3 Ways to Instantly Create a New Email Address for Yourself

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3 Ways to Instantly Create a New Email Address for Yourself
3 Ways to Instantly Create a New Email Address for Yourself

It is time-consuming, irritating, and useless to register for an email account every time you want a new email address.

Especially when there are simpler and faster ways to acquire a new email address to share with friends, use for websites, and so on.

Continue reading to learn about three distinct methods for rapidly creating an email account.

1. Gmail Separators

Assume your Gmail username is muoreader, and you get emails from muoreader@gmail.com. With a simple method, you may now share/use an unlimited number of new separate email accounts. Simply add a unique Gmail separator, the + (plus) symbol, to your username, followed by any term of your choosing. Here are a few examples of valid addresses:

  • muoreader+newsletters@gmail.com
  • muoreader+banking@gmail.com
  • muoreader+shopping@gmail.com
  • muoreader+friends@gmail.com
  • muoreader+ignore@gmail.com

Emails sent to any of these unique addresses will still show up in your Gmail inbox, but organizing your inbox is now simpler. You may, for example, filter emails based on their “To” address and add labels to emails in bulk. Furthermore, you can set filters to instruct Gmail on what to behave with messages delivered to each of these additional addresses.

This Gmail separator method is also useful for identifying and blocking spam sources in your inbox. There’s one more advantage: you can join up for the same website several times with a single Gmail account. While a few websites may suppress the separator or refuse to accept any non-alphanumeric characters, the majority will ignore it.

There may be issues if a website chooses to regard the separator as an invalid character without informing you with an error notice. In such instances, an email sent to you at muoreader+vip@gmail.com may be delivered to the person who holds the address muoreadervip@gmail.com.

While separators (and dots) in your Gmail address aren’t important, malevolent people might exploit them to trick you.

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Outlook provides the divider feature as well. There are a few more email companies that accomplish the same thing, although the symbol they use as a separator may change. A few services, for example, employ a hyphen instead of the + symbol.

2. Email Aliases

As previously explained, the Gmail addresses you may construct with separators are effectively email aliases.

Create alias in Outlook

Consider an email alias to be a moniker, a front for your actual email address, or just a forwarding address. Nothing changes behind the scenes; you may continue to send and receive emails from your regular inbox, settings, and contacts. On the digital envelope, just the name and address are different. You may remove the alias at any moment.

Email aliases come in handy when you want to:

  • Your main email address should be hidden.
  • Keep spam out of your inbox.
  • Leave comments on websites.
  • Sign up for newsletters.
  • Set up a separate inbox for posting a job ad or selling an item online.
  • Share various addresses under various scenarios.
  • Filter and arrange communications pertaining to various jobs and initiatives at work.

Do you want to know how to make aliases? The answer is dependent on the email provider you use, and a quick internet search should tell it. Here are the necessary procedures for a few common email providers.


You may create Gmail aliases by using the + symbol as a separator, or you can use any of your existing email addresses as a Gmail alias. To accomplish the latter, first go to Settings under the menu concealed behind the gear symbol at the top right of your inbox, which is located beneath your profile photo.

Navigate to the Accounts tab in the Gmail settings that appear. Click on Add another email address under the Send mail as section now.

Then, in the popup window that opens, follow the onscreen steps to create an alias for an email account. Make sure the Treat as an alias checkbox is ticked. Read this Gmail help page to find out what that option does.

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Open the information page for your Microsoft account and choose Manage how you sign in to Microsoft. On the following screen, under the Account alias section, click Add email address to access the Add an alias page.

You may designate an existing email address as an Outlook alias or create an alias that ends with @outlook.com here. Finally, click the Add alias button to finish.

Microsoft allows just ten aliases per email account. Learn how to add aliases in Outlook.

Zoho Mail

Aliases are only supported by Zoho Mail for accounts that utilize the service as an email server for a custom domain. However, if you have such an account and admin access, you may create aliases via the Zoho Mail Control Panel. In this section, click on User Details in the sidebar, and then on the user for whom you wish to establish an alias in the right-hand pane.

Once that user’s profile appears, go to the Mail Accounts section and select the Add new alias option to continue. If you encounter any difficulties, the Email Administration part of Zoho’s email hosting setup tutorial will come to your aid.

Is cPanel used by your email host? In such scenario, go to Email > Forwarders in your cPanel account and establish aliases.

3. Disposable Email Addresses

It’s advisable to use a disposable email account for one-time registrations. Get one instantly with these throwaway email address providers. You may choose from the following options:

  • 10 Minute Mail, MintEmail, and MinuteInbox are examples of temporary private inboxes.
  • Mailinator, Maildrop, Guerrilla Mail, Mailnesia, and Mailsac have a permanent public inbox containing self-destructing emails.
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It should be noted that each of these providers has its own set of email restrictions. Examine their features one by one to determine which service is ideal for you.

Disposable email addresses can have many benefits

33mail is another handy tool for establishing throwaway email addresses. You can have an unlimited number of email inboxes after you join up for the service using your main email address and choose your username.

You don’t have to do it by hand. If you forward any email that ends with @your username.33mail.com to your main inbox, 33mail sends all messages sent to that email to your primary inbox.

If you want to hide your identity even further, learn how to send anonymous emails. When dealing with critical or professional emails, remember that utilizing throwaway addresses is a no-no.

Easy Access to Fresh Email Inboxes

For obvious reasons, it’s critical to keep your business emails distinct from your personal ones. You may wish to set up separate inboxes for personal emails from various websites such as social networks, dating sites, banking websites, and so on.

In such instances, a fresh email address might be beneficial. It serves as an identity tag for emails in your personal and business lives. And, if it’s disposable, it may help you avoid a lot of spam and other unsolicited messages. As we showed above, there are simple methods to generate an email address without having to join up for a service each time.

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