4 Things to Do if Your Laptop’s Hinge Just Broke

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4 Things to Do if Your Laptop’s Hinge Just Broke

One of the most typical ways computers fail, particularly in the long term, is via the hinges, which are what make them a laptop in the first place. The reality is that hinges are moving components, and whether we like it or not, moving parts break over time. Being cautious will go you a long way, but it will happen eventually. And when it happens, you must be prepared.

What should you do if the hinge on your laptop breaks? Can you fix it? Should you utilize it that way? We’ll lead you through the procedure.

The first thing you should do is cease using it right away. Depending on the laptop type, a hinge break might be a small nuisance or a major problem. Other critical components, such as a power/video cord for the screen, might be jeopardized by the hinge. As a result, to be safe, avoid touching it. Switch it off.

If the laptop is already open, don’t attempt to shut it unless you have no other method of transporting it, and if it’s closed, don’t try to open it. Using the hinge may cause more harm to your laptop and could break something that was not previously damaged.

2. Take It to a Technician

The next step is to take it to a technician. You must assess the damage and determine if the screen’s connections suffered severe damage as a consequence of the hinge break.

It may be tempting to continue using it in this manner, particularly if everything else works. However, the damage might develop over time and potentially impact the operation of the screen, which you definitely don’t want. As a result, you’re probably looking for a second opinion.

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As we said in the previous step, unless absolutely necessary, do not attempt to open/close it without the assistance of a specialist. The only time it would be acceptable is if that is the only way you can carry it. If you must do so, proceed with utmost caution.

The specialist will dismantle your laptop, analyze the damage, and inform you of the viability of a repair. Unless there is damage to the computer’s real case, it shouldn’t be a difficult repair most of the time.

3. See if the Fix Is Viable (and Affordable!)

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With a second assessment from a specialist, you should be able to determine if a repair is feasible. The typical cost to repair a laptop hinge ranges from $25 to $300, depending on age, hinge complexity, internal wiring, and other factors. If it’s a modern laptop, the pricing will most likely be in the higher range.

If you received an estimate and the price is within your budget, then by all means, attempt to have it repaired as soon as possible. While a laptop may still function with a damaged hinge, it will be much more convenient to have it fixed and used regularly.

If it can’t be mended, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. While some home hinge repairs can be done if you’re ready to get messy with super glue, it’s probably not worth it, and you’ll end up with more issues than answers.

Do keep reading to see what you can do, though.

4. I Can’t Fix It. What Now?

It’s alright if you can’t get it repaired. No need to be concerned if the repair is too costly, or if the hinge is beyond repair and a deeper remedy is required.

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As previously said, there is life with a broken hinge. If you do the proper things and are prepared to make sacrifices, your laptop can have a long life. We only wanted you to exhaust all feasible repair methods first since your workflow would be altered and you will lose most, if not all, of its mobility in the future.

The way you use your laptop today will be determined by how damaged it is. If you open the laptop and everything is OK except the hinge, you can probably lay it down on a table and give it a permanent or semi-permanent position since you won’t be able to drag it about as much.

If it has a detachable battery, remove it if possible—setting it down in a permanent location means you’ll probably have to plug it in 24/7, which may be hazardous to the laptop’s battery life, not to mention physical damage. If your battery grows in size, you’ll have another issue on your hands.

If you can’t open it, or if another component is damaged (such as the screen), you may still use it that way, but you’ll have to give it a second life as a desktop PC. In most circumstances, you can attach a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse into a damaged laptop—or use a USB hub and plug them in there. For this, there are plenty excellent USB docks available, so all is not lost.

There’s Life Beyond Hinges

It may be uncomfortable and complex to have your laptop’s hinge crack, and it may seem that there is nothing you can do to restore it to its original position. You’ve undoubtedly been staring at the indicators for a while but haven’t done anything.

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The good news is that not everything has been lost. You can take it to a specialist and get it repaired—broken hinges are surprisingly common—or, if that isn’t feasible, you can keep using it if you’re ready to give up mobility.

There is life beyond hinges, and if yours breaks, not all is lost.

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