4 Most Important Aspect Of Video Game Design That Take A Game To The Next Level [MUO Gaming]

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4 Most Important Aspect Of Video Game Design That Take A Game To The Next Level [MUO Gaming]
4 Most Important Aspect Of Video Game Design That Take A Game To The Next Level [MUO Gaming]

Many factors distinguish one video game from another. When I write a game review, some aspects stick out instantly, and based on them, I can get a very decent indication of a game’s quality level rather soon. Of course, my judgment may alter significantly over the course of many hours spent with a game, but there are a few important design characteristics that give me a basic indication of what to anticipate.

Obviously, there is more to creating a noteworthy game than just a few critical elements, and even nailing these important criteria does not ensure a strong game. However, if these critical conditions are not met, you can practically assure that a game will not be as good as it might have been. There is no ideal recipe in any creative form. Nonetheless, if a game is developed with some of these ideas in mind, it has a far better chance of appealing to a wide spectrum of players and succeeding.

These are the most significant game design characteristics that I look for.


How engrossed a player is in the universe is one of the things that creates a profound, lasting effect on them. A excellent video game design helps you forget you’re playing a game and transports you to a live, breathing world. Of course, there are certain “gamey” features that might disrupt the immersion, and these are sometimes inevitable. The trick is for the developer to discover a technique to swiftly restore immersion while without overusing these mechanisms.

Skyrim is an excellent example of an immersive game. When a player enters the realm of Skyrim, they take on the role of their chosen character. You are thrown into a stunning, vast universe that seems nearly as alive as the actual one. You may play the game as you choose, which makes your character feel more like you. Some features seem like they belong in a video game, but for the most part, Skyrim lets you forget you’re playing a video game, which is an impressive achievement.

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Music is one of the most underappreciated aspects of video games. A decent soundtrack may completely alter the mood of a game. Music, like a movie, helps put the player in the correct frame of mind for whatever task awaits. When accompanied by proper music, an epic boss encounter may be made even more memorable. Music is normally something we overlook, yet without it in a game, it would seem naked.

It’s difficult not to think about Mario while discussing video game music. Mario’s soundtrack is so well-known that even individuals who do not play video games may recognize it. Even back in the 8-bit era, Mario’s music helped create the tone for the game. With boss fights, the tempo quickened, and the atmosphere got creepier as you visited castles and ghost dwellings. I’m not sure Mario would be nearly as famous if it weren’t for his music.


A game must have something that makes a player hooked in order to keep them coming back for more. I’m not talking about drug addiction, but there has to be something, otherwise gamers would swiftly go on to the next great thing. There is difficult to define precisely what makes a game addicting, but it seems to be character advancement.

Some of the most addicting games include Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and Diablo because they make you care about your character. You want to keep returning and leveling up or purchasing new equipment. Naturally, if it were so easy, everyone would do it. Addictiveness is one of those characteristics that is difficult to describe, but you recognize it when you see it.

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Visuals may be overvalued, but they are still a very vital aspect of game design. Can a game be enjoyable without high-end graphics? Certainly, but without great visuals and a solid art style, it will be difficult to appeal to the public.

There’s a reason why every video game review mentions the visuals and art style. While not the most significant factor, it is an important aspect of video game creation.


Of course, certain more fundamental issues of game design must be addressed in order for a game to function. It must be enjoyable, the controls must perform well, and the mechanics must be functional. Those are the basics. These additional features are necessary once the fundamentals are covered, and without them, a game can never progress.

What do you consider to be the most crucial factors of creating a decent video game? Tell us in the comments!

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