4 Funny Email Pranks for Messing With Your Friends and Coworkers

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4 Funny Email Pranks for Messing With Your Friends and Coworkers

Most individuals spend a significant amount of time in their email inbox, making it an ideal target for pranks. Let’s have a look at some free email pranks you may pull on your buddies.

While they are typically harmless, keep in mind that some individuals may be offended by pranks. Think cautiously before using any of these, particularly if their effects are likely to endure a long time.

1. Send the Entire Dictionary as a Text File

Most email applications have an advanced search engine that can even search inside attachments. As a result, delivering the dictionary as a text file is a great email prank. When your buddy searches for a certain term, your email with that file will appear.

It’s a subtle impact that people could miss at first, making it an ideal trick. You can get a big list of English terms from a page on the University of Michigan’s website if you don’t have a text copy of the dictionary lying around.

You could copy and paste the whole thing into an email, but that would be too blatant. To make it more discreet, on that page, use Ctrl + S to save the list as a text file, then attach it to an otherwise inconspicuous email. If at all possible, double-check that the email provider your buddy uses searches within attachments; otherwise, this will not work.

If you want to spice things up a little, add the attachment with a hilarious subject line so the user sees it every time they search.

2. Tweak a Coworker’s Signature

Your email signature is a helpful tool for introducing yourself and providing contact information. Wait for a colleague to move away before logging into their email account if they don’t usually lock their computer.

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Once inside, modify anything little about their signature such that it isn’t too noticeable (or dangerous), and watch the laughter follow. You might give them a goofy title (like “Chief Lollygagging Officer”), a foolish trophy (like “Madison Elementary School Spelling Bee Champion”), or alter their signature font to something dumb like Comic Sans.

Just don’t do anything that will land them (or you) in hot water!

3. Send an Anonymous Joke Email

Services such as SendAnonymousEmail allow you to send an email from a bogus address to anybody. You may use this to “tell” a colleague that they must dress up as a clown for tomorrow’s company party, claim to be someone they met on a dating website, or engage in other similar pranks.

This tool allows you to do everything you can think of to screw with a buddy through email. Simply input the recipient’s email address and a “from” address, as well as a topic and message. The site explicitly specifies that it should not be used for abuse or anything unlawful, so be cautious about what you submit here.

4. Sign Them Up for Annoying Email Subscriptions

Nobody enjoys receiving trash emails in their inbox, so why not play a joke on a buddy by enrolling them up for ridiculous email newsletter listings?

You could enroll them up for Cat Faeries, which sends them cat photos in every issue. If you really want to bother them, try signing them up for any newsletter that sends out emails all the time, such as a political campaign. For added anger, use a site like MailBait, which allows you to sign up an email address for hundreds of memberships at once.

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The Best Email Pranks to Annoy Your Friends

You may now mess with your friends or colleagues through email in a variety of ways. While email pranks may be amusing, they should not be used carelessly. People should accept things in good spirit, but a few brief chuckles aren’t worth losing a friendship over.

You are not restricted to email if you have additional individuals to prank. There are several websites and applications dedicated to pranks.

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