3 Ways to Share Your Google Docs

3 Ways to Share Your Google Docs
3 Ways to Share Your Google Docs

Sharing and working on projects is a breeze with Google Docs. However, if you’re dealing with many of them, you’ll need a variety of methods to share your links and alter permissions.

It’s simple to disable these restrictions, allowing anybody with the URL to instantly view the file and get to work. However, this may occasionally imply oversharing or enabling individuals to edit who you’d rather not. You may learn about the many methods to distribute links to your Google Docs and how they function in this post.

1. Use the Share Settings to Share Your Google Docs

Unless you’re working on a shared drive, Google restricts the documents you generate by default. That means you’ll have to change the sharing settings before others may access it through the link. Otherwise, your visitors will be sent to a page prompting them to seek access, which might result in a lot of additional work and alerts for you as well as a delay for them.

To change the rights settings on your file, go to the top-right corner of your screen and choose Share. This option provides a fast summary of who has access to the document. You may also allow others access. This is how each area of the menu works.

Add People and Groups

If you wish to limit who has access to your Google Docs, use this area at the top of the menu to add certain users. Enter their e-mail address here. The next step is to assign their job, decide whether or not to alert them, and include an optional message.

They’ll get an email letting them know you’ve shared it with them, including a link that will take them to it. They can also find it again later in the Shared with me tab in their own Google Drive.

People With Access

Under the People with access heading, you can see who has access to the document. You can also adjust their role by clicking the arrow next to it—these are:

  • Viewers may see the document, download it, print it, or copy it.
  • Commenter—they may connect with you by sharing and using comments or recommendations.
  • Editor—they have the greatest power after the Owner (you, if you created the document).They may modify it, collaborate with other people’s recommendations, and even share the file with others and alter its rights.

Additionally, you can use this menu to Transfer file ownership or Remove access.

You can make additional adjustments to your share settings by clicking the gear in the top-left corner of the panel. Here you can turn off the ability for Editors to share or change permissions of a document. You can also prevent viewers and commenters from downloading, printing, or copying the document.

General Access

Within General access, you can decide whether you want to keep the document restricted or if you want to grant access to Anyone with the link. To do so, click the fly menu beside Restricted and make the swap.

Once you switch, you can edit the settings to allow those with the link to view, comment, or edit. Keep in mind, that if you have your file open for those with the link, you can’t prevent others from sharing the link.

Copy Link

When you’re finished, click Copy link in the bottom-left corner of the panel to instantly get the URL. You may now paste it anywhere you like. You may visually save and arrange your links in software like Notion for easy access to help you discover and share them later.

You may also copy the URL directly from the address bar. To do so, highlight everything up to the forward slash after the lengthy string of numbers and characters.

2. Publish Your Google Docs and Share the Link

By choosing File in the top-left corner of your screen, hovering over Share, and selecting Publish to web, you may make your Google Docs available to anybody. All you have to do now is click the Publish button.

This may seem to be the same as setting your share settings to Anyone with access to the link. It is, with the exception that the information is merely viewable and the modifications you make to the document are not active. So, after your file is ready for viewing, you may publish it and allow others to see it.

If you need to continue working on the document, you may modify the option such that no one sees your modifications until you press the Publish button again. Once you’ve made it public, click the fly menu next to Published content & settings and uncheck Automatically republish when changes are made.

You may share the link or embed it in other documents or web pages once you publish it. To remove your file, just go back into the same menu and choose Stop publishing. This is a terrific method to distribute information without having to establish a website or deal with domain and hosting issues.

3. Link to a Specific Section by Creating a Bookmark Within Your Google Docs

Adding a bookmark to your Google Docs will direct your readers to a specified location on the page. To do this:

  1. Position your cursor where you want the bookmark to appear.
  2. Go to Insert and Bookmark.
  3. The Bookmark icon will display in your document when you choose it.
  4. Click the icon to copy or remove the link.

Remember that individuals with whom you share the bookmark link will also require access to the whole of the document. This also implies that they can see the whole event.

So Many Ways to Share Your Google Docs Links

There are many ways for you to share your Google Docs links:

  • You may keep it private or make it publicly available to viewers, commentators, and editors by adjusting the sharing options.
  • Publishing enables you to make your work available to the public.
  • Bookmarks allow you to be more particular.

It is entirely up to you and the sort of content you want to connect to. Always double-check your papers before sharing them.

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