4 Fun Things to Do with Google Translate

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4 Fun Things to Do with Google Translate

Google Translate is appallingly awful in certain languages. Have you ever attempted to convert Arabic into English? You’ll struggle to grasp the English translation, much alone the Arabic original. I’m sure the situation is similar in a number of other languages.

However, in certain languages, such as French, the translation is much more precise. The translations cannot be relied to be flawless, particularly in languages where dialect or formal speech is a concern, Google Translate often gets it incorrect. The Google service is still quite useful for translating emails, forum postings, or even whole websites. But Google Translate is useful for more than just that. You may test the limitations of this little Google service and be astonished at what you receive back.


Making Google Translate into a beatbox has to be one of the most entertaining things you can do with it so far. The secret function that Google probably never even envisaged is making the rounds on the internet after being discovered on Reddit.

Paste the following text into Google Translate:

pv zk pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv zk pv zk pv zk pv zk pv zk pv zk pv zk pv zk pvzkpvpvzk kkkkk bsch

Press Beatbox after selecting German to German translation. Google has definitely embraced this finding, substituting a Beatbox button for the Listen button.

Choose Chinese to Chinese Simplified/Traditional translation for the ‘Techno’ edition.

Create Sound Effects

It wasn’t long after beatboxing was found that people began looking for additional fascinating sounds they could acquire using Google Translate.

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Paste the following text into Google Translate and pick Croatian to Croatian translation to replicate the sound of a machine, an old automobile, or potentially even a chainsaw.


When choosing German to German translation, the following text has been provided to approximate the sound of a helicopter.


Order Indian Food

Two American ladies were able to phone an Indian restaurant and make their order in Hindi, according to Google’s Demo Slam, a website that invites individuals to show how they utilize Google’s services in their life. We’ll never know whether or not the movie is authentic, but with a little understanding of the language, anything is conceivable.

You can have any foreign language tweets on Twitter automatically translated from whatever language they were originally posted in by using the wonderful Firefox add-on Greasemonkey and a little userscript. This is now being handed out to all Twitter accounts, but Firefox users may take use of the free workaround in the meanwhile.

The script has certain idiosyncrasies, and it occasionally translates English tweets if they include a name that may be misinterpreted as a foreign language.

Chat with Friends in Any Language

When utilizing Google Talk, you may have any text instantaneously translated by using the Google Talk chat bots. You have two options: add the bot to your buddy list and simply input the text you want translated in a chat discussion with the bota.

Even better, you may add the bot to your discussion and have all text translated as you converse.

What inventive applications for Google Translate can you think of? Tell us in the comments.

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