4 Video Game Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of That You Should Read

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4 Video Game Blogs You’ve Never Heard Of That You Should Read

Video game journalism may seem like a snow globe at times. Everyone gets their gaming news from the same old sources, and everyone’s thoughts are basically regurgitated amongst the same old individuals, and even when things are shaken up, the snow is all the same.

However, if you go a little further, you’ll discover some fantastic blogs that provide fresh value to the gaming blogosphere. Have you ever wondered why games are so addictive? Want to learn more about the independent gaming culture that most websites ignore? Or are you seeking for gaming-related humor?

All of this is true. All you have to do is know where to look. Here are some excellent websites that you should visit.

Innocent Halloween trick-or-treaters were unintentionally exposed to a psychological experiment in the 1970s. Bowls of candy were placed in front of participating homes. When they arrived, the homeowner advised the children to take one candy and then went into another room, leaving the children alone with the bowls.

Furthermore, before leaving, several homeowners inquired about the children’s identities and residences. Other households picked out a certain child and held them accountable if too much candy was stolen. The rest of the homeowners did neither.

Here are the results (courtesy of Psychology of Games):

One conclusion is that when a person’s sense of separate identity is removed, antisocial conduct rises. Anonymity is a very efficient means of doing this. As a consequence, it is hypothesized that anonymous settings (such as those seen in most online games) promote antisocial conduct.

Because of this, children on Xbox Live will question your sexuality and disrespect your mother.

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Psychology of Games is a lovely blog that relates the results of many psychological research to the realm of video games. Have you ever wondered why Humble Bundles are so popular? Why is free-to-play so popular? Why do we become sentimental about ancient video games? Then this blog is for you.

You may also be interested in these TED Talks on human psychology and these TED Talks on social relationships.

There is a huge gap between AAA and small games.

AAA games are often supported by vast budgets and large teams with compressed production cycles, which means publishers are less willing to take chances. Risk aversion reduces creativity, resulting in updated rehashes of classic games. If that’s what you’re into, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Indie games, on the other hand, allow for more experimentation. At a AAA studio, titles like The Binding of Isaac and Papers, Please would never have seen the light of day. In reality, there are many popular games that you may not have realized were independent.

Most people are unaware that there is a vibrant independent sector with dozens of outstanding new releases every week. You’re missing out if you’re not keeping up with them. Take a look at the Indie Games blog and absorb all you can since you could discover your new favorite game there.

If you like playing mobile games on your Android smartphone, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. SuperGameDroid is an outstanding site that covers Android gaming news, reviews, and Play Store hidden gems. Tired with the status quo? Do you want to find gems in the rough? This blog is for you.

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I see three reviews for games I’ve never heard of right on the first page. On closer study, these games are stunning in terms of aesthetic design and playability. Truly worthy of notice, yet sometimes buried amid a haystack of generally substandard products.

In addition to news and reviews, SuperGameDroid includes a section called “Kickstarter Spotlight,” which highlights potential Android game projects discovered on Kickstarter. If you’re into the recent crowdfunding frenzy, you may find these blogs especially fascinating.

If you love esports, you’re going to love Esports Express.

Consider it The Onion meets competitive gaming. This website’s authors cover the three most popular esports games in recent years: League of Legends, Dota 2, and Starcraft 2. Fans of any of those games will have a great time here. The satire is razor-sharp, the laughs are plentiful, and the issues are current.

Here’s an excerptto which many gamers might relate:

“I never get asked to parties anymore,” remarked we need wards, who got suspicious when several of his pals were away on Steam for days on end while casually sharing specifics of games they had just played.

“They usually say’maybe later,'” stated the gamer, whose name has now been changed to mid only plz. “They claim their party is full when they’re online.”

“”I assume they don’t want to play with me because my MMR is too high,” can u call missing?? ok speculated, “or maybe they think low priority is too difficult since I’m muted?” ” A common misconception among party-less gamers is that the absence of parties is caused by jealously or fear of pals who do not know “how to play appropriately.”

You could miss the subtle comedy if you don’t play any of the featured games (Dota 2 in the example above). You may not comprehend the context if you don’t follow esports. Esports Express, on the other hand, is a must-read for those who like cutting sarcasm. Save it straight immediately.

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Are you unfamiliar with the notion of competitive gaming? See what you’re missing by watching these free esports films.


These blogs are not intended to replace well-known sites such as Giantbomb, Destructoid, and Polygon. Those websites are excellent at what they do, and you should continue to visit them if you like that sort of information. However, if you need a diversion for gaming material that you can’t get on other sites, these video game blogs will fill the hole.

What other lesser-known video game blogs are you aware of? I’m sure there are many more that have yet to be found, so why not share your favorites with us? Put them in the comments section!

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