3 Ways to Use Email Aliases in Gmail to Your Advantage

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3 Ways to Use Email Aliases in Gmail to Your Advantage

Email aliases are a quick and simple method to receive new email addresses in Gmail without having to sign up for a new account.

Adding an alias to your Gmail account is as simple as inserting a + sign followed by a term of your choosing. Any email sent to this new address will still arrive in your Gmail inbox, but with a different To address than your original Gmail account.

Here’s how to use this tool to your advantage in order to better manage your Gmail inbox.

1. Receive Task Reminders

Tasks that need to be completed keep coming to the top of your thoughts until you note them down someplace. Thankfully, in these digital times, cellphones make it simple to update and check your to-do list from anywhere, at any time.

No worries if you don’t have a smartphone. Gmail aliases may be useful in this situation. You may email tasks from any address to a dedicated alias, such as muoreader+work@gmail.com, to give yourself short task reminders. (The alias is formed by the +work bit of the address.)

Creating a Gmail Filter

Want Gmail to immediately arrange incoming task reminder emails under a particular label (say, ToDo)? We propose that you set up a filter for them. To begin, in Gmail, click the gear symbol to the right of your profile image and pick Settings from the menu that displays.

Then, under the Gmail settings that appear, go to the Filters and Blocked Addresses page. Below the list of current filters, click the Create a new filter option.

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Enter the alias you wish to use for tasks in the To area for the filter criteria and click Create filter. Select theApply the label checkbox in the next window and set/create a suitable label from the associated dropdown menu. Finish by clicking the Create filter button.

You may utilize the list of ToDo labeled reminder emails as your to-do list, or you can transfer their tasks to any other to-do app of your choosing.

If you use Google Tasks, open a reminder email and add it straight to Google Tasks using the Add to Tasks button. The option may be found in the More menu.

Feel free to add as many aliases and labels as you need to get the amount of organization you want!

2. Cloak a Private Email Address

An alias may assist you in keeping your work email address or one of your personal email accounts confidential.

Assume you want to get some emails throughout the day while at work but don’t want to reveal your work email address. The key here is to:

  1. Instead of your work email, share a Gmail pseudonym.
  2. In your Gmail account, add your work email as a forwarding address.
  3. Create a filter to route emails to your work email from the alias.

Let’s elaborate on those steps.

Instead of handing away your work email, use an alias to share with others. (Muoreader+vip@gmail.com will be used.)

Navigate to Gmail settings and choose the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. Under the Forwarding section, click the Add a forwarding address button. In the popup box that displays, enter your work email address and follow the onscreen steps to add and validate that email address.

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(We want to forward just particular emails, not all of them, so leave the Disable forwarding radio choice checked.)

Create a Gmail filter that includes the alias in the To field. Select the Forward it to checkbox while entering the action you want Gmail to do. Make sure you choose your work email from the dropdown option.

With this filter enabled, all emails you receive at the shared Gmail alias are sent to your work account.

You may use the same method to forward messages to any private email address you own. If you start getting improper messages or emails in that account that you don’t wish to receive, remove the filter.

3. Access Important Data on Demand

We showed how to collect task reminders using aliases. Let’s look at how you may utilize them to get birthdays, your weekly shopping list, server names, or even how-to notes. You may construct all types of lists and notes using aliases and preset replies to access them from anywhere with an email.

The idea here is to:

  1. Make a scripted answer with the information you wish to access.
  2. Choose an alias for accessing the data.
  3. Create a filter in Gmail to have the scripted answer auto-reply whenever the alias gets an email.

Let’s use a list of birthdays as an example to generate the programmed answer.

Open a Gmail Compose window and type/paste the birthday information you wish to have on hand. To save the document as a template or a canned answer, go to More Options > Canned replies and choose the appropriate option. (The More choices button is located next to the trash symbol.)

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The template will be called List of Birthdays. Because you check your Gmail account every day, it’s simple to keep this template up to date. Compose an email, open automated answers, and update the birthday list template as needed to add or delete someone’s birthday.

Let’s name our birthday alias muoreader+birthdays@gmail.com. Now, in the To field, build a filter with the alias. Then, as the program you want Gmail to execute, tick the Send canned answer item. Furthermore, choose List of Birthdaysitem from the related dropdown menu.

With that filter in place, anytime you email the alias, Gmail will automatically respond with the List of Birthdays scanned answer. Isn’t it cool? (The topic and substance of the email are unimportant here.)

Get Creative With Email Aliases in Gmail

Aliases allow you to quickly establish a new email address for yourself and arrange your Gmail mailbox. It’s up to you to use them creatively to organize your email and life. And you now know where to start!

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