sent to one of our other email addresses—not only david@improbable.guru, but any username you can think of. Press any random combination of keys and follow it with @improbable.guru. Sending an email to the resultant address will work.

2. Let Google Workspace Manage Your Email

Google excels in email management. Workspace, previously known as Gsuite, is one of Google’s various services. Although this tool is mainly intended for corporations, you may join up as an individual as well.

All you have to do is follow the wizard’s instructions. When prompted for a company name, enter your own—and leave the number of workers at Just You.

When prompted for your company domain name, enter the one you purchased previously. Accept the terms and conditions before selecting your plan.

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Google will next ask you to verify domain ownership by creating a TXT record for the domain.

Return to your registrar, click on Advanced DNS, scroll down to the Host Records section, and click on Add a New Record.

Select TXT as the type, @ as the host, and paste the text provided by Google into the value box. Set the TTL to as low a value as feasible, then click Save All Changes.

You must create five MX records. Scroll down to Mail Settings and choose Custom MX from the list of possibilities. Your Domain name serves as the host value for all of them, and the values and priority are as follows:


After you’ve made your modifications, you’ll be able to send and receive emails using your personalised address through Google Workspace.

3. Use Your Custom Email Address With Zoho

Google Workspaces is pricey and includes a lot of extraneous features that you definitely don’t need. Zoho is another email hosting service, although their costs start at $1 per month (paid annually).To join up, you must have an existing email account or cellphone number, since Zoho employs one-time passwords for protection.

After signing in, you will be asked whether you already have a domain (you do) and then prompted to fill out some basic information since Zoho is also focused on business. After you pay, Zoho will send you a Wizard to guide you through the setup process. The procedure for adding DNS and MX records is identical to that for Google.

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4. Host Your Own Email at Home!

Both Zoho and Google Workspace are commercial solutions, but you must pay for them. Fortunately, you can run your own email server at home. Email has been around for decades, but it hasn’t evolved much in that time. As a result, the hardware requirements are rather modest.

Almost any computer constructed in the twenty-first century will suffice. By hosting your own email server at home, you have total control over everything from users to spam filters and complex security measures, as well as the unique domain name it utilizes.

It’s Not Difficult to Get a Custom Email Address

It’s simple to use a free catch-all solution for your unique email address, build your own email server from scratch, or choose the dependability of a managed and hosted service like Google or Zoho.

A unique email address is something to be proud of, and it doesn’t have to be used just for mailing. You may then utilize that domain for a variety of purposes, such as creating a company or a blog. Why not broaden your horizons and see what you can create?

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