3 Websites To Buy Imported Japanese Games

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3 Websites To Buy Imported Japanese Games

For many players, merely buying video games published in their own nation will enough. However, for others, games published in Japan that never make it to other areas are just too appealing to pass up. Whether it’s the variety of games available or the fact that it’s merely the forbidden fruit, gamers all over the world want to import Japanese games.

The procedure of importing these games is now simpler than ever thanks to the Internet. The websites listed below will make it simple for you to get practically any game from Japan. If you’ve always wanted to play these games that never made it out of Japan, I’ve got precisely what you’re looking for.

Please keep in mind that, as you would expect, many of the games available on these websites are not in English. Make sure you know enough Japanese to get by, or select games where speech and text are not a key part of the gaming experience.

If you ask someone who imports games what website they use to purchase them, this is almost always one of the first websites they will mention. This is true for a variety of reasons, the most notable of which being their pricing. While the games are not inexpensive, the pricing are quite fair and acceptable for what you receive. Furthermore, the number of games offered on Play-Asia is truly mind-boggling.

You may discover games from all various systems, even the most recent ones. In addition to Japanese-only games, Play-Asia now offers standard-issue US titles, so if you’re already purchasing some imported games, you may combine them with some English ones. If you really want to see something intriguing, go to their Japanese game guides area, where you can discover manuals for titles you’ve never heard of, as well as others you may want to play in the future. Last but not least, Play-Asia sells books, gadgets, music, toys, and other items in addition to games. This website has pretty much everything you could desire.

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Shipping a 3DS game, for example, to Connecticut in the United States begins at just US$3.90, which is fairly cheap.

NCSX, an abbreviation for National Console Support, Inc., features a large range of imported games. They even name themselves “Your Import Specialist,” so you know they have a lot of good things. They offer anything from old consoles to modern items at reasonable costs. However, I’ve discovered that Play-Asia is a bit cheaper, so I’d suggest going there first, and if they don’t have what you’re looking for, you can come here and acquire it.

One of the main reasons I included this site on the list is the range of uncommon games it provides. Yes, the pricing are a touch excessive, but they offer several games that you won’t find anywhere else. For collectors, NCSX is a terrific location to go when they need to fill a gap in their gaming portfolio and have nowhere else to turn. This is the place to go if you don’t mind paying a little money to obtain the games you truly want.

Shipping to , Connecticut starts at US$5.78 for a 3DS game, which is a little higher than Play-Asia, but still not too bad.

Over on eBay, you can find almost any Japanese game you can think of. Now, the problem with buying through eBay is that you need to know what you are looking for, as it doesn’t have the simple browsing ability of a website built specifically to sell imported games. But that’s a simple enough problem to solve, as you can just do your research outside of eBay and see what kinds of games interest you, then run a quick search, and if you’re patient, you just might get an insane deal on a game you previously only dreamed of playing.

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Another great thing about eBay is that the ability to find imported Japanese games from all eras of gaming history. This means if you want to go all the way back to Famicom and Super Famicom games, you will probably find someone selling it on eBay. Of course, prices for these retro games vary widely, and you might find some of the more popular ones with jacked up prices, but the deals are out there if you’re patient enough to look.

Shipping prices on eBay change from seller to seller, so your mileage may vary depending on exactly where the game is from.

Wrapping Up

Now, you never have to worry about where you are going to get your Japanese gaming fix. These three websites will have almost every game you could ever image, so if you can’t find it on one of these three, chances are it’s just a game you made up.

Where do you get your Japanese imports? Let us know in the comments section below!

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